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  1. Dog's in motion

    In traffic... and raining... http://i.imgur.com/aKsjkGn.gifv
  2. Post game survey Ole Miss vs LSU 2016

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1itBPeDR9BI67vd7tW1E7BQxmeBiNWEhSn5JNF02Y9vw/edit?usp=sharing MVP = Fournette! MIP = Duke and Dupre Coaching Defense received high marks at 3.5 and higher but the RB Graded out at 3.8* with Linebackers next at 3.6. The atmosphere was very good and Hugh Freeze is right Ole Miss does suck (press conference quote). *I think that is the highest grade yet.
  3. Post game survey Ole Miss vs LSU 2016

    8 responses, let me know if you would like more time... otherwise, closing around noonish today.
  4. Unsung Heros

    He's gotten off the ball faster.
  5. Post game survey Ole Miss vs LSU 2016

    ... Posting a pic. Won't take.
  6. Post game survey Ole Miss vs LSU 2016

    Up to 5, keep it going!
  7. Guess who's back!?

    I'll be shocked if two peeps here know, "Bye Felicia." So... NSFW
  8. Dog's in motion

    Just a pic, but to funny to leave out... Titled when big brother quits playing games.
  9. Guess who's back!?

    Interview with Fournette. Lots of repeat questions... However, he has a bone bruise, not in shape and the offense has changed a lot.
  10. Post game survey Ole Miss vs LSU 2016

    3 responses! Let's keep it rolling.
  11. Guess who's back!?

  12. Guess who's back!?