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  1. College Football Pick 'Em Contest - Week 1

    Neither team is starting experience with the QB position. Most are picking UNC in Uga land, except for Uga die hards... Who know they will be in the playoff with coach Kirby now leading the way.
  2. The Irish are Fighting... Cops

    Annnnnd... Kelly bounced a starter off the team. One other suspended indefinitely. http://www.latimes.com/sports/more/la-sp-notre-dame-arrests-redfield-20160821-snap-story.html
  3. Checking in on our Tigalayans

    Shout out a needs list.
  4. Anthony Johnson

    i could swear this is a turn around from illegal habits.
  5. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-taylor-swift-donates-louisiana-flood-victims-20160818-snap-story.html Whole article below. PS Thanks for nothing Britney.
  6. Nola Done For Season

    Saw him pitch on TV when he played the braves... could hardly recognize his pitching. He was pitching from the winded up nervously spinning the baseball in his pitching hand, so not like what we have been seeing.
  7. Bregman is OFFICIALLY a major leaguer!!

    Bregs - a dinger to center, too bad it was on Gausman. Tweet by Ben Mac below. The @LSUbaseball boys just can't be nice to each other...@KevinGausman K's @ABREG_1 in the 1st then AB hits a long one in the 6th! #PlayNice
  8. Roll call?

  9. [Baseball] Former Tiger Traded

    Swason's debut is tonight. Lots of eyes will be on him from the local market. I think he's from Marietta, friend know him and said he's a great person, too.
  10. Rio Olympics

  11. Bregman is OFFICIALLY a major leaguer!!

    2 run oppo shot.... Nice!
  12. Rio Olympics

    I thought the rules were established, sir... POST A PIC!
  13. YouTube Vlogs & Channels

    I watched everyone of these and still did not find a place to go shooting.
  14. Roll call?

    Ya'll have fun! I cancelled my trip up due to lack of tickets, expensive flight and hotel 45 mins away. Take lots of pics for me.