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  1. LSU vs. Tennessee (SECT, Round 1)

    ultimately, i think this one is on the UT coach. I get the thought process of loading the bases to create a force play at home. however, I'm not letting K-Rob beat me. I damn sure ain't intentionally getting to his spot in the lineup to give him that chance. runners at the corners with one down I'm taking my chances with Fraley. get him to hit a grounder to the right side, turn two and head to extras. Base hit or fly ball ends it. Robertson is the unquestionable leader, MVP and heart and soul of this team. no way in hell am i giving hm a chance to even step to the plate in that situation.
  2. LSU vs. Tennessee (SECT, Round 1)

    but i held it like an egg. yeah and he scrambled that sonofabitch
  3. Kudos to CPM

    the ONLY place it belongs.
  4. Kudos to CPM

    and it's got to be near The Box.
  5. Kudos to CPM

    got to be a uni.
  6. Kids Baseball 2016

    this is highest finish he's ever been a part of. he tried telling me that 1st or 2nd either way is pretty good, but his post game expression tells me 2nd ain't what he wanted
  7. Kids Baseball 2016

    yes it is. about 2-1/2 weeks ago, this team was not in a good spot. they weren't playing well and there was some bickering in the dugout and on the field. then something happened. something just clicked and they gelled. wen't on an impressive run of playing VERY well and playing together like a real team should. tournament started early this week with a game against their biggest rival (a team from same town and school). and they beat the hell out of them 8-2 and the game wasn't as close as that score. the next night they played another big time rival. tight game all the way through and one hell of a pitcher's duel. they never lost focus or intensity. pushed a run across late to take the lead and made the plays on defense to hold on and win it. Their excitement after that game told you just how much that game meant to them. then last night, they played a team with whom they have no history. you could see before the game that the fire just wasn't in their eyes pregame. and they were intimidated by their pitcher (a big kid slinging darts all night). other team just slowly and methodically added runs until they had a 6-0 lead. We come up to bat in the 5th needing at least one run to force a 6th and final inning (Championship game is 6 innings, but we have a 5 run max per inning rule). our 2, 3, 4 hitters went down in order to end it. short kid really struggled early, but his coach could see the fire and knew what could be lurking under the surface. spent most of the season batting leadoff for his team and playing the middle infield. once he started hitting, coach moved him to the cleanup spot and to a permanent spot in CF.
  8. Kids Baseball 2016

    and the rec season came to an official close tonight with a loss in the championship game of their tournament. parish runner up. not a bad spot to finish for a team thrown together right before the season. the midget started off slow. travel ball was in his head then he missed 3 straight weeks due to stitches followed by pneumonia. was in a serious o-fee funk until halfway through the rec season (had some walks, but no knocks). once he finally got a clean lick he heated up quick. hit just over .600 from that first hit on. went down looking both at bats tonight though.
  9. Tyrann Mathieu About To Get Paid

    i have more faith in him than most. guys like JR and Perrilloux never had to work for anything. they born the perfect size and shape and with a rocket launcher for an arm. they were anointed as saviors and can't miss from early ages and handed a free pass to the next level where they weren't prepared for what it took to succeed once they got there. Mathieu was brought up in a sh!t situation. He's 5 foot nothing and a buck fifty soaking wet. OK speed but nothing to write home about. He's had to bust his ass every step of the way to constantly have to prove himself. he hit his road block when the success started pouring in and had to learn that once you get there you can't just quit pushing.
  10. Basebrawl !

    i saw the play. dude deserved to get his ass whipped. Bautista slid in late and hard past the bag at 2 on a double play ball taking out the 2b. no ifs and or buts about it. it was a dirty slide. anyone who has logged some innings as SS or 2B can tell the difference between a good hard slide and a dirty one. and THAT one was dirty. That's the kind that can sometimes send a player to the DL for a while. and no, I don't give 2-shyts about the back story. they plunked him in his at bat to retaliate for some stuff that went down in the playoffs last year. I'm fine with retaliating for it. But why wait until late in their final matchup of THIS season? They shoulda drilled him first time up in their first matchup earlier in the year. but even if you ignore all of that, the slide was brutal and uncalled for. as a lifelong middle infielder, I would have definitely taken offense to that and made it well known that it wasn't acceptable.
  11. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    oh and for the record, hornets are d!cks too but for the most part they don't even try to invade my territory. they stay out of the way and wait to phuck you up when you come to them. wasps on the other hand blatantly trespass on my property, house, shed, etc. Then get irate if I have the audacity to simply walk in their general vicinity. so yes I will kill every wasp I see with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.
  12. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    the only reason behind their existence is to simply be the biggest @$$holes living on this planet. they are completely useless outside of their @$$holery. and a word of advice to other forum members. roundup does not kill them. it doesn't even slow them down. it pisses them off and gives them superpowers that are unmatched by modern technology.
  13. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    I have a different taste in music than most people from my age bracket. drives me insane to hang out with neighbors and such when I'm not in control of the sound system.
  14. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    When I was a kid I caught it all the damn time. that and wasps are two of the greatest evils this world has ever seen.
  15. Spiders

    don't think that's what they are. pretty sure this is some small chicken shyt pansy type spiders. I just want to find them an execute with extreme prejudice for webbing my truck.