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  1. Ladies, you better keep your windows shut.
  2. Overall, I think people are good. If you look back in history (the wild wild west wasn't exactly living a quality life) there were times when people valued life much less than we do today. I think the biggest problem today is that you just don't know who you can trust.
  3. I came across this link, it is 26 picture of people helping others after Sandy hit. It is pretty awesome. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/inspiring-images-from-hurricane-sandy This is the first picture. This person set up outlets outside the gate of their home so that people could stop & charge their phone, if they didn't have power.
  4. You right. We were talking earlier about the cold weather part. For us, the hurricane hits and then as it slowly goes the skies get clear & although it is usually hot, right away we start cleaning things up. In places like Maryland, they received hurricane type weather then it suddenly merged into a snow storm. For some reason that just seems almost unreal to me, but it also affected 11 states, I think I read. Also, i thought we would see Godzilla attack NYC before a hurricane. Although it is near the Atlantic Ocean, I guess it is hard to imagine because by time any type of tropical weather heads that way, it is losing power so it just seems like if they would ever get anything it would be a few inches of rain and a little wind. Do you think this is worse than Katrina? I think it is just because of how many people have been affected & it has been felt around the globe (markets being closed, air travel, etc).
  5. I saw something like this earlier & googled to find the story and this was the first result to the story, but that is horrible. http://www.oregonlive.com/newsflash/index.ssf/story/at-least-80-flooded-houses-destroyed-by/0c58c335e38140a9b0ad5c5815f8deca Last night I was watching something on the storm & the power outages around NYC was being discussed & they were mentioning about how so many people were stuck in their cars then also added that they were getting calls from people stuck inside elevators. Considering how bad some people were affected, this doesn't really come to the worst thing, but just something about the idea of being stuck in an elevator, assuming with several people who all don't really know each other, because the power went out in the middle of the worst storm to ever hit NYC, not knowing when you will be rescued would be like being in a really bad dream.
  6. The worse case scenario is that this election could go on longer... NOOOO!
  7. The NYSE will trade electronically tomorrow. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/markets/2012/10/28/nyse-sandy/1664249/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&dlvrit=206567
  8. This AP article suggests this could be "worse case scenario". http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_SCI_SUPERSTORM_WATER?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2012-10-28-16-01-04
  9. Ha! Honestly, I didn't even see that. I was just looking at the maps.
  10. I just turned it on the weather channel & saw NYC's mayor, mayor Bloomberg, giving a press conference and I couldn't imagine what would happen if a worse case scenario takes place. Even with a mandatory evacuation in some parts of the city, not everyone will leave (but for those who have no place to go, I think he said something like 70 shelters were opening up). This could also have a global impact especially on Wall Street, but widespread damage could create a temporary boom in construction, but long term, if a lot of people will have to come out of pocket for cost associated with the storm, this takes away money people have saved up, which affects their financial security. Maybe I am thinking too much into this, but the possibilities are scary.
  11. Just came across this on USA Today. http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2012/10/28/hurricane-sandy-forecast/1663863/ You can see what areas will likely get the most impact of storm surge, winds, snows, etc.
  12. Here is the 5 day forecast. I don't know anything more about the weather than what i've learned by keeping up with hurricanes & any other major weather event, but on this one, the hurricane itself is only half the problem. It will clash with a winter storm creating worse conditions than what would come from just a hurricane. But what I find the most interesting is the areas that will be impacted. As bad as Katrina was, it had an impact on one major US city. Sandy will reach several major US cities including NYC. I saw a projection on the weather channel that showed its effects being felt as for as cities such as Cleveland, OH. Not to mention, this also includes Washington DC. With a quick glance, this is at least 7 different states that could be seriously impacted. Is this storm getting the attention it should? Or what is the general thought on this storm?
  13. Christo W. Williams @3rdLagniappe Finally, I am starting the weekend coming off a perfect Thursday night record. I picked Tampa Bay +6.5 & Clemson -13.5 and both covered. Honestly, I thought the Vikings would win, but it was going to be by 6 or less points, however; the Bucs went into Minnesota and gave the Vikings their first home loss of the year. As for as the Clemson game, Wake Forest never had a chance especially after Clemson scored 28 points in the 2nd quarter, while only giving up one TD. I watched the game in pieces & Clemson just seemed as if they were determined to get the W & Wake Forest was not motivated to at least make them work for it. Throughout the season, if I start off strong with my Thursday night picks, it seems like I got overconfidence when picking the rest of the weekend which resulted in me taking more risk. I need to keep in mind that my success at picking college football games is not based around risk, it is about trying to find games that has the less risk so let's see if I can remain grounded & remain on the path I got back on last week. Also, the challenge from last week has evolved into a more friendly situation. The guy we all know as Terd has agreed to make picks to see if a trend can be found in how we pick games. Last week, we both picked 10 games & we finished with a combined record of 15-5, with me finishing 8-2 & Terd finishing 7-3, which is pretty much an even finish when you combine them so let's see what happens. Friday, October 26, 2012 @#16LOUISVILLE -3.5 Cincinnati: Louisville is 7-0, but judging them as a possible BCS bowl contender, they go into tonight's game with no signature win. In fact, if they were not 7-0, but still could have a chance at an automatic bid to a BCS bowl, then I would suggest the Big East be evaluated and considered for automatic BCS bid status. Cincinnati is 5-1 with their only loss coming last week against a 7-1 Toledo team