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  1. The Buyout and "Worst" Case Scenario

    The best case scenario is that Jimbo, or other extremely high profile coach, signs soon.   If Miles stays, worse case, rumors circulate about whoever the replacement was to be, was only out for a raise... then Miles owes us nothing and departs as he sees fit and on his time line.  Sounds likes the  Petrino/Tubberville saga at Auburn.  LSU meanwhile suffers from lack of focus and is adrift, no recruit wants to come here under this cloud.  Either by rumor or otherwise, Miles has been functionally given a vote of no confidence by LSU and nothing good will come from him staying long term.   
  2. The Coaching Carousel Is Going to Start Turning

    With a 14-45 loss... Chump Kelly of the Eagles might be available soon. 
  3. LaRon Landry

    He gone... 10 games over, indefinitely now in place. 
  4. The Tigalaya Movie topic

    The Ike Awakens  
  5. Reason to hate aggies... even more.

    2. They don’t have cheerleaders, they have Yell Leaders blah blah blah...  In any event, the real stars are a bunch of crew-cut, overall-wearing wackos who incite the crowd through complex hand signals, the reading of which being just one of the many exciting things you learn during Fish Camp.    How do you look at this... And go, "nope, not at this place. "
  6. https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/13-reasons-why-you-should-hate-texas-am-university 1. They have so much school spirit it’s terrifying A&M doesn’t have freshman orientation. They have a cult indoctrination period known as “Fish Camp” that involves bussing thousands of impressionable teenagers and 900 counselors to an even crappier town than College Station so they can spend four days (four days!) learning fight songs in an auditorium and then finger-blasting each other in an allegedly air-conditioned cabin. If David Koresh had been interested in Agricultural and Mechanical, he would have matriculated here.
  7. Coach O to Syracuse ?

    Fixed it
  8. Coach O to Syracuse ?

    This jimbo stuff smells bad... I think it is straight out the jimmy sexton playbook. 
  9. Coach O to Syracuse ?

    correction.  If O goes, congrats.  I just wish he could stay longer. 
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/family-muslim-teen-seeks-15m-clock-incident-182909050.html