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  1. Another transfer

    I'd like an elaboration if you've got one. He was splitting 2nd team reps with chidi okeke who's still learning to play football. He had a very good shot at seeing action as a RS frosh. Hard to buy the playing time excuse.
  2. 2016 Preseason Football Discussion

    I'm hearing DJ Chark too
  3. Another transfer

    He was 2nd string an injury away from starting on a championship contender, and only a RS freshman. Don't get it
  4. For this evenings meal

    Hmm, a little research on a Florida fishing forum tells me not to knock it till I try it...sign me up.
  5. For this evenings meal

    Pretty sure permit is a rich man's jack crevalle
  6. Another transfer

    What in the actual Frick???
  7. 2016 Preseason Football Discussion

    It's not helping that there is next to NOTHING trickling out of practices and scrimmages
  8. For this evenings meal

    I'm so confused. Pompano is muy Bueno, permit, never known anyone to eat it
  9. Another valentine's day

    I wanna see him in the backfield with fournette and Guice. Let fournette take the direct snap lol
  10. For this evenings meal

    Permit? Like south Florida/Bahamas permit?
  11. Another valentine's day

    My thought is that he'll be disruptive in Lambeau. It's possible Gilmore gets the start, but that's no guarantee. Valentine is the starter per practice/scrimmages. He's unblockable, commands double team.
  12. Boudin Capital of Louisiana... and the Universe!

    Ok, if you don't want the pepper jack boudin balls
  13. Another valentine's day

    Big screen TV passed his intercession course and is 100% eligible
  14. Boudin Capital of Louisiana... and the Universe!

    I can tell you that Don's and Billy's we're not flooded on Monday, but I don't know what happened after that
  15. For this evenings meal

    Or seek a 2nd opinion