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  1. Corey just had to go and break her knee cap in half
  3. Yes!!!!!!! She is the HOST of the show!!!!!!
  4. *********MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT******** Thanks to an old friend from high school, Big Wee from Team KATT and myself are going to cook for a television show called Morning Express on the HLN Network. They will be doing their show live from Walk On's on Friday Sep 20, beginning at 5:00am. What they would like from me, in addition to a lovely pot of pastalaya, is to gather as many of us as we can to set up what is in essence is a tailgate much the same way we do it on Saturday. If anyone can play hookie from work that day and come out there and represent Team KATT, feel free! It should be a good time. In talking to a rep from the show today, they plan on getting the band out there as well as possibly the cheerleaders. If you have any questions let me know!!
  5. I know for a fact that he is up there looking down on us. Right before I was having my surgery to get my pacemaker I was a nervous wreck. I was thinking the worse, was even preparing in case I didnt wake back up. After what happened during the tilt table test I was not taking any chances. One thing I wanted to do was go see one last baseball game at the Box. So me and a friend went to the Regional Game. No tickets just wanted to go. We get there drinking beer and the battery on the car dies. So before we go to the game we need to get a jump so we start looking for someone to jump us off. Just so happens right about that time an older guy pulls up and says he will jump us off but he has no off to go find cables. On the last row there were these 2 good looking older ladies, so I walk on up ask if they have cables which they do and we get the car running again. Me and my friend bring back the cables and beers to thank them for helping up out. We strike up a conversation and the pacemaker comes up and I tell her how I am worried about it and what happened during the tilt table test. And she starts to tell me about her son and how he just passed and then all the medical stuff and when she says that they spent time in the hospital up in Minnesota...I thought to myself no way...I asked her what her son's name was and she said Justin. My jaw hit the ground. Told her how I knew Justin and getting the package together when he was in the hospital and just shared the stories that I had. Before we left to go to the game she asked me if I wanted one of Justins dimes. I said it would be an honor. We walked to the game still talking and when we got to the gate they went to their seats and we tried to find tickets. When tickets were not find we decided to just try walking past the ticket scanners when a big group went through...that worked! After getting moved from a few seats we happened to find Julie and we sat next to them. Watched the game, talked it was great. At the start of the 8th inning and it was not looking good for the Tigers, I took out Justins dime and just held it in my hand. Didnt say anything to anyone just held it in my hand and watched the game. Sure enough by the start of the 9th the game was already in hand. I looked over at Julie and I opened up my fist and said I started holding this at the Top of the 8th. After the game we walked back to the cars. They made sure ours started. I gave her a big ole hug and told her what an honor it was to met her and that I would take that dime into surgery with me. I left that game and was no longer nervous about the surgery. I still prepared made sure everything was in order, wrote letters to people made sure my finial wishes would get carried out but I was at peace with it. And it was because I met Julie and got to share a LSU baseball game with her and I had one of Justins dimes in my wallet. I asked 5 people before them if they had cables, I guess Justin knew that meeting his mom would set my mind at ease and made sure that everything fell into place to do so!!!!
  6. SORRY GUYS BUT I JUST COULD NOT BRING MYSELF TO POST THE POINTS FOR THAT GAME. But they are finally up. Congrats to Greg on winning the League, it will be the last time you enjoy that position!!!! Thank Y'all to everyone that played this year!!! Greg will be running the league this year, and the reason for my comment above. Y'all treat him as well as y'all have treated me over the years.....just kidding...y'all can torture his ass!!! I am gonna help him out for the first few weeks get the hang of it and then I am going to take this LSU season and enjoy it away from the fantasy games and away from the forum and message boards....not that I dont love y'all just want a year to enjoy it for what it is....a simple game!
  7. Thank ya'll it has been a busy last month...with the hotel to run...the baby to get ready for...and looking for/finding a new house THEN moving into that house all before Isabella got here has been a feet of strength or was it strength of feet
  8. Its a tshirt The Name tag of course says Hello My Name is the rest of it is Inigo Montonya You Killed my Father Prepare to Die
  9. Born Monday the 5th...weighing in at a tiny 6 lbs 7 oz born at 3pm on the dot!!!! It happened so quick there was only 1 nurse in the room so I had to help delievery was pretty damn cool!!!!!
  10. No cause I never figured out the stats for the National championship game....I will do them today and I'll just go ahead and figure out everyone's ppoints and post the finally standings.
  11. Appears to be shot across the bow of sorts
  12. Jarrett Lee and T-Bob will be riding in the Krewe of Zeus parade in Metairie this Mardi Gras
  13. I have just makes me get that sick feeling in my stomach when I start looking at the stats...I will have them up by the weekend
  14. No but I did drink half a fifth of moonshine...wearing nothing but apron and a pair of track shorts...on Bacchus Sunday last year when it was 40 degrees...waiting for the parades on the corner of Jackson Ave and St Charles Ave No but I did drink a bottle of Vodka and a 12 pack of Miller Light on my 22 birthday...proceeded to "try" and walk 4 miles to another bar....pass out in a ditch....then have to go coach 11 year olds in a soccer tourny the next day Not quite....however I did drink 2 fifths of Jim Beam....took some fat girl and [censored] her in the back of my Explorer...that was parked next to Williams Supermarket on the corner of Jackson Ave and St Charles Ave.
  15. Completely missed that one....My team does not count!!!!