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  1. decent draw, but not a wonderful one. i havent had time to look at all of them yet, will check it out later if i can. but i do like our chances from what i've seen
  2. dammit man
  3. So coach calls for a batting practice last night. Just short kid and one other player. Not unusual as coach likes having smaller groups to be able to spend more time focusing on each kid. Wife drops him off and goes run a few errands and back to watch the last half of the hitting session. Short kid then informs us that the reason it was just those two kids was to tell them they've been nominated to try out for the All Star team!
  4. Been ridiculously busy the last couple nights, so haven't been able to properly tribute Chris. Got multiple albums on my phone that my crew was planning to play during our time waiting in the truck. Maybe one day over the weekend we'll get the chance.
  5. Wow. That's kinda depressing. Can I still count Grohl even though he made a bigger name for himself post-Nirvana?
  6. the voices that really defined the sound of my generation are now all but gone. Kurt, Lane Staley, Scott Weiland, and now Cornell.
  7. One of the truly great vocal talents of my lifetime. 52 years old. Cause of death unknown.
  8. so ends the season hitting .571. not many RBI because he bats leadoff and pretty much never has men on base. only 2 strikeouts. quite a few stolen bases and runs scored. picked off once taking too big of a lead, and caught stealing once as well. had his ups and downs on the mound. really needs to work on his consistency. i'll take the rap for most of that because i haven't been home all year to work with him on his craft. played 2B and 3B. only 1 error in the field. all in all, a decent season. looking forward to postseason play now.
  9. last game of regular season tonight. walked in his only at bat (8 for 14 for the season). pitched two innings and got roughed up in both. postseason tournament and seeding to be announced.
  10. 1 for 1 tonight (8 for 14). turned two tonight. also committed his first error in the year.
  11. 2 for 2 tonight (7 for 13). pair of singles, scored a run. got picked off at 1st taking too big of a lead.
  12. 2 more walks last night (still 5 for 11), swiped a bag, scored twice. Pitched one inning. 2 Ks and gave up a run, walked one. Also logged an inning as 1st Base Coach. Just to give him an another one of their better players a lil experience seeing the game from a different point of view.
  13. 0 for 2 to finish the tourney. ground out and another K (this time looking). 5 for 11 for the year
  14. playing a tourney this weekend. went 1 for 1 last night (5 for 8 now) with a solid knock into left center. also walked once. scored a run. early game today he walked twice. stole a bag and scored once. game going on right now. struck out for first time this year in his only at bat so far (5 for 9). chased a high one he couldn't catch up.