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  1. encouraging news especially coming from Bonnette who isn't gonna smoke screen things as much as Miles. There does seem to be some gross overestimations of injuries these days. better than the opposite i guess.
  2. why would i take that as an insult?? how is that a "jab"?
  3. many of my friends think cam will only be around for like another yr or so but i think he's gonna be here longer. i think he and miles are symbiotic. and i think both need that right now.
  4. i've gotten to the point where the fanbase is so toxic i'm ready for this scenario. seriously. it's become exhausting. this is my great flood scenario. of course i'll be loading most everyone on this site into the ark. my answer for miles is 8.5. when people compare miles to coker or fulmer (even though most are doing it negatively) i think a more accurate comparison is bobby bowden. very good at hiring coaches for the most part (or at least recognizing and willing to remedy a mistake), a great recruiter and face of the program and a great delegator. trusts in his coaches and players and they enjoy coaching and playing for him. is somehow able to overcome adversity (katrina, winning 07 SEC cg with backup qb, having to endure the departure of RP and zach lee and having to stomach the lee/jefferson yrs and remain successful). that's a spot where i don't think he's gained much credit. how many programs have ebbed and flowed since 2000. it's high tide for bama now, ohio state took a small dip here and there but now play in a conference where parity is decreasing at the top, ND, USC, Florida, FSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Miami, Tennessee, Auburn, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Penn State, West Virginia, Clemson, Michigan, Nebraska, etc through 8 complete season's he averaged 10.5 wins per year. unfortunately for miles what he did and continues to do at LSU is amazing when you factor in the rest of the nation sans bama. the problem becomes not really recognizing the greatness of the run by the runt in T town. and somehow through perception it diminishes what Les has done. that's the real shame. but our fans sound like rupert murdoch complaining they are poor because look at how much money bill gates has. and that's the reason for great flood scenario. he'll never be truly appreciated here so let him go somewhere else where he will. and perhaps LSU fans will learn a little about reality and entitlement themselves. success rarely brings perspective. but losing will.
  5. i don't need any kind of data to confirm how awful our fans are. we should be 1-5 on that list.
  6. gotta be good old ted.
  7. yeah thinking about making furman my 4 year old's 1st game (though she'll be a week from turning 5)
  8. even though i hate alabama, i never really have a problem with the bama fans that go to games, make road trips etc. it's the wal mart and finebaum bama fans that are just awful.
  9. well i heard on scott van pelt's show yesterday that it's something not just unique to LSU, they mentioned other schools like Bama, FSU, etc. basically it's a trend and it's happening to good teams with good records not just a schools like tulane. i don't know about looking at scheduling. every school in the country plays cupcakes. LSU has done an excellent job imo lately of playing ooc teams like WVU, oregon, TCU, UNC, washington, wisconsin (future), arizona state (future), etc. but you can't play those types of teams every week you're not playing an SEC opponent. little schools need rent a losses to survive finacially and big schools need rent a wins to stay off the injury report. think of how bad the sec has screwed LSU in scheduling, we don't need more obstacles. once a playoff starts you may see teams possibly scheduling a better second opp (if you go by the design of scheduling one good ooc opponent and one decent one and two cupcakes). but that may be a strategy of schools like boise louisville etc to garner more respect. the sec schedule itself is laden with awesome matchups. the other thing is, playing cupcakes isnt a new thing. its not like this trend just started. so what's different? seriously. i don't know. i stopped attending the majority of games yrs ago. but i don't have season tix (basically i'm trying to say i'm not creating unused tix) i wish i had enough money to tailgate and have season tix (and have a family) but tailgating and family won out. furthermore i honestly don't care what season tix holders do. they spent the $ they can leave early. but students leaving early is crazy to me. they're supposed to be the heart of tiger stadium. they're supposed to stay until the end. and when i was a student we didn't have the nice tradition of singing the alma mater with the team after the game. that sounds awesome. i dunno. it's a problem with multiple factors. it's not just one thing.
  10. We're everywhere.
  11. First part of top video. The Toomer's Corner guys aren't us.
  12. <whistles nervously...avoids eye contact> i do wish we didn't tailgate in $40 parking though.
  13. That's a valid one for sure. I know LSU let up in the 2nd half and they were about a half foot away from recovering an onsides and making it real interesting but i think we're starting to nitpick. i understand it's what we as fans are good at. but to an outsider it just sounds like "we win but our O sucks." "ok our O doesn't really suck we just don't pass well" "ok we can pass but we only got 450+ yds of offense in the rain and beat a hated rival by 2 TD's." penalties are a valid concern. coverage is also to some extent. marshall is better than he probably gets credit for he had some insane throws towards the end of the game. the same secondary that allowed a few deep passes also got the INT to end it. the most important thing to take from this game (at least for me) is that both teams had to play in the same crappy conditions. not only did AU not deal with it well, LSU capitalized on their eff ups. that's what good teams do. despite being up by two TD's what seemed like almost instantly LSU had almost a 50/50 split in run/pass yardage (229/228) and an attempts run/pass ratio of 66%/33% (but remember, led the whole way + the rain). it's funny how the tigers and saints are beyondo world mirroring each other right now. i believe the saints O line and running game took a step back this year but the D has stepped up and cancelled out that deficiency. for LSU, the D isn't the A+ squad it is every season but the O has stepped up tremendously. i'm not even ready to say the D has lost a step.sure they gave up almost 450 to AU but that was on 85 plays. 85 plays!!! that's a ton for the D to contend with. the efficiency of LSU's O actually churning out more yds in 19 less plays than AU says something especially with AU constantly taking shots to play catch up. another great stat is that Mett averaged more than 10 yds a completion...with a big the rain. these are all good things. clean up the penalties. that's my biggest gripe. we doubled AU's penalties. eventually (like this weekend) we will be in a close game and penalties will kill us at this same rate.