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  1. IMO he resembles Ron Perlman.
  2. He's so cute, I want to hug him!!!!
  3. My mom grew up in Lafayette. Back in the 50's she wasn't allowed to go to Judice Inn, it was way out of town and "ruffians" hung out there. My dad used to take her on dates without mawmaw and PawPaw knowing. LOL
  4. We took a break last night. Got together with some friends after we dropped the kids off at their first High School bash. Had cocktails and appetizers. I highly recommend the Whiskey Basil Drop!
  5. Update in MIL and "Stinky". I had to "step away" from the situation and let MIL's children take care of things. Basically one of the siblings told me it was "not my mother" and now, everything is in chaos. MIL is in a nursing home for rehab, NSDad and his siblings are trying to get everything in order so she will be able to stay there. She is not being very cooperative about paperwork was the last thing I was informed about. They have no trouble with me taking care of Stinky, as they didn't want him. Last night, NS Son said if his grandmother goes home, she's not getting the dog back. He also said it's not fair to the dog because she is not capable of taking proper care of him. The potty training is getting better. He has not urinated in his kennel in 5 days. When he goes out, he is actually doing all his business in the grass. And is starting to lift his leg. He still thinks the house is his personal bathroom, but has only done so three times this week. Last week, picked up McDonald for NS Son after a youth group trip to a water park. He was tossing fries to the dogs. Daisy makes catching food an art form. She will do acrobatic feats to entertain us with her mad skills. When a french fry was tossed to Stinky, it him between the eyes. Poor guy doesn't know how to play. Daisy makes sure that Max knows he is low man on the totem pole as she will knock him away from her food bowl. Max eats after she does. Today, Daisy and Max will get a spa treatment. Next week, I have to get him groomed, and not wild about his high maintenance. I have to brush him twice a day to avoid knots in his fur. Happy Friday and may all your weekend dreams come true!!!
  6. Daisy does this as well as thinking it's a race and knocking me flat on my backside.
  7. We loved watching the Glen Campbell Good Time hour. I alway's loved his opening "HI, I'm Glen Campbell" This is an episode with Cream
  8. OMG, 200 in one day, not enough for a boil, that's a catastrophe!!!!
  9. Update on Stinky... He is healthy, but has an eye issue. Glad we caught it, or he would have been blind in a month. After his bath, "Stinky" was back to Max. This morning, he is back to Stinky as he peed in his kennel. Just gave him another bath, now it is back to Stinky permanently. Our vet said they have some elderly clients who have recently lost their dog and would probably love him. NS Dad and NS Son gave my martini porchn an upgrade, some decorative lighting. I think NS Dad is pulling out all stops during this "transition" period.
  10. It's been a crazy two weeks, Mother-in-law was hospitalized for a week. She has been falling a lot, She was taken to the ER two times within 4 days. This time it was really bad, and thankfully, nothing was broken. Monday she was transferred to a nursing home for a 20 day rehab (a month ago, she had done a 20 day rehab, it did not help). Since I met her, she was never really very healthy,. Along with her other medical issues, she has been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimers. My husband and I believe she will never be able to return home. Currently, we are taking care of her dog. It is a Shih Tzu, seven years old and has never been house trained. He has been with us for a week and it has been quite a challenge trying to house train him. Even after he does his business outside, he will come back in and do it again. Crate training is not working as he doesn't mind taking care of his "business" in there as well. We take him out every two hours to do his business, it seems to be a little better, but not sure if this "old dog" can learn new tricks. Poor guy has never learned to lift his leg and needs constant baths to make sure he is clean. Eventually, he will need to find a new home. I have been bleach mopping the house twice a day for my sanity. I know this behavior is not his fault, but unfortunately, we will not be able to keep him. Daisy is doing okay with him, but she makes sure he knows that we are her humans. On the bright side, he looks happier at our home. He has a large yard (does not like the feel of grass on his feet), but is enjoying being outside (but not by himself). When we would see him at MIL's, he never had a smile on his face, at our house he is smiling all the time. I got his records from his other vet. Today, I am having our vet do a thorough examination to make sure there are no underlying issues as well as getting another bath. For now, we call him "Stinky". MIL has a lot of "crap" in her apartment and it is at a "hoarder" state. I'm dreading the day they have to clean out her place. Wish us luck!
  11. This weekend, finished watching another Netflix Documentary/Series, "The Keepers". It is about a nun that was murdered in 1969. While they were filming the documentary, the case has since been reopened.
  12. Have you had your first batch?
  13. Coffee caraffe is broken. Monday is not off to a good start.
  14. Would love to walk, but torrential rain.
  15. We are on a family vacation in Florida. There are 8 of us, everyone is asleep but me, and I am enjoying some fine Columbian ( coffee that is).