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  1. Flunked. As a senior? Something else folks...
  2. I hope we sent them home questioning that whole mascot thing. Nothing like a sweep to take that taste out.
  3. I might have a hookup for you. My SIL lives in amsterdam. If you get desperate... otherwise, take what you discovered and make it your own. We make a version of that apple pancake by baking it in the oven in a cast iron skillet. The bottom is all butter and brown sugar. Did one with strawberries, blueberries and some banana. Did another with mango. Digging on the salmon action though. Cold maybe with maybe some cream cheese and capers.
  4. And that is the scouting report on Lange and Poche alike. If you are gonna get them, best get them early. Poche went 124? Pitches. Lange always goes deep in the count, so it'll be interesting to see how many pitches he gets in tonight.
  5. Send in the meat! Think Lang will bounce back nicely.
  6. Watching Alex Bregman leave LSU will be like the day Paul Newman retired. Dude is jesus christ superstar with a cape and a golden lasso.
  7. We gassed their pen. Time for a T party in cowbellville. Put all their eggs into 14 innings. We ripped out their hearts and stole their women. Today we eat their children.
  8. Flags are blowing the wrong way anyways. They are blowing towards Bregman valley which, is considered an unfair advantage. Perhaps called due to sad bus syndrome.
  9. That's what I love about lange. He will load the bags and with a 2-0 pitch, shut that sh! t down. Dude is nails.
  10. Lange will be alright. We just need to survive the early innings
  11. Red shirt senior. Don't hear that too much.
  12. Streaming, so it's all good. Play ball!
  13. I have a blacked out SEC network. Anyone else?