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    Ready.  "Don't call it a comeback...I been here for years".  I'm coming to reclaim my title...every four years.
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    LSU Football Post Camp Report (rumor and innuendo)
    IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't think of another season with so much excitement coming on seemingly at the last minute.  A month ago, honestly I don't think most fans were very excited heading into this season.  But once camp started and things began to leak out of a pretty tightly sealed ship with Les Miles in the wheelhouse, excitement started to grow.  

    Seems the "experts" are all over the map with this year's version of the Tigers...not sure anyone really knows what to expect.  But here's the latest info from what I've been able to gleen perusing the web attempting to hack into The Ponderosa's security system.
    QB- Brandon Harris seemingly has won the job and will be the starter next Saturday Night in Death Valley.  Coach Miles has called him "definitely the leader", but all sources reporting anything believe the call has been made.  The hope is that he has truly turned a corner with his maturity and is applying himself on AND off the field to become a leader of this offense.  However, regardless of who the starter is, both of our guys are going to be better because of experience.  And competition.  Also, improvement at receiver is going to play a HUGE role in the advancement of the passing game.

    RB- Uh, we got ourselves a pretty good one, you may have heard his name called before.  But he has friends that WILL play a vital role in this year's offense.  We know Darrell Williams can contribute, as he did last season alongside Fournette as a true frosh.  But there's competition in the form of a couple new guys, Derrius Guice and Nick Brossette.  Look out for Guice to be a big contributor very early on in the season.  He has home run potential, and it seems the staff is planning on taking advantage of it in the run game as well as the short passing game.  If execution is proper, Mr. Guice can take a screen to the house in a hurry.  Learn to watch his lateral movement, it's likely you haven't seen many like him before.  He's special, was underrated coming out IMO. 
    WR- Those young guys we had last year to go along with Travin Dural, yeah...they're ALL back and more experienced.  I'd look for Dural, Dupre, Diarse to be your top 3. Quinn and Chark will play big roles.  This is a REALLY talented group, still young, but all with valuable experience they didn't possess last season.  If I had to guess, I would say Dural leads the team in yards, Dupre in scores.  Malachi scored on almost half of his receptions last year.  He's a weapon in the red zone.  Dural can stretch the field.  But I DARE someone to double him and leave the other side available.  Again, execution from the QB position is vital, but this should be a fun year and the passing game should be MUCH improved, thanks in large part to a more experienced WR corps. 
    TE- I hate to say it, because we've been hearing it for years.  But I really DO expect to see more from the TE position.  I would expect Desean Smith to be targeted far more often.  Hopefully he's picked up the blocking side of things, because it does no good to have Smith come in the game and the other team KNOW it's going to be a pass play.  He or whomever is in at TE has to be able to both catch AND block.  If he can do that, this opens things up for the offense.  
    Don't sleep on Gordon OR Colin Jeter.  Both have proven valuable and both will see time this year.  I'm thinking Jeter will surprise some folks.  
    OL- The best 5 will play...that's what I keep hearing.  Initially, I stated Will Clapp would be our Center, but at this point, that's in question.  In fact, if I had to guess right now, I'd say Pocic is our Center starting the McNeese St game, with either Clapp or Teahuma at LG.  Regardless, if the worst situation we find ourselves in is playing a gargantuan 5* Samoan at one of the guard spots, I'm comfortable with our OL this year. 
    Others to watch for.  FB is a question mark.  But then again, is this the year we don't see too much of the FB?  David Ducre and Tony Upchurch are in the mix, my money's on Ducre. He's a great athlete, and in fact, could probably play MLB if necessary.  Just my opinion there. John David Moore is another possibility. 
    Donte Jackson.  He's listed as a DB, and he is.  But his speed and explosiveness make him hard to keep off the field.  Great work ethic, my mancrush, would LOVE to see him involved in the offense.  But we can't be so predictable like we were with Shep and Trinidad Hollowell. 

