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  1. it doesn't look good. might be a story behind it. might be exactly how it looks. but i really don't want investigators snooping around. and [poop] like this opens that door to them.
  2. i must be taking the wrong cold meds. fill my coffe mug half full of jack, a quarter shot of coffee, then top it off with a 50/50 mixture of Tylenol Severe and Nyquil. still doesn't blur my vision enough to hide this shyt show.
  3. i'm also not buying the youth and inexperience factor. over the course of my lifetime, i've seen some really bad LSU teams (thanks Curley). HistoricLly bad teams that we don't even like to mention existed in our past. thise teams never once got prison raped by an unranked team. EVER. what we saw last night was a disorganized, undisciplined [censored] of a train wreck. there is no excuses for this one. none.
  4. i didn't take Georgia '04 this rough. them Dawgs was coming off back to back trips to Atlanta and was a solid team.
  5. when (and why) did the half game suspension for targeting get moved to the 2nd half of the next game? in previous seasons, it was always the first half of the next game. everything i've read says our 2 knuckleheads have to sit out the 2nd half next week. when did this change and does any know the reasoning? i mean i understood the first half because it's like continuing the ejection through another consecutive half. but for them to come back and play a half, then sit out a half, i'm not quite following that thought process.
  6. we paid Mercedes money when we had Rolls Royce money available to us.
  7. O makes $3.5 per year. and has a $12mil buyout. we were willing to pay. so willing that we gave Mercedes money to pick up a used Yugo with a busted radiator. but it had a Lousiaiana license plate on the front, so it's all good.
  8. wow. that all i can even say bout this.
  9. i'm in
  10. which one? Vidor? Vidrine? Vasectomy?
  11. for now
  12. i know the feeling. been in Texas since end of Feb. then the fiasco from Harvey. drove home, back here, home, back here, then home again in a span of 5 days. now back here again until further notice.
  13. what does the VHS in your name stand for? VHS like a old VCR tape? VHS as in ______ High School? inquiring minds want to know.
  14. i still haven't figured out how you manage that one. i mean you could have just taken a knee every single snap of the 2nd half and not blown that lead.
  15. A&M is getting a lot better at being A&M. last few years it took them a whole season to do what they did in just one game last night.