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  1. Maybe it was just a bad April's fools joke. Let the facts come out. No I'm totally kidding... he gone
  2. Let me down, you have
  3. No pics?? Letdown
  4. Grant Delpit is a beast, and Derrius Guice planted Devin White with a stiff arm. Those were the two things that stuck out to me last night.
  5. Regarding the offense, I'm certain we saw very little of what is to come. 15 days to install an entirely new system is asking a lot. That said, I think we are looking at another year with bad quarterback play. Danny did alright last year, can manage the game for the most part. But we need someone to step up against teams with a great defense like Alabama or Florida. All you have to do is read O's comments to know the play from the quarterback position was less than impressive last night. I understand Danny is having back surgery this week. He wanted to wait until after spring practice was over. Maybe it is something that has been bothering him to the point where it is affecting his game, but he did not look good last night at all.
  6. I hope we beat these rat bastards by 3 touchdowns tonight!
  7. This just gets better and better lol
  8. Boy named sue batting in the 8 hole for USL, I see
  9. I think we have an idea who starts Friday nights next year
  10. I understand, but it doesn't make me think more of him and he has admitted to basically taking a year off in the past. This smells a lot like that, right after he got a ridiculous pay raise.
  11. I just saw it. I'm not apologizing to Paul. I'm not impressed with him as a million dollar coach. He leveraged LSU with the Texas rumors and I already didn't really care for him.
  12. The issues started before they changed the way they did play-by-play. LSU is just not a good baseball team this year. An absolutely horrendous hitting team. No leadership either.