from the MAC. Tonight provides Louisville with an opportunity to convince the college football world they are more than just a Big East contender, but it is also an opportunity for Cincinnati to prove that they are a contender in the Big East, however; if Cincinnati's loss exposed them enough to allow Louisville to capitalize on it, then the Cardinals will win this one by 4 or more points. On the other hand, losing last week could provide Cincinnati with the motivation they need to go into Louisville and take the W, but the Bearcats do not come off as one of those teams you don't want to play after coming off a loss so I am picking Louisville -3.5. Saturday, October 27, 2012 @#13SOUTH CAROLINA -14 Tennessee: Although I think 14 points make this game as even as possible, I think South Carolina will be playing pissed off (excuse my language). Also, I think all the "Gruden possibly being Tennessee's new head coach" talk might have been a distraction for the Vols and we are getting to the point in the season where players, on teams that have little to play for, start playing selfish especially any player who thinks he has a shot to be in the NFL. Tennessee is also 3-4, with their 4 losses coming against conference opponents. If things go Steve Spurrier's way, the Gamecocks will have no problem covering the 14 points. They might start off slow, but SC will be able to get some "insurance points" in the 4th quarter, which seems easy to do against this Vols game. @MISSOURI -14 Kentucky: Apparently the SEC isn't as easy as Missouri's Sheldon Richardson thought it would before the season started, but if they play on winning a game in the SEC this is pretty much their only chance. Kentucky is 1-7 with their only win coming against Kent State, however; last week the Wildcats did give UGA a scare and only lost to the Bulldogs by 5 points. That will either give UK some confidence or cause them to play horrible since they wasted so much energy trying to pull off the upset against Georgia. Either way, I think this will be a close game that can go either way so the logical pick for me is UK. I am picking Kentucky +14. @PITTSBURGH -7 Temple: In week one Pittsburgh was upset by Youngstown State, but after starting 0-2, they seem to have sort of come together in their 3rd game when they upset then ranked #13 Virginia Tech. Other than these two games, the Panthers have pretty much met expectations (the little they had). Temple is 3-3 and hasn't done anything worth pointing out, but this game could easily be even with no line at all. Playing at home is always an advantage, but Temple has gone on the road this year and pulled out a win in overtime so I don't think playing at Pittsburgh will be that much of a challenge. There is no question Pittsburgh could easily pull out a win by 8 or more points. Since Pittsburgh can just as likely lose by less than 7 or get beat, I look at this bet as having the option to bet on Tiger Woods or the rest of the field. Always take the field. With that in mind, I am picking Temple +7. @#4OREGON -45.5 Colorado: When I saw the line on this game earlier in the week I was sold on picking Colorado, but I can't find a reason to think it is more likely for them to lose by 45 or less than get beat by 46 or more. Colorado is 1-7 with their only win coming against Washington State, who they beat by one point. Fresno State beat the Buffaloes 69-14 in week 3 & USC beat Colorado 50-6 last week. I remember looking at the line, which was 40 or 41 points and thinking Colorado could at least stop them from covering, but I am glad I didn't pick that game because I would have lost. Maybe I am jumping into a trap here and the line is set 1 or 2 points higher than it should be, but Oregon could easily jump up 21-0 with only a few minutes into the game. Also, Oregon is feeling disrespected right now. Although they remain undefeated, they have done nothing but drop in the polls. First they fell from #2 to #3 and now they are #4. I am sure they feel like they deserve to be in the title game if they run the table, but if a SEC team goes undefeated along with Kansas State, there is a chance Oregon is left out. Right now the only thing they can do to try to convince the college football world they deserve the respect of being in position to get into the national championship if they remain undefeated is to score as many points as possible while allowing as least points as possible and there is not a better team to do this against than Colorado. Just because I don't like Oregon, whatever I pick the opposite is likely to happen, but my pick is Oregon -45.5. @#17STANFORD -25 Washington State: Stanford can be too conservative at times and against Washington it played a factor in them being upset by the Huskies. Washington St is 2-5, but only lost to Oregon by 25 points. The reason I point this out is because I don't think Stanford will score as much as Oregon did, but the formula to beat the Cougars is pretty simple, don't allow them to establish a passing game. This also means Washington State will likely do a lot of punting, but Stanford will take advantage by keeping the ball on the ground and eat up as much clock as possible. Time of possession will be a key element in this game and although Stanford will win, I think they are more likely to win by less than 25 so my pick is Washington State +25. @#1ALABAMA -23 #11Mississippi State: Mississippi State +23. @#15RUTGERS -13.5 Kent State: Rutgers -13.5. @#8OKLAHOMA -12 #5NOTRE DAME: Notre Dame +12. #2Florida -7 #10Georgia: Neutral playing field, UGA pulls off the upset. UGA +7. Because I always end up spending more time evaluating my picks than I plan on, I went ahead & picked the last four games using my gut feeling. If I make any modifications to my picks I will inform everyone I updated my picks. I will also post Terd's picks in a little while, but as I mentioned, just be aware that I picked my last four games without a detailed evaluation. View the full article
  14. Although I do not smoke marijuana I do think it should be legal. This isn't an excuse, but they are all college aged men & like a lot of us at that age they probably think they have the world all figured out. They are responsible for their own action and at some point in life they will adjust their priorities, but there is nothing more any fan can do other than wish them the best & move on. The way I see it is that they are making available a substance that probably has affects that are less harmful than alcohol, its just that alcohol isn't illegal. In the US $10 billion a year is spent on sending marijuana crimes to trial & housing those who get convicted. Imagine if it was made legal? They can tax it & save $10 billion a year. Anyway, TM7 has blew his chance & the others made a bad decision to get involve in something illegal. It happens & I hope some of our players learn from this, but it shouldn't be such a huge story.