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  1. Hilliard has potential for huge games if they would just feed him the ball. With Fortunette coming though I see his roll getting less unless he can move into the #2 spot.
  2. Miles staying @ lsu... http://lsu.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1442677
  3. I will do this 1 day, when I am dead and gone I want to be somewhere on that campus.
  4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1397902-reasons-tyler-russell-and-the-bulldogs-will-light-up-the-lsu-tigers
  5. I will get them up, been busy the last few nights. Hopefully tonight I can get a few up
  6. Not that I can afford it, but how much is it to sponsor a tiger stadium window.
  7. Sweet dude. So when Dat-Tiger-Fan was messing with yall about having a baby yall already knew. Sneaky sneaky .
  8. I would do this every weekend if I could. Sleeping in a tent on campus was enjoyable believe it or not. Its the sounds of people dragging coolers down a gravel road at 3am,people cussing and fighting outside your tent and bama fans jamming loud music till 4 am that sucked.
  9. As much as it pains me I will be pulling for the SEC during the bowl games.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs8X1RzQ1Gw&feature=player_embedded#!
  11. Word of advice. When a coonass woman offers you a bowl of gummy worms that have been soaking in moonshine or vodka, DON'T DO IT !!!!!! Great weekend with all of you. I will upload more pics and videos in a day or so, not much time tonight.
  12. I should probably be posting this in the tailgate section but it doesn't get a lot of traffic. Anyways me and dat-tiger-fan will be arriving at the Rv tailgate spot Thursday night sometime.If you live in the area come visit and keep us company. Anyone know if we can have a fire as long as its in a bbq pit or something ?
  13. Logan stood and stared Spurrier down for a good 8 seconds b4 walking back to the huddle, i was laughing so hard.
  14. "Most of the tailgating is similar to Auburn in that it is mostly on campus with tents set up anywhere there is a little grass." I have been to auburn on game day, and there is no comparison to LSU and Auburn when it comes to tailgates.
  15. Today i Learned that after the Washington game the LSU science department successfully fused into 1 body Spencer Ware and Michael Ford. Read it for yourself From tigerbail.com. It may have only been a one-week absence but LSU running back Spencer Ford said he was starting to feel the like the forgotten man in the Tigers substantial backfield rotation. Do you know what this means for LSU ? An unstoppable force at RB..