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  1. It'd be so much easier if they could just come out on Saturday. Not only would they see us in official tailgating form, it's Tobyfest that weekend.
  2. I went the weekend of the Red Dress Run with a few girlfriends and we each tried something different so that we could all share. I got the pork belly po-boy, one friend got fried chicken, another the hamburger, and the last the turducken burger. All were absolutely fantastic, but I think the fried chicken was the standout. The beer selection is pretty good for a smallish establishment, and we left the restaurant with a Pimm's Cup daiquiri, and it was delicious. I'm not normally a Pimm's Cup fan (I don't really like the ones at Radio Bar), but the daiquiri was sweeter than the Pimm's Cups I've had which I liked. Anyway, I totally recommend checking out the joint. It's a neat spot. FYI, he's scheduled to cook for us at the Florida tailgate, Okie.
  3. I got it at Pelican House and they served in a pint glass. That's a beer that really needs to be served in a snifter. The sweetness really overpowered it, in my humble opinion. Good sipping beer, though. I had one in the time it took my companions to finish 3 of whatever they were drinking. And I'm totally excited about getting Strawbita on tap.
  4. I know! That's what I thought, it was on the tailgate last I saw it. And I was sober. I even went back to our spot the next morning to look for it on the ground and didn't see it. So it's either somewhere in our stuff, or someone picked it up off the ground. Or someone picked it up off the tailgate.
  5. Our camera has gone MIA...
  6. I'm sure his orange jumpsuit will be very festive for Halloween.
  7. My friend in DC called it the "Snor'eastercanemageddon".
  8. I agree. A friend of mine told me that they were going to have scorecards for the women who walk by their Bama tailgate. I told him I disapprove. A tailgate party is not the place to humiliate opposing fans (unless you are demolishing them in a game of flipcup). The football field, however, is.
  9. I said I didn't know if that pic was a casting call for Brokeback Mountain - The Musical or a game of Where's Waldo, except it's Where's John Travolta circa Urban Cowboy.
  10. I'm all about bringing back Bling-Out. Or Pimps 'n Hos.
  11. I can't wait until we get our pictures, but my brother ran off to San Antonio with our camera! I expect to see full on Joe Dirtness next year for the jorts tailgate! And it's almost a given that it has to be for the Florida game, right?
  12. Happy birthday to my Blondie Twin! I love Friday birthdays. You get the entire weekend to celebrate!
  13. My brother drove to Mobile to get a keg of it for one of our tailgates since that's the closest city that Yuengling distributes to. It was a happy day.
  14. I like this one. In my world, the green bottles are Yuengling.