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  1. Cecil Collins To Be Released Next Summer

    Ladies, you better keep your windows shut.
  2. Election Day 2012!!

    I am passionate about my views as well. Although registered Republican, I now consider myself Independent and I just couldn't see myself voting for Romney. He is a hot head who seems to react without thinking at times & he changed his stance on too many issues. He was a liberal Republican as governor of MA and "Obamacare" was derived from the health care plan he implemented as the governor of MA. Politics is a touchy subject & I don't want to divide the board simply because we share different political views. The good thing about this country is the fact we can have different views & can get on a message board and discuss them. The election is over & anything we say will change nothing so from this point on I will stick to non-political topics.
  3. Election Day 2012!!

    Jesus! Talk about spinning his words. He was saying that people who are successful has some type of foundation that helped them grow into the person they have become in order to be successful. Now I see why so many people believe the BS they believe, all it takes is someone who can edit a video, take a part of a speech to make it sound like they are saying something completely different than what they were actually saying. This is the guy yall are upset did not win last night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_925350&feature=iv&src_vid=EQwrB1vu74c&v=Bg6S1HOo0j8
  4. Election Day 2012!!

    Actually Reagan almost tripled the budget deficit and decided to cut taxes thinking it would help the deficit, however; at some point he had to raise taxes and ended up increases the taxes on several different things such as gas. The fact that he went in with the plan to decrease taxes while raising the budget for the military sounded like the perfect plan, but do me a favor. Go check out the unemployment rate after Reagan's tax cut. I do know some people that were happy with his foreign policies, etc. When it comes to Reagan, do you agree with the fact he was funding & providing the Taliban with weapons to fight the Soviet Union? Also, I guess it was okay for Reagan to expand the federal government as much as he did right? Am I saying Reagan was a bad president? Not at all, but you might want to do a little more homework on the guy. Perception wise, he was the greatest president ever, but in reality he okay.
  5. Election Day 2012!!

    Is there anywhere I can find him saying it online? I am not having any luck.
  6. Election Day 2012!!

    I put what I am referring to in bold, but I wasn't aware he stated those views. Did he say that in a speech or something? There are a lot of jobs out there that people are not willing to work. One of my good friend's manages a hardware store, he is always telling me about contractors not being able to get certain projects because they simply have problems finding reliable, hardworking people and before you say "that's because Obama created that mindset" this is something that has been a problem before Obama even took office. Go ask someone who has just come over to American from some poor 3rd world country & ask them how do they feel about the lack of opportunities America provides to them. Also, I didn't realize Obama has took so much from hard working people only to hand it out to poor people. I must be living under a rock, because I haven't noticed how socialist this country has become. It makes me wonder why the hell so many immigrants want to come to this country. The joke is on the immigrants, they think they can come over here and do a bunch of work American's are not willing to do only to realize that once Obama took office opportunity went out of the window. Here is a link titled "Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments". I do not agree with everything on this list, but its made up anyway so it doesn't matter. Everyone knows he hasn't do anything while in office. http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/magazine/march_april_2012/features/obamas_top_50_accomplishments035755.php
  7. Election Day 2012!!

    I am asking this because I don't completely understand when I hear someone say this, but what has he done that shows he has not respected this country as founded? And as for as your comment about two fundamentally opposing ideologies can't be united, I disagree. I say this because when you have two different groups who support opposite sides of an issues, everyone has to be willing to compromise to some degree otherwise no one will get what they want. Right now, our country is as divided as ever. I heard one of the talking heads talk about this last night and I have been saying, what he said last night, for a few years now. Today people are more affiliated with their party than they are as a citizen of the U.S. I am not saying this in away I am trying to blame a Republican president, because I voted for Bush both times, but at some point during one of his two terms the house & senate started becoming more divided than every before and right now both parties rather make the other party look bad than do what's best for the country. If there is anything that could ever collapse this country, its the division between the two. When it comes to the number of people who support each party its as close to 50/50 as you can get, but in a presidential election who are the candidates targeting? Both sides know that there is a certain percentage of voters who will vote party no matter what, they might have to put some energy into energizing those voters, but those people think that their platform is the right way and that anyone who doesn't see it that way are crazy. If you talk to groups of ultra conservative and liberal, you will come across a few who has demonized the other party to the point fear is behind a part of their motivation to go vote. This is the United States of America, which means we are a nation that is bigger than one person. Elected officials realize that if they do something that completely goes against the people they represent, voters will have an opportunity to get him/her out of office on election day. In reality, presidents cant make things happen over night. If you talk to a political "expert" they will likely tell you that when a president is running for his second term, it is almost impossible to make a decision based on his first four years in office, because it takes awhile for policies/laws to run its course. It isn't until towards the end of a president's second term (if elected a 2nd time) that you start seeing how well the president has been. Jimmy Carter is probably know as one of the worse presidents and because of that, Ronald Reagan had to become the bad guy in order to eventually become the good guy. I know ultra-conservative people will find every reason to disagree, but the fact is that GW Bush put this country in a [poop] hole. Personally I think the biggest problem is that at one point under Bush, the economy appeared to be so well that consumer confidence went through the roof. Then when this "false economy" started folding, it was a much harder fall (like the old says "the higher you are the further you fall"). The economy under Clinton was damn strong, but as for as Clinton's influence on it.. Well he was just lucky enough to be president during the .com boom. I could go on and on, but I think the biggest problem is that there are too many people who thinks "my party good. other party bad" and that is the mindset behind many votes, which I think is scarier than any candidate that could be elected into office.
  8. Election Day 2012!!

