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  1. oh, forgot to mention, he gave up his first dinger game before last. throwing in relief, wasn’t getting an calls low in the zone, so he tried to elevate one. it stayed flat and fat. kid tattooed it. he told me after the game he knew he hung it. said “i was praying he missed it, because that one never moved and just floated to him” to which i responded “welp, it wasn’t floating on the way out “
  2. the midget showed up last night! lost a tough one 14-11 in one hell of a game. was very entertaining and pretty evenly matched. against a team from next town over. all of these kids go to school together and know each other very well. short kid made a great play with his glove early. diving up middle, bounced up and gunned him at 1st. chased down a runner that our pitcher picked at 2b. went 2-3 at the plate with two solid knocks (first hits of season). Pitches the final inning needing to hold them to 2 runs or fewer. a walk and an error got men on base. both scored on another error. but he got us out of it with a chance to tie it up in bottom half. bases juiced, down 2 with 2 outs. and the midget comes up to the plate. i could tell by his face and body language that he was locked in, ready, and wanted THIS moment. against THIS team. he squared it up and smoked it. lined it right at the 2B for out #3. Ball Game. i literally had to scoop him up off the ground and hold him up for a moment and walk him to the lineup for postgame handshakes. even after the shakes and quick team meeting, he was crushed. i don’t know if i ever saw him that devastated after any game before.
  3. brutal season continues. kids that have been banged up already are getting more banged up. and we can’t buy a win. a kid that missed first few weeks of season due to concussionS got drilled in the knee-cap with a pitch yesterday. left te thread marks from the ball. he finished the game though. short kid got smoked in the shin on a throw down to 2nd, and plowed by the kid stealing 2B on same play. was slow to get up and hobbled a bit. got a nice purple knot where ball tagged him. and that was on his “good” ankle. his left ankle has been officially diagnosed as tendinitis of the achilles. and probably isn’t going away until sometime during the off season. happened in practice few days before first game and hasn’t gotten any better. his right ankle has now been jammed sliding into a catcher, tagged by a ball (twice), and rolled by a baserunner. battling through it and fighting like hell. by currently sporting a .000 batting average. can’t get any pop because thanks to two bum ankles, he’s almost all arm swing with little to no power coming from his legs. and he ain’t beating out a grounder in the infield this year. ERA ain’t great either. not much heat on his 4 seamer. His two seamer still bites down, but he’s struggled to keep it out of the dirt. he hasn’t gotten as many innings as he’d like, because of his legs though. couple games with the bad right ankle (his push off leg) kept him off the mound completely. and while he won’t admit it, his left ankle (landing ankle) is messing with his follow through and affecting his pitching. 3 games left in the season. all this week. hope he can hold himself together long enough to finish, the. a well deserved break to try to heal up.
  4. really weak. eapecially considering my guy did more in one year than all of yours have combined.
  5. ROUGH season so far. Short Kid making a lot of contact, but hasn’t gotten a baseknock yet. already has 4 strikeouts (doubling his total from last year). team is the walking wounded too. have 4 kids that have missed time due to injuries. 2 of which has missed multiple games. Weve had concussions, broken bones, twists, sprains, etc. Short Kid has been beat to hell and back. Elbow problem early limited his pitching (medically cleared now) Left ankle has been hobbling him since pre-season practice. Woke up this morning (played 3 games this weekend) with some swelling and hurting worse than has all year. going to Dr. today to get it checked. He was soldiering through it all year. He wasn’t looking full speed, but didn’t really have a limp. Just didn’t have the explosion on his first step, or the top end he normally has. Had to leave a game early a couple weeks ago due to jamming up his other ankle sliding into the catcher while trying to score (he was out).
  6. and if we grading past man-crushes, you will never live up to my original crush that started all this.
  7. says the guy that once dumped Tre White for a freshman.
  8. approximately 10 years too late, but it is what it is. and 2-1/2 WAAAAAAAAAY overdue.
  9. you may want to re-read the mancrush topic there buddy. my man crush is only going to be a sophomore and still in Purple and Gold this upcoming season.
  10. 1-2 through 3 games. a good win followed by two sound defeats. the midget is 0-1 at the plate with 4 walks. struck out looking last night. he knows not to let strike 3 pass him like that. But he was more upset about not stroking strike 2. said that might be the best pitch he sees all year. made his his debut in the mound last night too. not one that’s gonna be highlighted in his autobiography. 2 innings. 6 runs. 1k. plunked 2. balked home a run.
  11. ok, so apparently i’m coaching this team. and this team is going to need some work. a LOT of inexperienced kids this year. Short Kid was looking good on the mound in practice early yesterday. but for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, he started having elbow “issues”, so i shut him down. doesn’t “hurt” but doesn’t feel right either.
  12. woohoo! that time of year again!!!!! this season is off to a ridiculously inglorious start. the team Short Kid signed up for apparently does not exist due to not enough kids and no coach. those kids have now been scattered throughout the east side of the parish thanks to his number not showing up to good on the carbon paper, new coach did not know how to contact us, so we missed the first practice. he did get to get some swings in last night with an old coach of his that would LOVE to have him, but can’t due to roster size limits (is upset we didn’t call him and put him on that team sooner). new rules regarding bats this year means kid needs another new bat. was really hoping the one we bought last year would last until he hit his growth spurt and moved into a High School (BBCOR) bat. but nope, all bats have to have a USAbat stamp on them now. a new certifying body that did not even exist until about 6 months ago, so his bat obviously doesn’t have that stamp on it. i get where they going with it, but they could have phased the new bats in instead of just slamming us with this a couple weeks before the season
  13. yessir appreciate it bossman
  14. welp, that sucked. series tied 1-1. so gots to win this one. early start today. 11am is first pitch at The Box radio call available on 98.1 in Baton Rouge area and on the LSUsports app. video same as rest of the weekend. no TV, but can be streamed on SECn+ through the WatchESPN app. weather: 68° and cloudy. 5% chance of rain. winds blowing across diamond from right to left at 6mph (gusts to 8mph). pitching matchup: LSU – So. RHP Todd Peterson (3-1, 4.19 ERA, 34.1 IP, 16 BB, 21 SO in 2017) Notre Dame – So. RHP Cameron Junker (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 0.2 IP, 0 BB 2 SO in 2017)