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  1. Baseball gods... pay attention, please
  2. Hack That same 5th year senior has an 11-1 career record as a tiger, and made SELA's HC his bish this year, AND, he spoke up when CPM decided to go whole staff first game and asked who wants the ball. GEAUX REYNOLDS!!
  3. Faedo may see bullpen action Wednesday, but he just pitched last night. As for starting Reynolds, who else makes more sense? There had to be one whole staff game. This is it. I'd love to see him go 4 or 5, but he'll be short leashed. Bain, Newman, Bush, et al tomorrow. Poche and Lange full rest for 2 and, if necessary, 3. UF isn't a great hitting team. If we throw strikes and play good defense, it isn't out of the question to win game 1. We ain't conceding, baw
  4. Yep. LSU football included
  5. But we approach SEC media days.
  6. TCU has 4 legit starters and UF is burning Fido tonight.
  7. As much as I would love to beat the Gators, us meeting them in the finals would mean that they win a ballgame today. I can never root for Florida to win another ball game or any type of sporting contest again. Ever.
  8. Ok, I'm a HUGE Pap fan, but i gotta give my game ball to Gilbert. I thought it'd be crucial for him to get us to the 5th. Got us 7 1/3 allowing 2 base runners, one hit. Without that solid effort and shaky mid relief, we're probably using poche for at least an inning and hoping for the best from bush and Newman to get to the Hessassin. Caleb was brilliant!
  9. I was thinking of Gilbert being player of the game, but I want to hold onto my vote now
  10. Interesting, did not realize that
  11. That slider in that video, that was a strike! The only problem was, pap couldn't catch it so the Umpire automatically called it a ball lol
  12. Wow, no offense but you must be a good bit older than me. I went to Air Force basic training in 1987, and it was in San Antonio where it still is. I never knew it was held anywhere else Speaking of wasteland, my tech school was in Wichita Falls
  13. I want to know where you fished when you were in Odessa LOL There is a town just to my West that is literally called, Notrees
  14. I'm sorry... I Now understand why you live in Kentucky