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  1. Aranda locked in for three more years!

    Hopefully this is a done deal soon.
  2. Happy birthday NSMom!

    Happy birthday!!
  3. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    Must have got caught up around Essen. They had a mess with people shot and/or run over and it put interstate and area around exit on lockdown
  4. Peveto Gone per Shea Dixon

    Great news. Only a day after getting the job O is getting rid of a serious problem. I thought he would wait but it looks like he's on the ball from the jump.
  5. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Come to think of it I'd rather the Sig the protestors were kind enough to provide me funds for over the Glock I don't have a choice about. Still I have to make the best out of a circumstance that I have no control over.
  6. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    I'm not in business but I have a lot of fun. You keep your business as it is and be miserable if that's what you want. EDIT:. Didn't you say you were going to shut up?
  7. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    A local boy gets a chance that defies all of the big money boosters? It's all I wanted right now. I understand completely that if he loses 3-9 he is gone, as would anyone else be. But I'll take my chances and answer for the sentimental pick for the hometown fellow
  8. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Ok. We went with our heart.
  9. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    I know. You've made a strong case against him many times. I think he will surprise us all though.
  10. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Well, I'm very happy O is getting a shot. I hope we can come together and wish him well in achieving what we all want.
  11. Tumultous 2016 Tigers

    Agreed. Even if it was Hermann who's supposed to be great friends with Aranda who got the job, you could count his years here in a shop class teacher's hand.
  12. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I know I'm in the minority and what appears to have become an even more divisive issue than Miles in after any of the last five seasons, but I stated my preferences. All arguments that can be made by facts and stats regarding any of the three coaches in the running have been made. You won't persuade me and I won't persuade you. We're both entitled to what we prefer. I agree my reasons are more sentimental than yours. So I will gtf from this discussion and go back to not standing facts in an argument that never occurred.
  13. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Only one being dramatic, and condescending, is you. As usual.
  14. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Don't worry I'm sure you'll find someone else to condescend to big guy