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  1. That's a tough schedule. Aside from the two wins, obviously.
  2. And man is he ever fun to watch run! Doesn't even look fast, but he's a friggin thoroughbred and everyone else is riding shetland ponies trying to get the angle on him!
  3. Is a badass. Dude was a 3* CB coming out of high school, and IMO, is the HEART of this offense thus far. 110% effort in everything he does, offense or ST. He's quickly becoming my favorite player. He's like a less hyped Jarvis Landry IMO...who is my favorite player of the past decade, maybe top 2 all time. Gage is doing it as a converted CB who came in with little NO fanfare. LOVE his effort!
  5. She's ALWAYS the designated driver!! That's why we keep her around!
  6. Can we both agree to beat Bama, Caddy?
  7. Chat was popular lol. I make sure I post in the game thread at least once a game. OK, usually just once, but I'm present and accounted for lol
  8. He came out of high school 255lbs with a laser timed 4.5 forty, measured at "The Opening". He would be the best RB on most teams, including some SEC programs. Sure am glad he's got the eye of the Tiger in him
  9. Damn right. How sweet would that have been to see him turn on the afterburner with that pick!??
  10. What are you babbling about? Read around. I gave him credit, said I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the locker room at halftime. Clearly he motivated the team, and he definitely out coached Gus Gus today.
  11. Alleva can jump off a bridge for all I care
  12. I'm with him. Ill never agree with Alleva and his search, but O gets credit for the turnaround today. Wish I could've been in the locker room at the half... Aranda too. What a complete 180 mid game!
  13. My first quarter speech worked like a charm!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
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