    Well folks this thing is over & I couldn't be more happy just because I know have to hear about this crap anymore. Obviously I the minority on here, but I was more anti-Romney than I was pro-Obama, but I actually don't think the president has done that bad of a job. Of course I haven't agreed with everything, but I found myself able to relate to Obama more than Romney. I know those words will get me stoned around here, but if there is ANYTHING that can be learned from this election is the fact that we, the citizens of the United States of America, need to stop going so far to one side & start becoming more united. Also, we need to realize we deserve to have better candidates who are willing to work for us. This doesn't apply to the president, but the house & senate as well. This is not your grandparents America and to a certain point we need to embrace changes. Honestly, I think people forget how much power we actually have as a whole. One of the problems we have as well is the fact too many people are not educated on the political system. For those who are bitter or upset about the results, I would like to ask you to at least give the president a chance. After all, he is the president of the United States and I can tell you this. Although I didn't support Romney, if he would have won I would respect him as the leader of our country and would be willing to give him a chance to prove me wrong. Don't let perception make you angry, everyone on this board is smarter than that. All you can do is support the president & the great thing about this wonderful country is the fact that in four years we will have two new fresh faces trying to win our support to get into the White House.
  9. Dude, my point is, I am not trying to get into a heated debate on this. The point of my last post was to explain my opinion goes beyond a link, however; I prefer to base my opinion on facts rather than just make an assumption on each candidate. As for as religion, you can't tell me you have not heard or read somewhere online where someone refers to Obama as being a Muslim.
  10. Wow. You want my opinion? As a registered Republican who has voted Republican for the past 3 elections (which were the 3 election I have been old enough to vote in), I do not support Romney at all. I know a lot of people are voting simply because of the perception they have of the two different major parties, but consider what Obama came into the day he took office, I actually think he has done a pretty good job. Does that mean he has been perfect? Absolutely not, but show me a president who had a flawless record. IMO, I get the impression that Romney is an hot headed, opportunist who supports/not supports whatever he has to in order to get elected. Instead of having goals & a vision that he feels will make this country better than it is, he wants to have the power of a president & if that means he has to convince one group he 100% supports their special interest while he tells another group he supports their interest, despite the fact it goes against anything he told other people he would support he has no problem doing it. Hey, and if reporters ask him about it, he knows what to do, he just ignores the question. Its like the video of him giving some type of press conference soon after he was elected to be the Republican candidate in which he said something about how would not associate himself with any lobbyist or corporations, but when a reporter pointed out that someone working within his campaign was a lobbyist Romney got pissed, ended the press conference and went confront the reporter. The reported told him he was just trying to get an explanation because what he said didn't really support the actual truth. So what does Romney do? Ask the guy if he wants to go outside and talk about it (where there were no cameras around). There are several situations in which he was caught contradicting himself and there have been several occasions in which he said he was going to get something done the day he gets into the white house. According to him, he will be able to work miracles the first day on the job, however; he has also said that by his 2nd term he will be able to get on track to do what he needs to do. Also, if he gets elected, I hope he has a binder full of women's names so women can have an opportunity to get a job with him. He will probably such a good guy, he might give a woman a secretary job and she might be privileged enough to fix his coffee. Also, I don't understand why his religion hasn't been more of an issue. People voted against Obama because they thought he was a member of a religion he wasn't, but Romney is actually a member of a religion that many Christians do not support, but its not at all a problem. The funny thing is, the state of Utah's government is more influenced by religion more than any other state. Many of his decisions will be influenced by his religious beliefs. I am not saying that's a bad thing, but should a President use the ideology of his religion to run the nation?
  11. Its 2 days until the election, does that surprise you? With that said, you do see how that can be frowned upon right? I mean he turned a huge profit on something he is against. I am all for anyone making as much as they can, but what I do question is the fact that someone who wants to be the leader of this country says he is against something he was able to make millions from. Its yet again another example of we have no idea who this guy is. Trust me, I am not trying to use this to change anyone's mind, that would be a lost cause because the majority of you will stick to your guy no matter what.
  12. First of all, I honestly just saw this & while trying to see if it was accurate or not, I saw there was an article posted about this 3 days ago. Obviously the election is the motivation behind this being reported, but as voters, I think we should actually try to find if this is just crap or actually has some teeth. If you want, I will go look for something that was recently reported about Obama an question whether it is true or just normal campaign BS. Obviously I don't have a problem saying I do not support Romney & I have no problem explaining exactly why I don't, but I still haven't decided if I am voting for Obama or a 3rd party candidate. I understand people are loyal to their party, but I have no problem supporting someone from a party I have normally supported in the past if I don't think he is the man for the job, but what the hell right? Who cares if Romney is in this thing for his own personal gain or that Obama might actually be a better president than what Romney would be, as long as he is Republican & not Obama it doesn't matter what he does while in office.
  13. How is it laughable? Seriously, I saw it on twitter & was confused if it was some made up BS (I mean since it is 2 days before the election an all) or is there some substance to it. I apologize if there is some truth to this & it involves the guy you support, but if it is something that is made up or heavily exaggerated I actually would think it is a pretty [poopy] campaign strategy.
  14. I just read another article that explains it a little better. It seems like the United Auto Workers are calling for an investigation that Romney made $15.5M in investments that was a result of the bailout of the Auto companies. IMO, this isn't really an ethics violation, but I don't know if this could be an insider trading situation, however; it makes you question why has he been against the auto-bailout. "I do not support a bailout in which I was able to make $15.5M from. And by the way, when I google "Obama's ethical violations" most of the returns are in reference to this Romney story.
  15. So google "Obama Ethics Violation" after getting back the returns then google "Michelle Obama"?