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  1. yes on field staff is 10 now. which i believe is only an addition of 1. Faulk will most likely be in an analyst role (from what i’ve heard), so would not count toward the 10.
  2. Montegut is at 19° “real feel” of 6°
  3. low of 21° TWENTY-ONE! i’m on the damn gulf coast, not Lake Erie
  4. i missed that one.
  5. hey dad, I called that one too
  6. Steve’s BBQ in Baytown. it’s actually kind of a shithole, but for like $9 they have all you can eat ribs in a thursday night.
  7. also fish, don’t care who we have a scholly to or not, i want the guy who wins the competition kicking in big spots. no matter which guy it is
  8. i’m not a kicker, so take these comments with that in mind. yeah kickers are notoriously head cases. my question is “is it mechanics or issues upstairs?” i know in a couple of our misses this year, the announcers pointed out placement of the plant foot as being issues. a dedicated ST coach may be able to fix that. and if this guy is a true ST guy, maybe he can fix head issues too.
  9. so yesterday we too Flynn to the Pet Store to pick out his own toy. while there, we saw a Chow pup. about twice the size of Flynn. Flynn bowed up to him growling, barking, etc. Bu sheer timing coincidence this was as the Chow was leaving. Apparently this lil [poop] thinks the dog left because he is a badass that scared him off. Because now Johnny Badass here is tauting Mikie now stop. and i think it’s bugging his ego that Mikie has just put him in ignore. less than a week together and they acting just like brothers. lol
  10. if we had a coach worth a damn going into year 2.5, we wouldn’t be scared looking at that schedule.
  11. I've actually always been reasonable. Just most people don't want to hear the truth. And me comparing O to DiNardo is not a compliment. at the time Dinardo came through, it was good and exciting for us. NOW?!!!? that's going backwards and no longer acceptable. I think O's ceiling is somewhere right around Les Miles' floor. Miles got fired for spending too much time hanging around the floor. here is where we really disagree. 9-3 ain't good enough anymore. We made that very clear when we tried to run Miles out in '15. 8-4 is NOT a good year. I don't care what our schedule looks like. we don't lower our expectations and standards.
  12. Hou, I do not think O will be an “epic failure” like he was at Ole Miss. And by that, i mean I don’t think we’re looking at the Curley days again. I do however think we’re probably looking more at DiNardo type level. and that simply is not good enough anymore. when Miles was fired, it was to move FORWARD and at least compete for titles. and we hired a guy who has never in his entire life at any point even come remotely close or even show a glimpse of being capable of doing what we were asking him to do. EVER. Nick Saban took over a Mich St team that was decimated with NCAA probation. Never had a losing season and got them into the top 10 in the country. a place they hadn’t been since the mid 60s. So while he was not yet a championship coach, the indicators of future success were there. Les Miles took over a floundering OK St. program. and produced 3 straight winning seasons. Something no coach (including Jimmy Johnson) was able to do since the mid 70s. so again, not a championship yet, but by improving the school, he showed indicators of future success. then there is O. nothing anywhere on his resumé shows he can build a team and improve them from his predecessor. so it’s “hope and pray”. and literally no other coach in the 100+ year history of college football has followed his career path and won a title. not a single one. and by his own words, he said his biggest mistake (that he allegedly learned from) while at Ole Miss was to force OC Noel Mazzone to run an offense that wasn’t really his own, and fire him after one year. Which is almost EXACTLY what he just did again. i love Ensminger and think he’s a good playcaller. But whose offense is going to run? Canada’s? probably not. Which means he needs to install a new one. Something he hasn’t done in over 20 years. our biggest issue over the last decade has been not evolving on offense and needing something new and innovative. O’s answer to that is to hire a guy whose last offense was a similar system to what Morris Watts ran here with Herb Tyler. That does not fit the description of new or innovative and no other human on this staff has ever installed a college offense. Not. a. single. one.
  13. i nailed it
  14. terms of his separation: we [censored] misspelled the name of the damn school