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  1. MSU is the hottest team in the conference right now, and the only team to have taken a series from UF this year. The committee is weird in baseball, but that's one of the things they look at for sure. I say your friends are right. Regarding LSU, I don't like having to do well in the SECT just to make a regional, but...I like our chances in the SECT, always. For some reason, this tourney is CPMs bish.
  2. Just saw that, RIP
  3. Shows several things, really. Willingness to compete Desire to play in big games Look at.our schedule. At LSU, he can play against Miami and Alabama. At cincy, he's literally playing against Miami of Ohio and Alabama A&M lol But it also shows we had a deficiency at the most important position on the field. I'm extremely happy we were able to fill that void.
  4. Welcome, Joe! You chose wisely, young man!
  5. And FINALLY!! It's JOE OFFICIAL!! @Joe_Burrow10: Excited to be playing in Death Valley next season. Ready to get to work. BOOM!!!
  6. So that makes it "dad official", and that's good enough for me. Welcome Joe!! Congrats on becoming a TIGER!
  7. Oh, btw...from a pay site, so I'll just post a snippet... The waiting game is officially over, and now the LSU football team has a new quarterback on the roster.Ohio State graduate transfer quarterback Joe Burrow has committed to finishing out his collegiate career at LSU, his father, Jimmy Burrow, told 247Sports' Bill Kurelic on Friday evening. In a message late Friday night, Jim Burrow told 247Sports that his son “has committed to LSU", going on to add that he is not sure “if Joe is posting anything.”
  8. Yeah, that's just my .02. He's gained some weight, but still way too skinny to play in the SEC. Look at a guy like Burrow...approx the same height at Brennan, 20 lbs heavier. He's ready to play big time football, physically. On the confidence end, that's just my take from watching the Spring games of Brennan vs those of Burrow. Burrow is completely confident and obviously capable. I believe Brennan to be capable, but not confident. I know Brennan is accurate, I followed his HS career well enough. But when the rush is coming at him, he's jumpy and it leads to sub 50% completions in a game he couldn't even be hit. Meanwhile, tOSU running full contact spring games, and Joe B is over 70% completions...even in his limited real game play. Getting Burrow may not mean LSU is suddenly a title contender, but that was never my point with being excited about this. I'm interested in LSU being the best they can be, and I have no doubt he makes us better. Even if one of the current QBs transfer. If he wasn't a better option NOW than what we have, I can't imagine O and Co. waste their time recruiting him. Back on topic, Narcisse is physically ready to play SEC ball, and I imagine they have packages for him. If they do, McMillan could be the back up, Narcisse have his package, and Brennan RS to gain some much needed weight, all the while learning as he goes. Burrow is here for two years max. If he stays for both, Brennan and Narcisse are RS Jrs when he leaves. Honestly a perfect set up IMO.
  9. Brennan needs to RS this season and gain 15-20 more pounds and some confidence
  10. Great job recognizing a deficiency, isolating a remedy, and nailing the recruitment of Burrow. I'd rather have him for two years than any of the QBs we were considering during the last recruiting cycle. I hope brennan takes a redshirt year now and slides into the starting role after Burrow, assuming Burrow wins the competition in the fall. Narcisse will still likely have a role, but bottom line, none of the three we had are at a championship level... yet. Maybe Joe Burrow is
  11. @bartonsimmons If you loaded up on LSU under 7.5 wins, Joe Burrow news should make you nervous. Huge news for Coach O.
  12. SEC Country official!!!
  13. Advocate official!!!
  14. Breaking: #OhioState transfer QB Joe Burrow has picked LSU, according to highly-placed #UC source. Had narrowed it to LSU and #Bearcats. Twitter official??