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  1. It takes a good coach to let his coordinators do their jobs and make the team look good doing it. Won't you agree?
  2. Some will say it's unranked BYU and leave it there. They had some heft on their DL and they will win some games this year. I'll even say they were better than advertised. Yet we still beat them at every aspect of the game that counts.
  3. No doubt it could have been better with Herman as coach.
  4. Well look at that
  5. Didn't this savior for the LSU program according to some on here just lose to Maryland? maybe he just needs another clean slate to demonstrate his abilities.
  6. Well this is going well. Hard to believe people doubted Coach O when he was hired. 27-0 is hard to argue with.
  7. LSU Football starts the labor process proper. The countdown has begun.
  8. Great defense and great offense causes the opponent to implode. I'm sure Petrino is sulking somewhere right now. It was beautiful.
  9. Well at least his agent will be able say "yeah" in a cool way. This is an understated gift in negotiations.
  11. Most have been one hell of a party. Hope they fully recover
  12. WTF indeed. I hope you have a speedy resolution.
  13. Etling to NOT regress is my first penny in the fountain, Guice to be juking and jiving and not fumbling is the second penny.
  14. Three years ago before Miles committed the only unforgivable sin as far as I'm concerned, both would have been funny. However O here in any capacity always seemed more likely than Kiffin. I merely agreed with Greg that we should not be at each other's throats nor attacking each other for simply having differing view points, which, for me at least, was a big reason to leave that other site to make a home at this one. Don't you agree?
  15. You're absolutely right.