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  1. nope, it was '88
  2. must have been one hell of an earthquake in '98. that game was at Auburn. lol (and we lost)
  3. i choose to conviently forget certain things that have allegedly happened in our history.
  4. god i loved Copeland
  5. not a huge deal, but i'd prefer if there was only ONE per year. gives it more meaning.
  6. last couple nights, watched Batman v Superman, and then Wonder Woman. not terrible.
  7. me and short kid got to meet him at an all-star tournament last year. it was after losing in the supers but before he announced he was returning for SR year. Poché threw out the first pitch and then hung out for a bit hanging out with the kids. very polite quiet guy. he wanted to talk more about the kids and baseball in general than about himself. i already had a great deal of respect for the guy from what i'd read/heard about him. but after that, my respect level for him skyrocketed.
  8. enjoying a rare day off grilling red meat, drinking american beer(s), and just chilling with family. happy as [censored] to be in LOUISIANA.
  9. you do know today isn't May 5th, don't you?
  10. and baseball season is officially over. through entire regular season, parrish tourney, district tourney (all-stars), and state tournament (also all-stars) the midget batted .533. struck out a total of 3 times. wish i had kept track of exact number of walks to do his OBP, but i didn't.
  11. just spent 7 days in the desert of West Texas. dry heat or not, 110° with no breeze, no shade, is hot!
  12. the desert sucks. that is all.
  13. no thank you when it rains enough, i don't work/get paid. if im stuck out here in a hotel for months at a time, i want to be working and making money.
  14. hel use him again. you got to. he's your veteran closer. bad nights happen.
  15. kids had to fight hard as hell to do it, but they pulled it off.