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  1. Their starting QB from last year too... and some other players I'm sure.
  2. Emcee... if you are a South Park fan... http://www.casabonitadenver.com/ DONE!
  3. Just easy for me to do it now. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScn02aEC1BCR_n84XkltAEpxYi82Ffe4Upe664f4Gzlh65vnw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  4. My intial thought... too much. I think that is why I have the 2nd half adjustments question... maybe one day I can figure out an algorithm base on the adjustment question (hold you breath for that one). Totally voted near the middle too for it.
  5. Never gonna be a N/A, too wishy washy. Give an opinion. The kicks that are down in the end zone do count, if you run out a 8 yard deep kick into the end zone, I think that is a data point to be judged. Also if you take a knee on a 8 yard deep kick, but that might change if there is one second to play in the half or game. Still can be graded 1-4. Some questions won't fit every game, oh well. I have a bit of fine tuning to do for the bowl game that I should have done at the begining of the season. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. HERE WE GEAUX! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KJhf6wQ_pxgEhks3VCFSRiiilXkyGo8R5Lv3sQ5rpjs/edit?usp=sharing High Grades WR = 3.22 DB = 3.66 Honors MVP = Chark MIP = Gage Comments Gritty, No quitty Played like TIGER'S CLM said to kick their asses
  7. Fournette had 130 yds and a TD before an ankle injury.
  8. Dang it! Katie Mullen's is closed, was a nice irish pub. Anyway, Delectable Egg is a good breakfast spot; Noodles and Company is a descent lunch spot, relatively cheap. Food trucks, give them a try is you feel like it, they are generally ok. Near Coors Field is a couple of streets with restaurants and bars- Ice house tavern... more later.
  9. Go to the brewery tours and screw the zoo, mint and stadium bs. Coors, Leopold Bros (navy strength gin), Stranahan’s whiskey and other breweries. Watch out for bums downtown, a few are crazy. I'll remember some places to eat, what part of town is the hotel?
  10. If you were either player, would you come back next year if you were a mid to high first rounder in Key and a first rounder in Guice? Are you willing to risk a knee injury to improve your draft stock maybe 5 positions in the draft? They both have demonstrated their ability at a high level... as it has been said before
  11. I know the SEC refs are bad, especially the LSU vs FLA game... but the Missouri vs Kentucky game was sooo blown by the officials. How did this get misses at this point in the game, should have been 5 yards and a stopped clock.
  12. http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/10/leonard_fournette_hall_of_fame.html
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