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  1. posting from my phone and honestly don't see a difference
  2. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    mover the last 2 years, BOTH Mississippi schools have better conference records than we do.  seriously.  if we lose Saturday, A&M has the same 2 year record as us as well.  we don't pay Miles that phat salary to be looking up at either Miss school, let alone both of them.  we gave that incompetent fat dip shyt Arkansas' first conference win since Petrino (and now they own us).    3 of our 5 losses to Bama were by multiple touchdowns.  we got taken to the woodshed by Auburn last year.  Arkansas has now humiliated us twice.  Ole Piss just mocked us in National TV.  Mississippi St had a lead big enough to pull their starters last year.  MISSISSIPPI STATE!!!!!    we pay Miles and his staff National Champuonship level money. but we haven't seriously threatened a DIVISION championship lately.  we gave him another shot after a 5 loss season (4-4 SEC record) last year.  there is 6 other teams in this division. A&M is the only one that hasn't beaten us in the last 2 years. 
  3. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    to my knowledge, all Alleva said was something to the effect of "no decision has been made".    which doesnt confirm any of the rumors, but did absolutely nothing to slow them down either.  so how do we as fans, the media, or Miles himself take that?   at least in court of public perception, this is getting ugly. it looks bad.  im wondering if it's ugly enough that it can't be undone. 
  4. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    now it's my turn to ask you a question. as far as the way this situation has played out publicly (meaning everyone and their brother reporting it to be all but a done deal) can he still get the horse back in the barn? or have we passed the point of no return and now a change has to be made because relationships have been roasted?  
  5. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    that was his 3rd choice. so not giving credit for a homer on that one. His first choice left him at the altar. AFTER the press conference to announce he was coming to LSU.  Was that entirely Alleva's fault? no, so I'm not bashing him for it.  Johnny Jones so far is a double. Can he be a home run? Yes his career here is still young. But it's not a home run.  this is fan base will phucking revolt if he has a Johnny Jones level hire for the football program. this is not a hire where we can say "he might stretch this doubl into a triple or home run"   it has to be a Home run as soon as it leaves his bat.   again, not saying he can't do it.  but since I've never seen him do it, I'm not gonna be overly optimistic.  
  6. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    ok, i'll play along.  its not that I think he has made bad hires previously.  It's more that I haven't seen him hit a home run yet with anything else. Doesn't mean he can't or won't. Just means I've yet to see him do it.  yeah he's got a decent batting average and Johnny Jones hire was probably a solid double. but this is LSU football! we don't need a double or RBI single or a stolen base. we need a bases clearing dinger.  and until he does hit one, im not going to have a ton of confidence that he goes yard in the biggest at bat of his life. there is more pressure and more eyes watching this hire than anything Alleva has ever done.    do you want a guy batting in that situation that has never homered when only a homer will win it?   yeah Warren Morris says it "could" happen. But that doesn't make it likely to happen. 
  7. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    nothing i hate in life more than this. but that's what i saw last night too.
  8. Thanks Les!

    If this truly is the end (as it appears to be), Thank you. It's been one hell of an 11 year ride. Yeah we had some ups and downs, but holy sh!t did I enjoy it. Thank you for 2011. Thanks for the greatest regular season I ever witnessed and letting me see that 12-0 plastered across Death Valley's scoreboard.   Thank you for 2007, the Florida game, the National Title, the complete decimation of Virginia Tech, and for the first time in my life letting me experience what it's like to walk out of the Valley KNOWING my team was #1 in the whole damn country. Thank you for choosing US over Michigan (twice) and standing by your damn strong football team.   Thank you for all the trick plays, the 4th downs, and the fake punts and FGs.  Thank you for running a clean program, even when that meant kicking you star players off the team.   Thank you for the winningest decade in program history. Thank you for never seeming to take the job too seriously and always having fun with it.  Thank you for the all out chaos that made this team "must see TV" during your peak here. Yeah you was the crazy drunk uncle that most families don't talk about. but dammit! you was OUR crazy drunk uncle and at LSU we put that guy front and center, because we love that guy. But most off all, Thank you for genuinely loving our university and treating all of us like family. This ain't the way i envisioned it ending. I always figured you'd break Mac's record then ride off into the sunset with a hero's send off.  I wish you the best of luck in whatever path you take post LSU. You will always be a Tiger!
  9. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    Jarvis was absolutely another one. 
  10. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    i don't want a first time head coach. 
  11. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    our throw caution to wind and worry about tomorrow coach is gone. the guy who once gave a pre-game speech saying "this game is about dominating an opponent. it's about playing like LSU" is no longer here. and it shows in our personality as a team.    and while ole coaching is a huge part of that, the players don't get off Scot free either.  where is the emotional leader on this team? where is the guy playing like his hair is on fire every snap? where is the guy that's gonna at least TRY to put the whole team on his back and carry them the rest of the way?   Kevin Faulk, Jacob Hester, Mathieu, Mett, etc.   those guys weren't just great talents. they WILLED the team when it needed a spark. even when that will wasn't enough.  think back to 1/9/12. we were down and not even competitive. Mathieu field a punt in traffic he neve should have touched and it took 7 big ass dudes to bring down lil 5foot nothing TM7. because he wasn't going down without a fight.    that attitude appears to be completely non-existent on this team. 
  12. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    everything that has been mentioned here is accurate. but it still contend the most glaring issue is we've lost our intensity. what once was an absolute staple of LSU football is now gone.    even when the "fight" broke out look at the difference in the 2 squads.  Only Jalen Mills showed any fire at all.  yeah Godchaux was in the mix, but just standing there. the rest of the team was spectating until Battle finally went grab Mills. and after it was over? we STILL looked lethargic. i was a part of a couple minor skirmishes like that in high school against a rival. anyone on either sideline who gave even half a phuck about their teammates and the game would get riled up an get right into the scrum ready to geaux if it got ugly.  what we saw last night was one team that cared deeply and another team full of bullpen catchers that showed up to his so they can say they were there.  
  13. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    to quote my dad (who rarely bashes anything) "if I wanted to watch my team play sh!tty football and get their asses whipped every week I would be a Tulane fan"  
  14. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    maybe we shoulda wore all black instead.  would have been more befitting a funeral
  15. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    wearing all whites today.  helmet, jersey, pants.