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  1. Feeling old, dropped my glasses around 4:30 this morning. Didn't want to turn on the light and wake NS Dad. As I was crawling around on the floor, I felt like this
  2. That looks like heaven on earth!
  3. May God grant you strength through this hard time. Sending you Prayers, love and healing hugs.
  4. Geaux Greg! Glad to have the Forum back.
  5. Tonight, baked chicken breasts coated in Panko breadcrumbs, pasta with pesto and fresh green beans.
  6. This past Saturday, we were shopping at Sam’s and on our way out, the cutest kid asked me if I wanted to buy a raffle ticket for a Yeti Ice Chest to support their Travel Baseball team out of Slidell. I told him I would take two. Didn’t think twice about it. Sunday morning, I got a phone call and they told me I won. What was even better, it came stocked with “premium adult beverages”! There were 20 bottles of booze. Best $10 I have ever invested. Party at my house!! I never win anything, but this really made my day. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the picture, but made it my profile pic. .
  7. On New Years Day, I made a Sweet Potato Soup. I browned 1 lb. of jalapeno and green onion smoked sausage. Then cooked down onions and bell peppers until they were translucent. Diced four large sweet potatoes. placed them in the pot, added chicken broth, sausage, smoked paprika and bay leaves. Let it cook down until the potatoes are tender. The soup was thick and very comforting during these cold days. Also, the spicy sausage and sweet potatoes was a good combo. Will make again.
  8. The response was "Roll Tide". I'm going to hell, I busted out laughing. NS Dad's response "That's right Clarke, we live in it"
  9. As always, I'm late to the party. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  10. Okie, please send me your address and I will mail you a check.
  11. On oral steroids for the itching and swelling, started the drops a couple of hours ago. What concerned me in the Walk in Clinic, I overheard the receptionist tell the nurse, they needed to do a TB test on some guy. I moved to the far side of the room from those people. Thankfully, I was the first one seen today.
  12. Happy New Year Tigaglaya! I'm starting the New Year with "Pink Eye". Walk in clinic opens at 8:00 am
  13. LOL!!! I have to try this with Daisy!
  14. Happy Fri-yay! I started my new job two weeks ago. I ran into 6 people I have worked with before. Everyone is nice and I am enjoying what I do. It’s been a busy two weeks. Can’t believe Christmas is 10 days away, haven’t started shopping either. Next Friday, I’m driving to Shreveport to pick up my mom and will return the next day. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and for those with little ones, enjoy watching the magic of Christmas through their eyes. I miss those days .
  15. Geaux Auburn! really enjoying this game