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  1. Didn't think yall could have Fantasy NASCAR without me did yall? Of coarse I'm in! Is it possible JJ and CD can single handedly force NASCAR to change their point system? It just might happen. Yes Jr still sucks. Daytona will be alot like Dega. And someone should have told those Aussie track owners that Smoke has a nasty right hook!
  2. The 90s were my highschool and brief college years. I was involved in highschool football till '94. My brief college years were all partying and flunking. After that I got married when I was making $7/hr and I was always broke so I couldn't afford cable.
  3. Here's one from I think 2yrs ago. That's me in the middle.
  4. I hate it too. I was hoping he would nail the second one. If they keep nailing them, sooner or later the coaches would stop doing it. All today did was give them reason to do it for a couple more years.
  5. I can remember saying we need to get the 15 to be in FG range instead of the 30
  6. I managed to get the weekend off for the Tennessee game. I have a buddy that is coming with me. We are looking for a tailgate (which is never a problem). The problem seems to be tickets. Anyone know of anyone looking to sell a couple?
  7. My earliest memory is from the 80's watching LSU on TV behind the counter of my dad's store. After that was when Saban was hired, that's when I really started following them week after week. Saban's championship, I always tell the story that my son was born a few hours after we won the BCS championship. I was at the hospital with my wife in labor and she was getting mad because every nurse or doctor that came in was spending too much time watching the game and not pampering her. At one point she wanted me to turn it off, I just laughed, grabbed her hand and said "It's ok baby, just breathe." The next year my brother-in-law's parents had asked if had ever been to a game which I hadn't. So they invited me to tailgating and free tickets to the Auburn game. (Yes the "kicker game"). I was immediately hooked to both tailgating and Deathvalley. Not a bad game for a first time.
  8. Yea, leave work a little early so I could at least catch the end of it in my truck.
  9. He is gonna have to return a few punts or kickoffs for to be in the heisman conversation. Defensive players have a hard time gettin the stats to win that thing.
  10. Even Sirius/Xm's app doesn't include the actual station that they will stream the game on. This is rediculous!
  11. I have to work AGAIN during the game. For some reason I can't catch any radio station that carries the game inside the building I work in. Anyone have and idea of how I can listen to the game through my iphone. I can't find anywhere that streams game audio. I don't even mind buying an app as long as it's fair priced.
  12. MNF

    I could a use a couple more sacks or turnovers from the Jets Def. I need to pad my pts to cover the RB from KC.
  13. Hey dude, welcome to the site!