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  1. Agree, I was trying to give coach some semblance of an excuse for not landing Goodrich... who wanted in.
  2. This is what gets me. Coach has used the term "hope and pray" with regards to this team. I understand Fulton MIGHT win the appeal, but looks like coach was hoping and praying when he told Goodrich...a great CB prospect who is now at Clemson... to stand by. Sure, he thought he had Surtain wrapped up, but damn, we didn't even have a full class, and he KNEW about the Fulton situation. We have 3 guys on the team that were offered scholarships to play CB. Hope and pray...
  3. He did more than just run a fast 40. He was awesome all the way around! Great vertical, standing broad, and looked good in drills. He turned some heads!
  4. JAGUARS! That's what they are...and we whooped that Jaguar ass! Nite all
  5. Top 9 LSU 8 SU 2 LaPorte, Williams, Raine up for SU...last chance for the...what are the SU guys?? What's their mascot?? Doughty behind the plate, Webre at 1st, Cabrera in left Laporte facing Peterson Ground out 6-3, one down Williams 1-0 1-1 Foul, 1-2 ball, 2-2 K looking! Raine lots of pitches, eventually dude struck out. Not sure what happened with what I typed, but TIGERS WIN!
  6. Bottom 8 Watson, Bain, and Beau up with the Tigers leading 6-2 Watson Ball 1-0 Foul down the left field line, 1-1 SINGLE to left! 1 on nobody out Bain up, Watson on first, no outs Inside, ball one and Watson is standing on 2nd because he's really fast... Low, 2-0 Low and in, 3-0 Walk! Beau Calebra up with ducks swimming around Ball one, meeting on the mound Meeting didn't work, 2-0 Strike, 2-1 Chopped to the mound, pitcher misplays it, errbody safe! Bases loaded, NOBODY out Slaughter up, bases loaded nobody out Low, 1-0 Foul, 1-1 Outside, 2-1 Low 3-1 Foul, full count In the dirt, walk, Watson strolls home, Tigers up 7-2 Pitching change Have we had a grand slam this week? I don't think we have....hmmmm Webre pinch hitting for Bryce, right Beetle Bailey in for SU Based juiced, no outs Webre Ball one, 1-0 Same pitch, same call, 2-0 Grounder to 3rd, gunned Bain at home, Webre reaches on FC. Bases still jacked Feduccia Ground out 4-3, Cabrera scores! 8-2 Tigers Reid Strike 1 Strike 2 Low 1-2 Foul tip, catcher held on, K. Inning over
  7. Top 8 LSU 6 SU 2 Pope, Moore, and Johnson slated to face...Peterson Pope Strike, 0-1 Foul, 0-2 K! Swings thru and Feddy completes the K throwing down to first, 1 down Moore 0-1 fakes bunt, pulls back, ball 1-1 bunt, hit himself with the foul, 1-2 Foul still 1-2 Low 2-2 Foul 2-2 K Swinging! 2 down Johnson Low 1-0 Grounder to 3rd and we're done here! 1-2-3 inning for Peterson To the bottom of the 8th
  8. Bottom 7 LSU 6 SU 2 Reid, Hughes, Duplantis up against Allen in for SU Reid 0-1 1-1 inside 2-1 Groundout 4-3, one down Hughes up with 1 down Chopped up the middle, Hughes hustles for the infield hit! Duplantis Strike 1 Low 1-1 lineout to 3rd, back to first for the double play. Damn
  9. Top 7th LSU 6 SU 2 Williams, Raine, and Blaise due up to face Peterson Williams Strike Strike Check swing, he held up, 1-2 K, except backwards! Raine Bunt, 1-3 put out, 2 down Blaise Strike, 0-1 Single to right, 2 down Montesino Grounder knocked down by Hughes, but no play. Pending ruling Wright 1-0 Ground out 3-1, and we S T R E T C H
  10. Bottom 6 LSU 5 SU 2 Duplantis, Watson, Bain due up, let's get crooked! Haensel pitching for SU Duplantis Ball Ball in the dirt Strike, 2-1 Foul 2-2 Another foul, 2-2 Repeat, 2-2 Grounder to first, BOOTED! E-3 and that's how crooked happens, people! Swatson Ground out, no play at first, Watson on with FC Bain Strike, Swatson takes 2nd, RISP Low and outside, 1-1 Chopper past pitcher, INFIELD HIT!! Beau Jo 0-1 the stupid 5-3 fake pick off, fail Low and away, 1-1 Sac fly, Watson scores! 2 down Bain still on first Slaughter High, 1-0 pick off attempt, no dice, bro outside, 2-0 wild pitch, Bain advances, 3-0 WILD PITCH AGAIN! Bain to 3rd, Bryce up! Bryce Foul HIT HIM! Bases jacked, 2 down Feduccia up Grounder off the pitchers glove, right to 2nd, and we're done. Weird 1-4 put out. Tigers lead 6-2 To the top of the 7th
  11. Got it, just sat down and pulled it up
  12. Haven't eaten yet. But I'll take some later innings
  13. I'll try to help
  14. Hmm, I figured he was done after the calf cramps
  15. Ran 4.32 at the NFL combine today. Only ran once, had a horrible start and suffered calf cramps, and still ran the fastest time in the combine. (tied with two other DBs) They ran the gauntlet and he actually caught the damn balls lol. Maybe he'll be fortunate enough to actually get some picks in the league and show off that speed!