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  1. just read that it won't be Hargreaves for Air Force (he pitched all 7 in one of the games yesterday). more than likely we'll see: Air Force – Sr. LHP Jake DeVries (6-6, 5.09 ERA, 63.2 IP, 52 BB, 55 SO in 2016) originally scheduled to pitch Friday night and from what i can tell was not used at all yesterday. him being a lefty lead me to believe Beau Jordan will get the start in LF again.
  2. so two games yesterday means got to give out two game balls. Game 1: was going to go with Lange because he pitched like Freshman Lange. But i'm giving it to Diechmann for bouncing back from get his face smoked in a BIG way. Game 2: No brainer. Poché. Honorable Mention for the day goes to LSU in general for their Military Appreciation this weekend.
  3. so, Eq, being since things went decent last game, you doing pbp for this one?
  4. weather: 75° ; some clouds ; 0% chance of rain. winds blowing toward Left Center at 8 mph with gust potentially up to 20 mph
  5. pitching matchup: LSU – Fr. RHP Eric Walker (making collegiate debut)Air Force – So. RHP Matt Hargreaves (3-2, 4.71 ERA, 42.0 IP, 14 BB, 33 SO in 2016)
  6. Military Appreciation weekend continues with a full 9 inning game against Air Force 1pm today at The Box.
  7. Short Kid got to meet him at an All Star tournament last year. good dude and happy for him. cant wait to tell short kid.
  8. good to have you back. i kinda heard what you got going on right now. hit me up next time you make it down here and i'll buy you a beer or something.
  9. Kramer is putting on a performance today
  10. Excellent first outing by Lange. good to see Diechmann get it going in first AB after the face break.
  11. sure, get you some. I'll try to take over when you have to quite and maybe do some of the night cap.
  12. video froze again. 2 outs, Papierski batting Paps: 1-2 count ; foul ; foul ; ball ; swings at ball in dirt for strike 3. 3 outs after 4, it's 4-0 LSU