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  1. Cam Cameron is gone per 104.5

    Why would you think that could possibly be the case? Honest question....
  2. The Signees 2016

    I know lol, just wondering why you quoted my post lol
  3. The Signees 2016

    I expect Sci Martin to sign with LSU, but we missed the instant gratification moment on nsd with him postponing his decision.  Coxie is a ???
  4. The Signees 2016

  5. The Signees 2016

    Honestly? We lost Fowler and didn't get Mullen. So for my predictions, it is a disappointment.  But.... Talk to me in 3 years
  6. Just for fun prediction

    3 of 4 ain't bad,  especially considering the "experts" didn't even have these guys as LSU top targets remaining lol
  7. The Signees 2016

    Got him! Fulton in
  8. Cam Cameron is gone per 104.5

    No message,  all I know is in the title
  9. Hanigriff reported his contract in NOT being renewed
  10. The Signees 2016

    Lawrence is IN
  11. Just for fun prediction

    Okay, now he has lol. He is both a tiger and Tiger bait. Pretty cool trick
  12. Just for fun prediction

    I told you he would be a tiger. And he hasn't committed to Clemson yet.
  13. Just for fun prediction

    Martin is apparently waiting, not signing anywhere today. Next week. 
  14. Shyheim Carter Makes Surprise Visit to LSU Today

    He is trolling LSU imo like Hootie Jones did, faking late interest in LSU to get LSU to relax on Jamal Adams. My guess is he's a Gump
  15. Just for fun prediction

    Also,  Lashley committed to the gumps today. Carter is trolling LSU like Hootie Jones did