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  1. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    That's cute and all, but the MAYBE 20,000 that showed up for their game says all that needs to be said about that program. Houston is an NFL town. They couldn't care less about CFB, and if they do, they're Aggies.
  2. Well this is different...in more than one way. LSU and Missouri will meet Saturday night in Tiger Stadium, the first time the two Tigers have played against each other since Cholly Mac was coaching. It was the Liberty Bowl back then, but now, but now it's a cross division SEC matchup. And.......it's the Coach Eaux Bowl! Yep, for the first time in over 11 years, there will be the absence of a tall white hat on LSU's sideline. This is our first game without Les Miles at the helm since January of 2005. So much has transpired in the world, starting with Hurricane Katrina. Miles led the team, and in fact, the STATE, through that epic disaster, with many, including myself, tuned in through satellite and under generator power, just to see something NORMAL...LSU football. I stopped ripping out sheetrock and flooring long enough to sit on a milk crate in front of my TV and watch LSU squeak out a nail biter of a "home game" against Arizona State, in Tempe, Arizona. Little did I know, but those nail biters would become commonplace over the next 11 years. Football brought us joy in the aftermath of Katrina, and Coach Miles handled it with a strength and class few others could have possibly demonstrated. Over his time here, he was a polarizing figure. But NOBODY could say a negative thing about Les Miles the man, the leader of men, the father figure to so many of his players. LSU will be hard pressed to find a better face of this program, Louisiana will be hard pressed to find a better representative of the state! It will be different, it will be surreal, it will be sad to scan the sideline and not see him there with the team or watch him lead them out of the tunnel. But as much as he will be missed, there is an excitement of change in the air! There's a new sheriff in town, albeit on an interim basis for now. But he's a familiar face, and an even more familiar accent. Coach Ed Orgeron, HEAD Coach Orgeron, of the LSU Tigers! In less than a week's time, he's introduced sweeping changes to a struggling Tiger's team that has stumbled out of the gate, dashing the hopes of the dream season that was expected with so much talent returning. But with these changes, there's a spark for a down team of players that love this Cajun. And it's a renewed hope for a fan base that so desperately and passionately loves it's Tigers! It's a chance, to borrow a Donald saying, to "Make Tiger Stadium Great Again"!!! I believe we'll see a wild and crazy Saturday Night in Death Valley against these impostor Tigers. They come into this game with little fan fare, even with the fact they lead the SEC in passing offense. This is a team that couldn't score last season, but somehow is scoring in spades this year, including a 70 point output last week! They'll be facing a strong Tiger defense led by Dave Aranda, with DBU in the house and Arden Key bringing the heat. But without Davon Godchaux, who's been suspended indefinitely for his arrest earlier this week. A time for some young guys to step up, and some experienced back ups to take on a leadership role. I have confidence that Coach Eaux will have these guys up to speed, with the help of new DL coach, legendary Pete Jenkins! The Tigers offense....a conundrum for the past several eons, has to be going thru some emotional stress. They've lost their head coach, their offensive coordinator, and seen the rest of the staff shuffled around all in a day's time. But with that stress, there must be a feeling of starting over, a second chance of sorts to PROVE they are a "damn strong" unit. Danny Etling was given a vote of confidence, and Coach Eaux has promised to showcase more of a short passing game, west coast style, with the intention of opening up holes for the running game LSU has been forcing for years. We've heard this before, but for some reason, I believe it this time. Why not? It actually makes sense! Soften the defense up with the threat of a short passing game, and have guys like Fournette and Guice, Williams, Brossette, all great backs, having the opportunity to run with numbers in their favor instead of STACKED against them. Kickoffs, no longer expected to be pooched towards the coffin corner, but instead, into the end zone. The idea was a good one, but the execution was sporadic at best, and it forced our defense into defending a short field far too often. Bradley Dale Peveto was allowed to remain on this staff, but will no longer be devoting time to LBs. Instead, his sole responsibility is Special Teams. Let's see if he can correct these issues and get LSU back to dominance in the ST department. And let's see a stadium full of rabid devoted Tiger fans excited, excited enough to stay for the whole show! We all have our feelings about Coach Les Miles, and no question he served Tiger Nation better than any other, in my opinion. But it's a new day, a fresh start, and we should get behind this team that represents our school, our program, and our state. LSU is bigger than any one coach, even if he was the best there ever was for us! I can promise you, Les Miles himself wants us to............ GEAUX!!!!!!
  3. The Les Miles....um, Coach Eaux Sheaux

    Etling is quoted as saying he has a lot more free time now, because prior to this week, he's been studying film on his own after practice. He's allegedly a film room junkie, and now he gets to spend his time with the team watching film. Also, I asked this of someone the other day, but when's the last time LSU got STRONGER as the season went on? When's the last time the team finished the regular season strong? 2006.....that's the last one I can remember. I think the team was just getting worn down. 2011 they started tremendously strong, due to practicing for Oregon's up tempo offense all summer/fall. But even in that 13-0 start, they struggled the last couple games. They wound up finishing them strong though, so we'll give em 2011. But so far this season, the proof is in the pudding...ZERO 4th quarter points!!!!!
  4. Tim Williams was arrested for illegally carrying a pistol without a permit. It is a misdemeanor in Alabama, and he was released on $300 Bond It is my suggestion that we withhold judgment until we find out how much time he has spent without air conditioning.
  5. The Les Miles....um, Coach Eaux Sheaux

    Pretty evident who DPs "source" was lol
  6. The Les Miles....um, Coach Eaux Sheaux

    Oh, and kickoffs will be touch backs henceforth!! Brilliant!!
  7. Not sure if anyone listened, but it would've been worth it. Eaux didn't hold back. He's actually answering questions about football and LSU football. I know, hard to believe. He's confirmed what his new special assistant, Derek Ponamsky, has been saying this season. That Miles' practices were 80-100 plays! We didn't run 50 pays in a damn game, and not 15 different ones. Now they're running about 20-25 plays in practice and watching film of the opponent, receiving coaching. Indicated more of a west coast short passing game. Was pretty blunt, although not in a "throw him under the bus" way, regarding Harris. Says he is not developed to where he needs to be. Etling got a vote of confidence from him. It's a breath of fresh air, yet frustrating to think how things have been lately. I'm pretty unhappy that a generational player like Fournette will leave LSU with zero goals accomplished.
  8. Toomer's Corner Oak Tree Set on Fire after LSU Game

    Oh, you're good. It seems like a couple LSU fans assumed it was an LSU person.
  9. Miles and Cameron Fired

    We will disagree on the first point and agree on the 2nd. On the first point, I believe that he was told to do a job, he did it, and then his boss got pressure from the governors and chickened out, throwing Alleva under the bus in the process. F King wasn't the one that had to go on live TV and backtrack. He had Alleva to do that for him.
  10. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Sorry if I offended you, caddy. It was said in jest about a rival fan wanting us to keep miles. I've seen that joke for years on other multi team sites. Meant no harm. Glad you posted your reasons, and could see it from an outsider's perspective. But I'm with what Houtiger said 100%.
  11. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Pretty sure his buyout at this time is $9.6 million. Also, all these names tossed around by these talking heads is a bunch of completely baseless assumptions from know nothings. Herman is the target, Fisher is another. I believe we get Herman. But they'll throw names out until the next guy is introduced. Geaux O for now
  12. Miles and Cameron Fired

    We barely held on to beat the worst team in the west, and lost to the 2nd worst. Which I guess makes us the second worst
  13. Miles and Cameron Fired

    So you got Les Miles fired. Way to go man