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  1. I'm confused as to why the "announcement" regarding Key surprises anyone. I have never been under the impression he would be playing against BYU. I wouldn't expect him til maybe the MSU game. The reason he is seeing a doctor next week is to check the progress, I suppose. He had shoulder surgery. That he's seeing a doctor indicates to me they still think there's a chance he MIGHT be cleared to play.
  2. Our defense is going to be salty this season. Pretty excited about Aranda's second go round when he really gets his system in place
  3. Turns out, the Jags and the Patriots had joint practices. Thomas was an undrafted free agent with the Patriots. The Patriots cut him, and the Jags signed him... liking what they saw from him in the joint practices
  4. Hope he does well... they liked what they saw from him
  5. Lowell Narcisse is a near lock to redshirt anyway. He needs to worry about getting knees in playing shape. Now maybe if he loses out in the spring or next fall he considers transferring, but I have never considered him in the current QB race.
  6. Too bad, but with two true frosh passing him up, writing was on the wall
  7. Definitely was 88. I was a frosh, was in basic training in 87
  8. This. If we had the same old offense we've had for the past several years, I'd be more concerned about the OL.
  9. I'm not much worried with the defense, especially once they get the safety position sorted out (LOTS of talent, who plays best?) Offense, I'm not sure we're "elite" beyond Guice, but we have talent. Can we execute? That's my main concern
  10. I've seen a lot of folks commenting about how this season may be a little slow offensively while Canada gets his system going. History doesn't agree. Many of our best (recent) offenses came in year one of a new system being implemented. 2007 Crowton 2011 Stud/Krags 2013 Cameron 2017.... I think it's tougher on opposing defenses than it is on our offense that has literally all year to learn the system, save for the brand new guys. But even most of them come in during the early enroll (the ones that might actually see the field), so they have all year as well ALSO, 2007- SR QB 2011- SR QB (s) 2013- SR QB 2017......
  11. I'm all for the closure of practice to the media, but man it sure makes it tough in August lol
  12. Maybe even OL?
  13. Well then.
  14. I think because of system, WR doesn't bug me as much. I fully believe Stevens is playing WR because he wants to see the field now and is ready, and were stacked at safety. But ol.... it's scary if we lose a tackle. Deculus would be up next?
  15. Those are old news though. Damn we've had some attrition