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  1. SB looked totally different from last weekend. I was dissapointed. From the beggining of the game they didn't look ready to play. They didn't work the pitcher, and our Ace wasn't our Ace last night. I hope they bounce back but it won't be an easy task. The offense from the Regionals/Super Regionals was non-existent. They left plenty of runners on base... and Carmona was sloppy at third base. Thanks to all the LSU fans for the great support. It was awesome to see all the LSU fans there at Omaha rooting supporting for Stony Brook. What a great fanbase I must say!
  2. Thank you guys for being a class act. This is a great night for Stony Brook University and for the small but passionate fan base that follows this school. I made new virtual friends today on tigalaya. I will be back!
  3. The MLB Draft should be moved to a date after the CWS... I was wondering why they don't do it after. It would save us from a lot of issues that may arise
  4. No, I never heard any case of over pitching any of his pitchers prior to this SRgnl. Tyler Johnson would be the first case of that and I think the only reason it has happened is because Tyler Johnson agreed to pitch those games. These kids are pumped and are proud to be there for the first time, that may be the reason the coach is making some exceptions and allowing him to pitch so much. Hopefully this doesn't become the norm in the future. Senk has never delt with this success in the NCAA before, every game is so meaningful right now for this team so I would be forviging the first time around
  5. Stecko-Haley should be our pitcher tomorrow. Besides McNitt (Who pitched impressively but bullpen couldn't hold) and our Ace Tyler Johnson, Stecko should be our third option...But our coach always says that He prefers to sleep on it and then decide who will pitch. You can never be 100% sure with Matt Senk... Haley has a 3.47 ERA and has pitched about 80 innings. I expect to see more runs scored from both sides tomorrow. Lets hope its a fun and exciting game to watch!
  6. I can't speak for the rest of our fan base, but I'm personally as impressed by our SBU baseball team as any of you are. I'm a big loyal fan of SBU and I knew we had one of the top teams in the Northeast and that we also have a couple of outstanding players from the Cape Cod league. But I didn't even consider the posibility of playing a team like LSU in a Super Regional, and this lineup has been batting very well from top-to-bottom. It has impressed me and a lot of other folks. This is huge for us. It may not be as big of a deal for all of you (with 6 NCs) to be in a SR, but playing a team like LSU and to compete against them is a big step forward for our baseball program. I'm excited for tomorrow's game and its getting the attention of a lot of people here in the Northeast who don't tend to watch College baseball. I was so into the LSU-SBU game that I forgot about tonights Yankees-Mets game (I never miss I'll be back tomorrow for game time. Later guys, and thanks for the welcome!
  7. Our coach hasn't announced the pitcher for tomorrow. I guess we'll find out an hour before game-time. Let the best team win tomorrow. This game has a huge significance for us. I'm sure its an honor for the team and for our fan base to play teams of such caliber like LSU. Tomorrow will be a great day and lets hope the rain stays away
  8. Hello guys, this ecasadoSBU from the SBUfan board. Decided to come over to the board for the next day or so. I should've done so a few days earlier but after seeing what the folks in tigerdroppings did to our forum I was a little reluctant to join until further consideration. I'm here. Lets talk some baseball!