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  1. College Football May be "Halted"?

      please name me a politician that isn't guilty of hipocricy.  then name me one that has not gone back on campaign promises. 
  2. Pet Pics and Stories

    even the smallest and most timid dog will faithfully and loyally protect his human family in the face of danger without hesitation.    a cat cat will maybe casually cast an uncaring glance in the direction of violence being performed against his humans. but that red laser pointer on the floor better watch his ass if that cat ever catches it. 
  3. Pet Pics and Stories

    a dog can detect cancer, sniff out drugs, find bombs, protect your home, assist the needy, fight crime, and completely take over a king sized bed.    a cat's great (only) accomplishment is sh!tting in a box. 
  4. Pet Pics and Stories

      that's not mischief. its pure evil.  I've pretty much always had dogs. always big ones (mostly labs). And I've had them for two reasons.  1. because they're phucking awesome! 2. to maintain balance in the force and keep the evil sith lord felines in their place. 

      looks like the Saturday game is the one i'll need tickets for. 
  6. College Football May be "Halted"?

      I'm neither a republican nor a democrat and am not very big on politics so I can typically view things from a relatively unbiased outsiders   point of view.    I get that people are upset, and rightfully so. but this problem did not just pop up the day this feller was inaugurated.  However we are now at a breaking point. And this guy is now tasked with fixing it immediately. He doesn't have the luxury of time, so any "fixes" that rely on long term results are off the table.  so now we narrow it down to things that can be done right now. which means cutting spending or increasing income.  Higher education is one of the very few areas the governor has the power to cut spending on his own. Cutting his staff's salary might make people feel good, but I seriously doubt his staff is big enough or highly paid enough to put any sort of real dent in a deficit that is over $1 billion.    so so if he can't really cut spending at will, he has in increase income.  where does that income come from? taxes.   so the two areas pretty much nobody wants him to phuck with, education and taxes, are his most viable options for a quick fix just to buy time for a permanent solution. 
  7. College Football May be "Halted"?

    this is why I rarely ever discuss politics.  a new guy walks in with a $Billion Plus deficit and he needs to be recalled hanged and shot because of the letter next to his name.    a governor is really limited on what he can do about a deficit on his own. and unfortunately about the only things he can control is things none of the citizens wants him to touch. a combination of things got us to this point. and if something isn't done, the state will literally run out of money.  this was years and years in the making, but let's take it out on the feller that's been here a week. 
  8. The Daily Weather Report

      last winter (may have been winter before), EVERYTHING shut down due to the possibility of a "wintry mix".  as in t was going to be in the upper 20s and maybe, MAYBE something might fall out of the sky.  and by everything, I mean roads, bridges, schools, businesses, etc.    i think end result was 29° with about half a minute of very very very lite almost sleet type something.  even the freaking oilfield shut down. and that was when the industry was still rocking and rolling. 
  9. What is Your Favorite Game in Tiger Stadium?

      got to be talking about conf championships while at LSU.  I'm trying not cheat, but at that time, my dad was just starting to think about getting some nookie, let alone conceiving me. 
  10. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

      Let's look at the rough $ figure it would take for Miles and Saban to pay one of these guys a visit.   Saban: Salary  - $19,417.76  (just over $7mil divided by 365) Round Trip Flight - $760.00 (fly economy Delta, if I had to guess he splurges a lil more than that) Rental Car -  $100.00 (Kia Rio for 2 days, again he probably splurges a lil more than that) Hotel - $60.00 (Microtel in Baton Rouge, doubt he goes that cheap) Total - $20,337.76 (and this is probably on the low side)   Miles: Salary - $14,989.69 (just over $5mil divided by 365) Flight - $0 Hotel - $0 Rental Car - $0 Total - $14,989.69   That's a minimum of $5,000.00 difference on just one kid.  That is traveling as cheap as possible and not taking into account any other spending (food, gas in rental, etc.).       Alabama had only 40 kids from in their own state. LSU on the other hand had 76 kids from in their own state. Hell, even the only Alabama kid we have on our roster is from Mobile area.  Mobile is actually closer to Baton Rouge than it is to Tuscaloosa (only about 10 mile difference, but still closer).    do the math, it add's up very quickly.  that's using the exact same resource (head coach) to recruit the exact same kids.
  11. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

      A. it's not the only expense, but it is an enormous chunk. which is why Fla, UGA, and LSU are similar to each other in spending.  B. we can never hope to out recruit Tennessee when they triple our recruiting budget. oh, wait.    there is 6 other teams that outspend us every year and finish behind us every year.  if you think the only reason Bama is beating us is spending, then there ain't much I can do or say that will change your mind.    2 guys in recent memory (Landon Collins and Eddie Lacey) are from right here in Baton Rouge. They both chose Bama.  And there is literally zero ways for us to spend as much money recruiting them as Bama did. 
  12. "Pistol Pete" Statue Outside the PMAC

      funny thing is that basketball is the THIRD biggest sport on campus, yet i would put our all time top 5 in basketball against any other school out there.     
  13. What is Your Favorite Game in Tiger Stadium?

    a VERY close second for me.  followed by Auburn '95, Auburn '88, Auburn '97 (even though we lost).    Va Tech '07 was fun. but it obviously lacked the emotional climax the other great games had. 
  14. What is Your Favorite Game in Tiger Stadium?

    same game as Okie.  that was the game I first met many member here and the old site.  i put everything I had into that game (so did rest of the stadium).    bu the main thing about that night was that for the first time in my life, I walked out of Death Valley KNOWING we was the undisputed #1 team in the nation.