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  1. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    of those three, I'd probably take Jimbo, but you could talk me into Herman without too much of a fight.
  2. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    prolly a little bit too small to have any Jack Russel in it. i mean it's tiny like chihuahua, but don't have the head or body shape of a chihuahua. i mean her head looks like Beetlejuice sprinkled that shrinking powder on a lab's head. vet thinks she'll top out around 10-12 pounds. and she seriously has eerily similar color scheme's to Mikie who is a 50/50 Lab Catahoula mix. it's like a miniature him (in looks alone). He has a little more white on him than she does though. i need to get a decent pic of her to post. and this thing is plain retarded. she will aggravate the [poop] out of one cat, and something else will catch her eye and she will print/hop like a deer to whatever the hell it was. unless she gets distracted by something else en route. in which case she goes after that instead. Oh, and we named her Stevie (after Stevie Nicks).
  3. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I wouldn't off myself if we got him. Just that he'd be farther down my list than most people have him.
  4. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    you are correct. I should have qualified it by saying something like "what we know as of right now" i am not a fan of his.
  5. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    it's an absolute gamble. all you can do is look at the cards you've seen an make an educated move from there. using the 3 names you hear the most (Herman, Jimbo, O) and look at it like a Texas Holdem game. you got two cards in your hand, but haven't seen the three face up yet. Herman is like a Ace/Jack suited hand. you got a shot at a basically everything from a Royal Flush to nothing. Jimbo is like a pair of Kings. right now you're sitting better than anyone else. you don't have the ceiling that Herman's hand has, but you also don't have as low of a floor as either of your opponents do. O is like 2/6 in the same suit. can you still win with that? absolutely if the cards fall exactly right. how willing are you to go "all in" with a 6 high hand? Edit to Add: hiring a first year guy is like placing your wager before you see your cards.
  6. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    a first year guy can work. but to me, that's a huge gamble if your a team that expects to compete in the top tier every year. being a head coach is a huge step up from any position coach out there. not everyone is cut out for it. if i was running a big time program, it wouldn't be me who lets a guy find out if he's even capable of being a HC. way too many un knowns. obviously, this stance doesn't include situations like at FSU where Jimbo was being groomed by Bowden for the spot for a spell before it happened.
  7. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    UGA? yes. i'm not a big fan of a big time program hiring a first year head coach. guy has to cut his teeth somewhere else first. USCe? unlikely. they don't have the resources or recruits he had available to him at Florida. FU(K FLORIDA!
  8. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    im not going to say it definitely won't happen. just that if Herman was smart he would avoid that place like the plaque. yeah Texas can (will?) pay a little more than everyone else, but it's a mess in Austin. Problems that can't be fixed by winning football games.
  9. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    UGA got exactly who they wanted, so they don't fall into that category. USCe also doesn't apply because their guy quit on them. Bust most importantly: F*CK FLORIDA!!!! the can rot in the deepest cesspool hell has to over.
  10. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    not if he has any sense he won't. that place is an absolute dumpster fire right now. there is a reason every "big name" coach out there has turned them down. Herman will have options. Damn good options.
  11. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    on the surface I agree with you. but I'd have to see who they pick over him before questioning their intelligence.
  12. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I have no doubts O changed somethings that went wrong at Ole Miss. I also think O has already earned a shot at being a head coach in college football. However, I think before he is handed the keys to a top 5 program he needs to prove that at a smaller school first. and no I don't think 8 games as an interim is long enough to prove that he can run a program completely the way it needs to be run. let me preface this by saying Herman is probably not my first choice, but for different reasons than you give. i'm not looking at just the last 3 weeks when I look at Herman. I'm looking at everything he has done in his entire career. his career path is very similar so far to what Urban Meyer's career path took. Except he spent time as an OC (quite successfully with different programs under different HC) and Meyer never was an OC. I honestly think Herman is going to be that next top tier head coach somewhere when he decides to take that jump. And i'm not one to say that about very many people. others i predicted to not do so hot were Holgerson (he's actually already out performed what I expected, and Sumlin who is about what I expected). Personally, I would probably still have Jimbo as my #1, but I'm not 100 solid on any one guy and could easily have my mind changed on who is top of my list. Jimbo has the SEC experience, knows the area as far as recruiting, has the head coaching resume, works wonders with every QB he touches, and is very familiar with the guy we're all chasing in this division.
  13. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    this is my biggest fear with both O and Herman. O because, let's be honest here. He has only one full time HC gig on his resume and it wasn't pretty. he is a career poison coach who would probably not be on our short list under any other circumstances. I do think the guy deserves another shot to prove that he is better than he was at Ole Miss. I don't think LSU is in a position to take that gamble right now. This may be the most important coaching hire for LSU in our lifetimes. We really cannot afford to make the wrong hire on this one. And unfortunately for O, he's the only guy on the list who has an absolute colossal failure in his past. He also has the distinction of being on two different staffs during major violations (Miami & USC) that led to sanctions, and the fiasco of how they left Tennessee. I like O, love his personality and passions for this program and this state. Herman, because i don't know if he has his sights set higher. Does the guy have NFL aspirations? Does he have a "dream job" somewhere he's waiting for? I honestly do not know these answers. while I would love for Aranda to stay as long as possible, you can't force him on the new guy. he has to be able to hire his own staff.
  14. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    the only coach currently "available" that does play against SEC caliber every week is Orgeron. if that's the requirement, no need to interview anyone else. name one head coach that doesn't have at least one such loss on his resume. if we don't give O the head job, he's gone. that's my gut feeling. as far as "candy of the moment", that phrase would apply more to Coach O than to Herman. Herman is a rising star who has been on the hot list for a while now. O was not on anyone's want list until we beat a [poopy] Mizzou team.
  15. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    LSU fans need to brace themselves for one of two scenarios. Either we hire someone else and O most likely leaves. Or we hire the guy with probably the weakest overall resume and probably the lowest overall ceiling to be our next head coach. that's basically our two choices going forward. not meaning this at you directly, but more toward the sentiment in general I see across our fanbase. it amazes me how the most recent 1 or 2 games immediately seems to erase every thing else about potential coaches. since Les Miles has been fired: A. Tom Herman has one bad loss. The Navy loss is nowhere near what people are making it out to be. This ain't the Navy of 10 years ago. they went 11-2 last year and have a great chance at finishing this regular season at 11-1. That is a very good ball club in Annapolis. The SMU game was a bad loss. No sugarcoating it. Name one Head Coach on the planet that doesn't have at least a few of those on his resume somewhere. B. Ed Orgeron ran the football down the throats of the 3 worst rushing defenses LSU has faced all year. Yes the offense is immensely better than what Miles was running. Yes we played against some dreadful defenses these last 3 games. so which of nick saban's THREE assistant head coaches should be the actual head coach now? every HC has guys there to help navigate the way. the burden on the head guy is absolutely ridiculous, so they all hire guys and hand them tasks to lighten their load.