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  1. Dog's in motion

    Guilty pleasure, without guilt. https://youtu.be/PrHnDLc7q_k
  2. 2017 QB Myles Brennan

    Interesting by Tua's family don't see that enough.
  3. MVPs

    Guice Beckwith Growdon Aranda Chark
  4. The Tigalaya Movie topic

    Edge of Tomorrow, its a movie about a man and an alien invasion of Earth, stop me if you have heard it before... yes, it has Tom Cruise in it... and a time loop. All in all, it is a descent show, glad I did not pay for it. I would recommend if you are so inclined to watch it that you set the DVR to record it and when the NBA is the only thing on TV to watch get the popcorn and watch or nap or leave it on for background noise.
  5. Coach Orgeron's New Staff

    With the Kiffiy rumors out there, oregon's head coach, Helfrich might be a fantastic option for us at OC.
  6. Joke Thread

    Husband and Wife Christmas Shopping A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as they had a lot to do, so she called him on the mobile. The wife said " Where are you, you know we have lots to do." He said "You remember the jewelers we went into about 10 years ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace? I could not afford it at the time and I said that one day I would get it for you?" Little tears started to flow down her cheek and she got all choked up… "Yes, I do remember that shop." she replied. "Well I am in the gun shop next door to that."
  7. Bo Rein

    Muther Superior Nope that was when Arnsparger Fooked us. It was the other coach in Floriduh.
  8. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    If it ain't 5 or 6, you ain't serious and no recruit will come under the uncertainty. Stability is what the program needs.
  9. Aranda locked in for three more years!

    This year is abnormal, a statistical variation if you will. The SEC enjoys a healthy 2-1 margin. SEC is (299-154-10) against ACC Average score: SEC 23.5 - ACC 17.3 In bowl games: SEC is (40-21) against ACC Average score: SEC 24.7 - ACC 20.0 ACC football sucks, BAM! That is science. And I am using a loose definition of football when speaking of the ACC.
  10. Important MANCRUSH Announcement

    This is getting weirder and weirder.
  11. Aranda locked in for three more years!

    It's so the other does not make an offer.
  12. Tom Herman

    Tejas ain't scared, live look in the AD's office...
  13. LSU v am 2016 Post game survey

    12 responses Guice is your MVP Almost unanomous if it was not for a lone Etlting vote. Etling is the MIP RB lead the way on the grades with 3.916666667 (who voted with a 3?) OL were next with a 3.66 QB graded out with a 3.58 Comments were all positive about the offence. See the rest here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CNVrXwrMa5QRuPLEEzy4NQ1rQmsoJNAfMpi0g5_8JcA/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Coach Orgeron's New Staff

    I had been thinking about Sterlin Gilbert as a possibility.