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  1. Going to set passing records at UL.
  2. lol. You should've been a fan "pre modern" times. It wasn't only a loss 100% of the time, there was no chance of a win.
  3. Hey Okie. So true what you said. I really liked what he said about why he thought we weren't throwing the ball to a tight end. Made sense.
  4. Figured you all were tired of Fish & Nootch's bullchit and needed something interesting. If you're like me, I love hearing from former players. Enjoy.
  5. Good. Miss ur azz though.Give em hell grasshoppa.
  6. with pork chops sprinkle a spoonful of sugar while you're browning it. Chicken too. It carmelizes. As for brown gravy, the secret is to brown the hell out of it adding a little water now and then so you don't burn the "scratchings." That's what makes a good gravy, the stuff that sticks to the pot.
  7. Not much. Grad said I could drop in just to harass you two but to keep it short. Glad to see you're here to keep grasshoppa in check. Miss you guys. Hatch, 71, and the rest. Hope everyone is fine. Sorry for the temp derail. Nootch would have to have a good day crabbing to buy those tickets anyway.
  8. Oh my. Little fugger hasn't changed one bit eh fish? Sup niggas?
  9. Is that TigerDro in one of those pics? Hadn't heard from him in a long time. They WV fans weren't pissed that y'all took their place?
  10. I would love to know how to fark. I don't have a clue but may take it up for a new thing to occupy my time with.
  11. In America it would probably be called entrapment.
  12. Hard to believe it's possible. Wouldn't happen on HS level with LHSAA policies- unless both coaches agreed.
  13. Have you checked pawn shops?
  14. Looking good! Must take after mom.