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  1. Wow. That is ugly. Really ugly... very accurate.
  2. Racey said, "Sorry Coach Mullen, I can't attend Moo U cause I have an eye problem... I can't see myself living in Starkville." Hahahaha!
  3. Good riddance.
  4. Here is what I was interested in finding out...
  5. Cool!
  6. http://www.caneclinic.com/
  7. This is not a cold weather team for sure
  8. Biggest bunch of sona<REDACTED>! http://www.andthevalleyshook.com/2017/4/22/15397156/florida-thinks-they-got-jokes 14hLSU Football‏ @LSUfootball Because of lightning in the area, the spring game will not be resumed at Tiger Stadium. 93243 Gators Football‏ @GatorsFB Replying to @LSUfootball #SafetyFirst 9:37 PM · Apr 22, 2017 from Gainesville, FL
  9. After reading the ukys pitcher's bio, he's another Caliperi reject, 6'6" righty that should be familiar with some LSU hitters and vice verse as he threw in the Cod league. Just spot checking box scores, Lewis has gone 8 innings this year, it was against UCSB, but the norm seems to be 5 to 6, vs Old Piss, Vandy and Moo U. Notably, Lewis held Rooker to 1-2 2 runs scored in their match up. As always, knocking Lewis out earlier would be a good thing.
  10. Have a great day!