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  1. One person is missing. Coast guard ended their search. Prayers for the family
  2. I feel the same way.(had no alcohol) What a game. Still on a high!
  3. horrendous indeed I see the quarter size kill spot on the helmet.
  4. Geaux Tigers! will be at the game today with two of my closest friends who are Auburn fans if anyone is tailgating, would love to stop by!
  5. I will be there!!!
  6. So happy for the win!
  7. I'm a nervous wreck watching this game
  8. Oh joy, we are the homecoming opponent
  9. Thank goodness, game is on
  10. Still showing hurricane coverage
  11. Nothing but hurricane coverage on the local cbs affiliate. Hoping they will show the LSU game.
  12. Right now, sunny on the Northshore. The humidity is so thick, I could cut it with a knife.
  13. We are not quite ready, leaving work at 2PM to pick up the patio stuff. We are prepared with the essentials, water, propane for the grill, and gas for the generator. This afternoon will and head to the grocery store for the extra's beer, vodka, more ice, mixers, Fanta for NS Son.
  14. Really enjoyed this! Thanks for posting
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