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  1. and don't Forget Phill Steele Wearing the LSU tie when being interviewed by Finebaum yesterday while he was giving out the odds
  2. I really expected Ronnie Feist to get more playing time. Kids got the talent and skills to play at this level
  3. What's up freaks? I finally made it back the site.....
  4. I watched the replay of the North Texas game.... We got this! North Texas was stuffing Gurley and Murray wont get away with some of those throws against Mills and Co.
  5. Mitchell not Marshall http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/01/malcolm-mitchell-injury-celebration-touchdown_n_3853967.html
  6. their receiver Marshall got hurt celebrating after a play....
  7. First real rest of the season....
  8. Not making this one...brother is building a new home and I have to go wire it for him
  9. All the peices are there.
  10. This offense is good...I want to see how they do against an SEC defensive front. I think CCC has done a great job in the passing game incorporating quick passes to help with protection issues. My biggest point of concern with the team is run defense, espacially runs to the outside.
  11. We are in 407...great lot if you get a good spot.
  12. You had me at Josh booty
  13. didnt mike ditka have a bunch of heart problems....lol Don't think I will eat anything he endorses
  14. Yeah, Yeah a few of those throws were top notch NFL quality back sholder throws...just like they teah it in camp...Cam is honing his skills....
  15. Hey man....they know a star when they see one.....lol