    Tyron Johnson.  #1 player in the state last class, and he's seemingly an afterthought. If he catches on (pun intended) to the offense, his talent will get him on the field in the passing game.  
    While everyone is worried about the QB situation, here's my main concern.  Our defense should be top notch...given health.  We've already lost a HUGE part of our leadership corps, but if there's a silver lining, it was from the deepest position on the team. Jalen Mills will still be in the locker room and on the sidelines, he can still be a leader.  But along the DL and the LB position...there's talent, but MAN are we thin.  Bottom line...if someone in the front 7 goes down with an injury, we're in trouble.  Period. If they all remain healthy, we're really good.  
    DL- I'd expect the starting 4 to be Lacouture, Godchaux, Bowers, and Neal.  There's some young talent coming in with Key and Washington, but the key word here is inexperience.  This is big boy football. Kudos to them for coming to camp ready to fight for a spot immediately.  But even Keke Mingo had growing pains.  I'd expect Key to contribute early on passing downs coming off the edge. Gilmore and Herron are back, but unproven. Stay healthy everyone.  
    LB- Kendall Beckwith.  There's the sole MLB on the team.  He's a GREAT one.  IMO better than Kevin Minter.  But he's just one man.  On the outside there's quite a few players, but none really proven.  Mr. Chavis left us in a pickle here, always going for guys barely big enough to play safety, and clearly not doing much to develop them. Lamar Louis, Debo Jones, Duke Riley...pick em.  Ronnie Feist and Donnie Alexander should see some playing time this season as well.  
    DBU- Tre White has things locked up in every sense of the word on his side, but there's a battle brewing on the opposite corner.  You have Ed Paris with a year in the system including two springs, you have Dwayne Thomas coming off injury but with a lot more experience, and then you have "The Future".  Kevin Tolliver II.  Honestly I don't know who starts game one.  But I see KTII taking over pretty quickly.  Just too much talent, size, physicality.  Kid's got it. 
    Safety is deep...even with the loss (who knows for how long) of SR Jalen Mills and his 39 consecutive STARTS.  Jamal Adams, IMO, best safety in the nation.  Smart, EXTREMELY PHYSICAL, speedy, great player.  Replacing Mills will be Rickey Jefferson.  Lots of experience and he's played well when called upon.  I don't fear him being in the game in place of Mills.  But just in case, John Battle.  Or Corey Thompson with tons of experience and great size.  DBU. 
    SPECIAL TEAMS- Who's our place kicker?  Colby Delahoussaye struggled late last season, really basically got the yips.  With such limited time for media in practices, nobody pays attention to punters and kickers.  But let's face it, this is extremely important.  I honestly see Cameron Gamble taking over the PK duties this year.  I'd love to see SOMEONE take it over and run with it.  We know Gamble and Domangue can handle kickoffs, no problem.  But we'll eventually need 3 points to win a game.  This worries me. 
    Keehn...poor guy...he's so undervalued by LSU fans it's pitiful.  Yes, he shanked a few as a frosh.  Get over it.  He was top 5 in the nation last season as a sophomore, and he's back. He'll punt on Sundays. Please...we're fine at punter. Good-ay, mate. 
    So there you have it.  Such limited access this year, it's the best I think you'll get anywhere.  Bottom line, my opinion, this is gonna be a MUCH more enjoyable team to watch play football.  With health, and with better execution in the passing game, we're a serious challenger in the SECW, the SEC, and in fact the nation.  Besides, it's our time...every four years.  Many are pointing to next year, but we are ready NOW.  No need to wait, no time like the present. 

    Let's get ready and...

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    There are dozens up and down the coast in the hwy 90 median...these are just a couple of my favorites. 

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    Evander Holyfield takes exception to the title of this thread
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    I can tell you this. I drove down hwy 90 from gulfport back home to ocean springs today, thru Biloxi. It is amazing that the place is robust, but there are large sections of nothing with for sale in front of them, where beautiful mansions once stood. It's clean and neat, just vacant. 
    One of the coolest reminders along the coast is the old palm trees that were destroyed in the median. I wish I knew who did it, but some very talented person created beautiful works of art out of them. Pictures to come.......
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    Frick, seems it would weigh even more! 
    Challenge accepted, sucker! 
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    calm before the storm.
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    Apparently caught it early! That's great news!
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    And yes, I know what you meant.
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     that first part of your post,  come over here where I live and say that.
    Better duck
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    Yes, the article I linked also says that.
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    I'm shocked.  I can't believe this.  I mean, it's horrible to hear, but the irony is just insane.  What is the deal with LSU OCs?
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    Cam Cameron Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
    Presser at 6pm
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