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  1. He is still actively advising lsu ol commits that lsu is the place for them, even teaming up with his replacement in calls to the kids. Class act
  2. That was quick
  3. He played far less than Key as a freshman. 25 tackles, 2 sacks, 4.5 tfl... not shabby Key had 41 tackles, 5 sacks, 6.5 tfl in 2015, but played far more. They're similar. Sure hope K'lavon has a similar sophomore season as Key!
  4. Forklift, blower, problem solved. Even forklift, water hose, as it isn't close to freezing. Or propane torch from underneath to melt it away. I was able to do Michigan roof inspections by having a company (usually a landscape company that does snow removal in the winter) get the snow off the roof. They had numerous methods, but some not likely to be possible in south Louisiana.
  5. 89 glorious degrees today in south Florida, 4" of snow at home in south Texas, and 7" in south Mississippi
  6. I picked up 4 tix, gonna take the minnows (One of whom is now six feet tall)
  7. Houtiger, good post, but I can't agree LSU was a rebuilt program when Saban arrived. Dinardo did some good, mainly in keeping guys like Faulk, Collins, etc in state. Hey did well in '95 and '96, and yes, beat Florida in '97. Then his "rebuilt team" lost to a bad ole miss team the next week and it was ALL downhill from there. Saban took over a hot mess, but yes, there was decent talent on board. Now, there was better talent for Orgeron to work with than Saban got, and the program was light years ahead of 2000. There is literally zero argument there. None. No comparison. We hate saying this, but it's ridiculous to dismiss it at this point. Saban rebuilt LSU. Miles carried it well, especially through 2011. But it's not like O inherited the [poop] show Saban did. Nearly two decades of winning records doesn't remotely compared to the late 90's teams. The rest of your post, i agree with. Poor qb recruiting and especially poor qb development has hampered this team and that's on Miles, not O. But O better fix it with the quickness. I dunno if he can, but i know consistency with his offensive staff would help. I don't care if Canada is a dick. O hired him. If Canada leaves, I'll expect a step back next year, and O will be on a hot seat.
  8. No clue on any of it. Combo of recruiting misses and poor qb coaching? Regarding Brennan and Narcisse, remains to be seen. Their current OC is doing everything in his power to stop being the highest paid OC in the country at the moment
  9. Two years ago
  10. Just to be clear, both Narcisse and Brennan committed to Les Miles. Now Brennan AGAIN committed to Orgeron, but only after Orgeron ran his mouth about going after Tua when he was also claiming Kiffin was headed here as which point Brennan said [censored] this shite.
  11. Man Hou, I hope and pray Orgeron is the next Saban. But anyone in their right mind knows he's not. I think a lot of people wanted Miles gone in 2015, but not many more than what wanted him gone every other year he was here. Once they completely left him flapping in the wind the way they did, I figured it had to happen and was O.K. with it at that point. But.... That was thinking we would get a younger established HC capable of recruiting and coaching a QB. Fisher would've been fine, but didn't have to be him. Instead we had a completely embarrassing situation, wind up keeping Les, fire him 4 games into last season, then another completely embarrassing situation, including hiring our DL coach like we're some scrub program that can't attract an actual head coach. Anyway, I expected 9-3 his first year due to Aranda and talented players. That's what we got. That doesn't make it a good season. I do give somebody credit for righting the ship, but not sure it's the guy that admittedly had to get out of the way of his coordinator in order to right said ship. To be honest, best we can tell, it was Alleva that had to slap O's hand and remind him he's a figure head and his job is to let others coach. So yay Alleva?? Solid C this year, and if recruiting doesn't pick up, we're fricked. I actually think we'll come on strong at the end with recruiting, so there's still hope.
  12. MSU played Bama a helluva lot closer than we did. You must've missed that game. They should've won, but Mullen screwed up clock management worse than Miles ever thought about. Oh, and MSU throttled us. I enjoyed watching LSU not get pushed around against Bama, but the bottom line is, we lost by two touchdowns with Bama taking knees inside the 5 to end the game. It's not like we were "in the game" against them, except for in the stat sheet. One INT didn't decide that game, not even close. This year was a 'C' IMO, and I actually expected the exact same record we wound up with. Just didn't expect to lose to Troy and get EMBARASSED by MSU. And before anyone says it, yeah, actually I fully expected to beat AU in Tiger Stadium.
  13. And it's because they have a real AD. A friggin LSU GRAD!!
  14. Again, agree... But are you implying O isn't at all responsible for the losses this season? If so, seems like you are saying Alleva screwed up by hiring O (and failing to get Jimbo)...and O is not HC material, since he's not responsible in any way. What'd I miss?
  15. 16 NoleInDallas, Today at 2:52 PM I see people post Jimbo's record WITHOUT Winston a lot as some sort of sign that he's not REALLY that good. To that I say, who recruited him? Who made sure he got a RS year to hone his skills? Who was his QB coach? The answer to all of the above is Jimbo. As of right now, the SEC HCs rank as such regarding win %. 1) Jimbo 2) Saban 3-the rest) Who else really cares Jimbo did it in the ACC instead of the ACC, but the SEC hasn't even had an east team worth a shite since 2008 UF. The SEC has been mediocre the last couple years, and really top heavy the last few. The ACC is pretty much on par with the SEC in the last few years.