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  1. "For Ole Miss, 2017 slide may only be the beginning"
  2. Guice, of course.
  3. I suppose .mp4 video can't imbed? Or am I missing it?
  4. Last night vs Jacksonville. Fournette sat out.
  5. I loved the big cat drill but it really was a huge waste of time.
  6. It's very fitting that Failcon fans will enjoy this new stadium immediately after the worst collapse in Super Bowl history fresh on their minds. I'm really hoping some Saints fans will be on hand to offer reminders at the season opener.
  7. My old debit card was really worn out, called in to order a replacement. Guys say it'll be the exact same card but with a new expiration. Cool. Card arrives. It's just the generic Capital One graphics. I contact Capital One again, they no longer offer the LSU customization for the debit card. I expressed my extreme displeasure. We must organize and resist.
  8. I hate to hear that but it's the right thing to do. He can still get lots of playing time and be a star somewhere else. No hard feelings about this at all.
  9. His "base" defense held Bama to 10 points. Interesting.
  10. ...started counting fingers & toes, had to move on to the calculator... That's a bunch of them pounds! Big guy must be moving really well.
  11. Ok, so it was one year ago. But had Beckwith as my 2015 ManCrush...
  12. Les would want to prove to the world that his OL is the best and he'd be running.... stop me if you've heard this before... the ball straight up the... blah blah blah blah blah...
  13. That's adjacent to the area around Belaire High School, my alma mater. It showing signs of decline in the '80s, since then it's just basically a war zone, especially the area just to the east and northeast of the school. Also, BRPD spokesman Don Coppola attended Belaire with me, he was a year behind me and attended elementary school with my wife.
  14. The best solution for OL problems is an unpredictable, versatile offense.....
  15. I predicted 2 years ago that Beckwith would have a huge NFL career. I still believe that.