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  1. Ole Miss And Laremy Tunsil, Not Good

    Contrare,  mon frare. Only one has beaten Bama two years in a row. You can bet Ole Miss will be punished for that sin. 
  2. Ole Miss And Laremy Tunsil, Not Good

    He was a girls bball coach a few years back. Then Tim McGraw and Sandra Bullock made his career, and he wound up at old Mrs with a bible full of money. Voila... Hey, they did go 7-5 prior to signing all those 5*s... nothing to see here, move along
  3. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    Maybe he was listed at 290, but that guy wasn't ever under 310 while at LSU. He's huge and has been, but 350 is too much.
  4. LSU Baseball vs. Mississippi State (Game 2)

    Freeman probably needs concussion protocol after the bean job
  5. LSU Baseball vs. Mississippi State (Game 1)

    I'm in San Antonio working a hail storm. The thread is for people like me who aren't able to sit around watching on the computer. Sure is nice to check in on my phone between inspections though. 
  6. Why use 2 qbs? And which two would you use? I saw potential with Eitling, nothing that indicated he could push harris very hard. McMillan is miles away from either. I don't know what people expected to see in the spring game, but I was impressed with Harris. I wasn't satisfied with the way they ran it, seemed to be disorganized and hard to get in a rhythm. But Harris looked better with footwork, and did not lock onto his first receiver.
  7. LSU Baseball @ Missouri (Game 3)

    Rilla :runsandhidesfromokie:  
  8. Spring Game to Air on SEC Network

    Davon Godchaux is a grown man. Kendell Beckwith is Kendell Beckwith. Dwayne Thomas is back. He looked really aggressive and fast in Arandas scheme. Arden key is going to have a good year. This team is going to be fun to watch I believe. With all the athletes on that side of the ball, we should see a decent amount of turnovers in my opinion. Jamal Adams may be a first round pick, but he can't stop Leonard fournette LOL
  9. Spring Game to Air on SEC Network

    Well, it was a spring game. There was several starters out on the offensive line, Travin Dural, and several starters out in the secondary. It's not even possible to say for sure. Leonard fournette is amazing. Saivion Smith is really good. Dee Williams looks good against very subpar walk-on defensive backs. The defense is going to be fun to watch. They attack, they fly around and they put pressure on the quarterback from everywhere. But then again, that was against an offensive line with starters out. Harris looked pretty good, 68% and about 10 yards per completion. Eitling is inconsistent, but pretty good. Not much of a drop-off. McMillan needs work, but he is fast. We have some really good wide receivers, hope we can find ways to get them the ball.
  10. Spring Game to Air on SEC Network

    That the qbs wore? That was to keep them from getting clobbered.  Didn't work for eitling lol
  11. Fournette On New Defense

    Don't disagree, just pointing out the diamond laying over there in the rough...... Did you see Wisconsin's passing game/offense?  Aranda's defense apparently didn't help much lol
  12. Fournette On New Defense

    Dameyune Craig is going to play a bigger role in the passing game than Dave Aranda, and likely more than Cameron Cameron.
  13. Fournette On New Defense

    Negatigers viewpoint: "Buga's gonna struggle this season"
  14. LSU Baseball vs. McNeese State (4/12/2016)

    Good to see Latz get some work. Was throwing 90 out the gates. Can't wait till he is able to knock the rust off.