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  1. Happy Birthday Okie!!!

    Happy Birthday Okie!!! Everyone take a chance to welcome her into her forties!
  2. A Streetcar Named ...... Nicholson

    It'll break somewhere between Roosevelt and McKinley. That's when the real show will begin.
  3. Ray Rice ---- He gone

    I think she's afraid of not having anymore Gucci purses now.
  4. Ray Rice ---- He gone

    It's still very interesting that she married him after this display of love was documented.
  5. Ray Rice ---- He gone

    Negative- he hasn't gotten rid of the extra point yet. Without that, taking down the Slap Ya Mama signs is meaningless.
  6. Herbstreit, mind your <REDACTED> BUSINESS

    Herbstreit probably was still dealing with the loss of his alma mater at the time. Still, freshman scoring their first touchdown and striking the pose is pretty stupid. However, the cut of Miles going after him for it followed by him on the bench with his head down showed me exactly what I wanted to see from his little episode.
  7. http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/college-football/story/_/id/11425594/rb-anthony-brown-quits-usc-trojans-calls-coach-steve-sarkisian-racist
  8. Hype video

    I knew it
  9. Hype video

    Let the hipster have his moments...then downplay them to his friends
  10. Refresher Course

  11. Heroic Act by USC football player

    You're kidding me, right?
  12. Love Letter From Coach Miles

    Which part?
  13. Refresher Course

    Uh... something about a rope a tree and a referee?
  14. LSU Starting QB Reveal

    Was hoping he wouldn't say it. Especially since saban joined in on the game
  15. No. He wears Jack Bauer pajamas. Shouldn't Fournette play first or are we going to let the Heisman have the same respect as the Nobel Peace Pri....oh wait nevermind