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  1. If he does well LSU fans will be singing: If not...
  2. From my very limited knowledge of coffee, lattes are espresso in steamed milk. Mochas are lattes with chocolate. In order to make them, you need an espresso maker with a milk steamer.
  3. Close. San Diego.
  4. Pros: No Verne and Gary Cons: Day game with no chance of a 4th quarter sunset
  5. Clearly LSU didn't offer him anything because he certainly didn't show it on the court.
  6. Yes, it's from an aTm site, but it's pretty funny.
  7. I suggest not watching the Bama game then...
  8. Tiger Band played "Let Us Break Bread Together" (usually the last song played in Tiger Stadium each game) during a tribute video to Mike before the game. Now I have to go see if my wife is chopping onions...
  9. Something different about the Tiger eye tonight. Has a bit of a splattered look on the edges.
  10. Mike has transitioned to hospice care per The Advocate.
  11. Oh lawd there's a part 3