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  1. EERY added a post in a topic WVU as #14?   

  2. EERY added a topic in The Tigalaya Pot   

    LSU Comes To Morgantown
    A friend and I started a new social network. I posted a blog about this Saturday's game, and thought I'd share it with you all. I'm looking forward to a good game. It is very exciting to be playing the Tigers on our home field. Here's hoping that the Tiger fans that make the trip enjoy everything that West Virginia has to offer. As well I hope to see a great game Saturday. Once you read the blog post feel free to make a profile and stay a while. Enukee is in need of an LSU sports fan page, so feel free to make one.

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  3. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs Florida - Game Thread   

    Wow, looks like I missed an exciting second half of football. From what I saw in the first half, the Tigers were clicking pretty good at times on offense. Could have been a little more lopsided had that punt not been muffed. Way to Geaux Tigers!
  4. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs Florida - Game Thread   

    GO TIGERS!!!
  5. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs West Virginia - Game Thread   

    Good game. Congratulations! I am really proud of the way our boys toughed out that rough start. Y'all really got a good team. I think that our offense can really grow from playing that very good very fast defense. I think our defense played pretty good, but the Tigers deffinitly blew it up on ST. I don't feel to bad about this loss. I think it can actually cause some possitive things to come from it.
  6. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs West Virginia - Game Thread   

    Just thought I'd stop by one more time before the game and say thanks for being gracious hosts. I'll have to stay away till after the game. Once I get too excited I might start trash talking. I really hope our team gives a good effort tomorrow. If things go the way I hope they do, I'll make sure and stop back by and console y'all afterward. Hope both our teams are in the top ten by the end of the season. Later.
  7. EERY added a post in a topic How will LSU fare against West Virginia?   

    I do think we got a shot in this game. As long as WVU can keep this game close, i see it more like a win win situation. This is probably going to be the best defence our offence plays all season, if our offence can atleast sustain some drives and mature through this game, then we should be able to light up the score board against the remaining season opponents. I think any thing less than 11 wins is an underachievement for our team.
  8. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs West Virginia - Game Thread   

    Yeah I hate Pitt, but the way things are turning out in the BE this season, the conference could have really used that win. When your conference gets little respect like we do in the BE, you end up even rooting for the teams you lovbe to hate, just so your team will have some crediblility if you make it to a BCS Bowl. Especially if you are trying to land a spot in the top 5.
  9. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs West Virginia - Game Thread   

    Two days away! Wow Pitt just got stomped tonight. So why don't some off you fine folk sneak back and prop the SEC back door open. We'll see if we can't slip WV
    U in. ;-)
  10. EERY added a post in a topic LSU vs West Virginia - Game Thread   

    Hmm finally cleared to post. I'll make my first one short. Gotta be at work at 6am and I'm already up too late. I have been pumped for this game ever since I saw it on the schedual a few years back. I have mch respect for your program. I am so glad that or team is finally starting to look lie the balanced team I envisioned when Stew took charge. We finally got most the pieces in place on offence, and the deffense has found that intensity they had about thre years ago. I am so excited for this game. It is actually more of a distraction to me this week then most games are. I really hope our boys bring their A game. We are going to need it. Heard this sight was a cool place. I don't usually join apposing teams fan sights, but you guys that stopped by our house were very respectful. Hard to find these days. Ok so it wasn't that short. Night all.