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  1. Strange weekend in the SEC. The only series that was not a sweep was old miss taking two of three from Vandy Ours was an ugly sweep, but I'll take it every time!
  2. Hasn't for me in over a week
  3. Did the entire offense hook up with a slump-buster last night??
  4. Well we're up by a TD. Crooked in every inning but 1, and we scored in that inning lol
  5. Literally the first phone I've ever cracked the screen on. Um, in this case, I cracked the whole phone lol. I'm sitting out by the pool soaking up the complex's office wireless with my laptop
  6. It was actually Watson's fault. He responded to my post about papi and I was sitting out on the balcony enjoying the nice temps. I reached for my phone forgetting I had it plugged in, and when the cord came taut, it shot out of my hands, between the railings, and plummeted to it's untimely death. I don't even remember what I was gonna say to Watson, but I'm sure I was right???
  7. Sorry, I dropped my phone from a 3rd story balcony about the time you posted this request lol. I'm not the least bit joking...
  8. And bojo refuses to ever take a strike lol
  9. You are correct, Lange is overthrowing. If he would just get strike one early and stay ahead in the count, he is deadly. This happened last week. Regarding pap, I don't have an answer as to why he is our starting catcher at this point. Even last week in Lange's game, so many of the strikeouts had to be thrown out at first because Pap simply cannot catch the ball cleanly. It certainly isn't his Bat that keeps him in the lineup
  10. And he's done. 50+ pitches and blew a 4 run lead
  11. UGA pitcher at 47 pitches after 1 0/3 innings
  12. So lemme see if I understand correctly. Georgia pitcher issued 3 free passes in the first inning, and Bo Jordan came up and swung at the first pitch to end the inning? I take umbrage with that
  13. Devin White has big feet