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  1. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I believe it was Hatch who very astutely pointed out, all of this HC talk is fun...but until we see what November brings, is............... Moot.
  2. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Any coach that wouldn't agree to that isn't smart enough to be the LSU head coach.
  3. The offensive line

    Josh Boutte is a beast lately
  4. Unsung Heros

    I have to say, after Wisconsin, I wanted him booted. But Boutte has been dominant the last couple games, our best OL
  5. HEY OM

    The one that's pinned and featured at the top?
  6. Ole Miss week! I remember it as a student and the memories, although hazy, are that of absolute hatred for this opponent. Ole Miss has become a royal PITA recently with their minor success that, according to them, renders them elite. They are almost out of purchased players, but they are still quite formidable. Strong front 7 and...OK, I'll admit...elite QB and receivers. One I almost have to root for, as I know and respect his father. I'm talking about Markel Pack...son of former Purvis, MS Police Officer and US Army veteran Robert Pack. But aside from him, GTHOM!!! I'm currently working in Jacksonville, FL for this hurricane, and one of the managers here is a huge Ole Miss fan. I've been wearing my LSU/Geaux Tigers lanyard since my arrival knowing he was here and this game was coming up. He finally took the bait and mouthed off last Saturday....morning. He said LSU was terrible and coachless, and OM had already faced the meat of their schedule. He said they weren't going to lose another game and LSU would lose out post USM...maybe even lose to USM. Well................ I said nothing in response except I believe LSU will surprise some folks along the way. And of course stuck in a little jab about Arkansas sometimes getting lucky with a 4th and 25 or something. Of course Monday morning came and he was quiet, so I asked how the game went. I mean, we're extremely busy here and I probably didn't get a chance to check scores or highlights. So here we are....time for LSU vs Ole Miss. Cool October Saturday Night in Death Valley, the echo of Cannon blasts still faintly in the background. The more modern version of Cannon is back and ready to share a few blasts of his own, and just in time for Ole Miss week. Coach O has this team excited and at the very least playing inspired ball. It's the beginning of a 5 week gauntlet where the Tigers will face nothing but ranked teams. Sounds like it is time to............ GEAUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Houston adds unwanted competition.
  8. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Brown got lazy later in his career. He had his class wrapped up by September and put it on cruise. Then some of his commits got exposed in their Sr years, and others that he did NOT recruit blew up their Sr years, but he was done and didn't pursue them
  9. From here on out...

    It was posted by Tommy Moffitt, and Sam might have set the first series at most
  10. From here on out...

    Ain't skeered!
  11. From here on out...

    From this point forward, based on the now....we will be playing ranked teams. Assuming the bowl opponent is also ranked, include that game. That's pretty amazing! Ole Miss Bama Arky UF TAMU All in a row. Gonna be a fun stretch to say the least! GEAUX
  12. HEY OM

    G T H O M
  13. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    That referee was atrocious
  14. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    I thought interference was in order...
  15. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    And then the magic came back...for a couple seasons, anyway lol