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  1. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    due to shortage of experienced/qualified guys, I'm working in the field today instead of the office.  been on site since just before 4am (when client requested us here). still waiting on the piece we're supposed to test to get here. 
  2. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

        If you noticed a difference, it's the Placebo effect. regular compressed air (from any gas station, home compressor, etc.) is close to 80% nitrogen naturally. Nitrogen filled tires typically are around 90% nitrogen. But that's 90% straight from the bottle. by the time you mix it with the air Naturally in your tires (they don't vacuum that air out before filling), the % drops down even closer to the same % as regular air. meaning the difference between the 2 is so minuscule as to being nearly impossible for a person to perceive without high tech equipment.    
  3. Kids Baseball 2016

    the passion and competitiveness in this kid is still strong.  lets just say his rec game this morning wasn't his best outing.  played SS today. booted a routine grounder that allowed a run to score. had a runner take him off his feet on a double play attempt.  came up to bat down one. 2 outs bottom of last inning.  rifled the first pitch dead at the 2B to end the game   kid was CRUSHED. beat himself up entire way to his travel tourney.   
  4. Kids Baseball 2016

      he is LOVING it again. his smile is back, and you that swagger sneak back into his lil strut.  and also his confidence has once again skyrocketed.  not quite to his previous level of borderline cockiness. but it's getting up there.
  5. Kids Baseball 2016

    2016 season(s) update. so the midget is struggling in the travel circuit. doesn't get a ton of playing time because he is not on the same level as the rest of this team. and that has put a huge dent in his confidence causing him to press a bit and think too much.  which in turn affects his play. and that affects how much playing time he gets. so the wife and I discussed it a bit (with his input) and decide to also put him on a Rec team. HUGE difference between the two.   1st, there is very little (actually none) pressure on him. So he just goes out and plays ball. 2nd, the size, age, and talent difference is much  much smaller of a gap.  In fact, even though he is one of the youngins on this team as well, he is one of the studs on the roster. plays mostly CF on the new team. entrenched himself as the leadoff hitter as well. base stealing fool too.  last night he dropped a BEAUTIFUL bunt down the line at 3rd and beat it out.   but his play in the outfield last night really caught my attention. this is a kid that has logged probably fewer than 6-7 total innings of outfield play in his life prior to last night.   last night a ball got past the RF.  Short Kid turned on the jets and got to the ball just as it was getting to the fence in right. spun and fired it in to 2nd dead on the money on one hop. held the hitter to only a single. and in true Nootch family fashion gave the hitter a cocky lil "don't test me grin". No clue where that throw came from, be cause while he has a decent arm, he doesn't have the cannon he fired last night.  
  6. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    I made an absolutely AMAZING discovery today.  this one is way up there too.  not as high as bacon of course. this is like just a notch below getting 3 hot pockets in a box that should only have 2.    Starberry Flavored Gatorade.   
  7. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

      i thnk you mean it's too far north
  8. Deep Thoughts By *Insert Your Name Here*

      99.9% of calls come through my cell.  mom average I receive 2-3 calls on the office land line per day.  every single one of them comes during my daily 30minute General status meeting with our VP. no matter what time of the day we have our meeting. 
  9. Deep Thoughts By *Insert Your Name Here*

    after dealing with personel extensive for the last couple years, I've learned a few things.    1. no matter how dumb and stupid of a phone call I get, the next call could always be dumber.  2. someone will still baffle me with an excuse I've never heard before as to why they can't go to work.  3. every single employee we have is the hardest working, most talented, and should be highest paid guy in the fleet. everybody else doesn't do things right, has a bad attitude and needs to be fired.  4. I really truly no longer have any compassion for people in general. 
  10. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    thanks to the weather he has been restricted to TV and video games last couple days.  and other than his cough, is pretty much symptom free and feeling a LOT better. has only a few days left of his inhaler and medication (have to finish regardless of how he feels and symptoms).  hoping to receive a clean bill of health come Monday or Tuesday. 
  11. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    last night after a typical 13 hour work day I came home and ate a pizza.  me and the dog went lay down to watch TV for a moment. woke up about an hour ago.  so this is what a full night's sleep feels like. I need to do this more often.  
  12. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    not yet, but I probably should have at least warned his brother. wife came home to find them scraping on the floor.  she's not sure how long it had been going on, but judging purely by appearances, she was able to guess who won. 
  13. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    so short kid is improving rapidly and in a few days he should be given the green light to return to his insane self.  hasnt my run a fever in a few days. still has a cough, but it's sounding looser and looser.  chest XRay today showed the pneumonia isn't completely gone, but has reduced to only small traces of it .  getting tougher to keep him calm and relaxed though. he's itching to get active again. 
  14. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

      yeah. I'm pretty sure he's ready for March to end.  hasnt been able to step on the field or throw a ball since 3/14.  dude even joined another team to get mor playing time. hasnt even been able to practice yet. 
  15. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    so as I child, my grandmother would always warn me that I would catch pneumonia if i ran around barefoot in winter, played in rain, etc. and in my entire life, I have never personally known anyone to actually catch pneumonia. until now. Short Kid was officially diagnosed with it last night. been fighting this cold that started as an upper respiratory infection for over a week.   coughing like and old man choking on a cigar, running fever, chest hurts, no energy, no appetite. last night his fever went up over 102 again, so wife brought him to Emergency Room for a THIRD opinion since he was obviously not getting any better with treatment. X-Rays confirmed. Lil [poop] has pneumonia.