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  1. This... I am so tired of coaches and admins saying that they are young men that need a second chance. Nip it in the bud. One strike and your out. Otherwise the Thug mentality thrives. It ticked me off so much today when ESPN pundits were debating did it hurt TM7s NFL career. We have to collectively as fans, advertisers, etc., no longer support this behavior. Rant is over now. Geaux Tigers.
  2. Question. Why do we have absolutly no offense? Without any offense I would put us about 8th. Anyone that can score 2 TD's on us can win ( and that should never, ever be the case). Time for the O to step it up a "LOT".
  3. My new Tag. Fits the car. It is GEAUXS if the image is too small to see.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. All of them are taken. Why so many of you LSU fans live in Alabama I think I will go with "GEAUXS" cause it really does.
  5. I'll wait to show it off once I get my new tag.
  6. I need some suggestions for a specialty tag for my new baby. Remember that I live in Alabama, so putting TIGER on it people will think it has to do with Auburn. And I get a combo of 7 letters and numbers. I was thinking. GEAUX 1 BNGLTGR Anyone got anything for me?
  7. I did not read the topic. But I live in Alabama. Enough said.
  8. Here goes. I was arrested in front of my children on a domestic battery charge. Put in handcuffs and printed an all. Totally embarrasing. It all boiled down to a "trailer trash lawyer" advising my ex-wife to file a charge to help her custody case. I was totally pissed as there was no basis for the charge. But the law says "he who makes an accusation and files first" is in the right. It is one of them rare cases where you are not "innocent until proven quilty". Just the opposite. Our domestic violence/rape laws are wrong. Rape is a serious crime. Domestic violence is a serious crime. But all it takes is an accusation based on absolutely no evidence, and you are in the position of proving your innocense. So don't take what you read about the guy to be that he did anything remotely wrong(although he may have done something stupid and wrong and only he knows). BTW, I did manage to show the judge that the charge against me was nothing more than a way to help her custody case, and my arrest record was expunged (sp.) Still I had to pay a heavy financial and emotional price defending my honor. Two months later I had full (not joint) custody of my two boys and we have lived happily ever since.
  9. I have a very good friend that teaches Jr high. You are spot on with what is happening now days. Where are our responsible parents? Even the so called good parents never check their childs homework. They just send them to their room to play video games. Batty, I admire you for the job and sacrifices that you make daily, but there is nothing that even the best of our teachers can do if it doesnt start at home. Sad that we have let out country come to this.
  10. I am no where near chiseled, but my P&G has been on every day here in the land of the gumps. Only comments I get are a little timid like I am gonna kick someone arse. Its almost funny to me. Just had to add that.
  11. Back in the 80's. Saints were beating Denver and Elway 44-0 late in the third. I had to drive back to Florida.
  12. I made sure to wash my same white LSU shirt that I wore all season. But I did have a new pair of shoes. Crap. Guess that might have added to your bad decisions.
  13. At home. Watched the boys shoot about $100 worth of fireworks already. Give a boy a firecracker and a lighter, and they are in heaven. Black cats, cherry bombs and M80's were a hit.
  14. Merry Christmas to all of my internet Tiger Friends here. May God's blessing be with each and every one of you and your families.
  15. After much thought, I have decided that I cant make it down there. I was in Alabama for the 1st win over the Tide, in Arkansas for the win over the hogs, and in Georgia for the win over the Dawgs. So I figure I need to be in Alabama for the 2nd win over the bamers. Need to keep the good mojo going.