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  1. Guilbeau insults Reynolds again.
  2. I think maybe that's what Guilbeau was implying in a tweet that has since been deleted and replaced by a kinder, gentler tweet. He took much heat for it, this guy can't keep his mouth shut.
  3. So what do we think of starting Reynolds on Monday? Is Mainieri wiling to toss up the 1st game and have Lange face Faedo on Wed? Will Faedo be ready by Wednesday?
  4. Is Fairview flooded?
  5. Many swatted passes in his future I see...
  6. Su-22's are dinosaurs. Hard to imagine how they keep those things in the air.
  7. Thanks, dachsie. Working night shifts this weekend, had a great afternoon with the fams before work tho.
  8. Our emoticon selection here is woefully inadequate. Just sayin'...
  9. Anything about common opponents? ERA? Batting avgs? Gotta hold fish's feet to the fire....
  10. Same here. Despite most of my neighborhood flooding last year....
  11. $110k isn't very much, apparently his case for "defamation, libel and slander" wasn't very strong. He was a good guy, he deserved better.
  12. Ha! I'll have to borrow this...
  13. Did you guys hear about the clown who was eaten by cannibals? He tasted funny. Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week....
  14. He's good, really good. But he's too young. He plays like that because he heard other people play like that. Hasn't had his heart broke, hasn't hitch-hiked in the rain, probably hasn't lost a job, or even been broke, nothing to sing the blues about. Just sayin'.... Even his hat, guitar, and his clothes look new.
  15. Well, "Go to Hell, Ole Miss" is kinda literal now, I suppose.