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  1. Ha should've specified. The one in the middle (Great johnny cash song, btw)
  2. Fun stuff, says he wants a goal line carry before he leaves lsu
  3. Bettah know a freshman...
  4. My new man crush selection
  5. Devin White will be repping LSU at media days
  6. No offense, but good. Not in the same stratosphere as our other lb commits. I'm 99.8751% positive he was advised to seek other options.
  7. Never mind, Edwards decommitted a couple hours before i posted that lol. Knew it was imminent and expected.
  8. Plus we'll probably have a spot become available with a decommit fairly soon.
  9. He's not human. He's perfect in this role, DC, major college program. I do not see HC in him, nor do i even see NFL in him. We pay him a ton and it's worth it. I hope we can keep him another decade
  10. Extremely unlikely we'll get all 6 of those guys though. Still gonna be a great class. I feel good about Sopsher and Noah Cain
  11. Lol lemme float a flat fastball right over the heart of the plate to the hottest hitter in the game lol I mean, 2-0 pitch, yeah, but first base open...I'm nibbling corners there
  12. Agree. But tOSU is pretty stout defensively. McMillan looked the most comfortable with the plays for sure. Brennan looked, surprisingly, a bit lost. Narcisse looked athletic but super unpolished. Considering it was non contact for the QBs, it was ugly. McMillan fumbled twice, and the throw from narcisse that Jefferson turned into a big score was a sack/strip/fumble/defensive td if contact was allowed lol. Chaisson was about to kill narcisse.
  13. He's friggin killing it this year
  14. That interview
  15. One thing I'm extremely interested in is Ensminger. I listened to him the other day and he says he's going to implement the offense based on personnel we're facing. That sounds good on the surface, but it also indicates we don't have a scheme... more a jack of all trades and master of none. That concerns me. In that interview though, he said we are NOT going to play to the opponents strength. And TEs will be a part of the passing game, not just blockers. I like that