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  1. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    Mikie will only chase them out of the yard. that's HIS territory and he cares little about what happens outside the fence. hes is also very protective of the airspace above the yard. he hasn't yet figured out how to catch a bird flying 300' above, but he will damn well make sure they hear him.
  2. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    get a new dog. took Mikie a while to catch his first squirrel. not from lack of effort though. once he caught it, he decapitated it and left it on display near the Oak Tree they called home. they no longer even attempt to touch the ground in my yard.
  3. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    its mostly 1x6 tongue and groove. my mom has already claimed any that I don't keep. the rough cut 2x4s are mine though.
  4. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    I'm in the process of removing a wall in my shed. which requires I remove some shelves and cabinets first. tryin to save a lot of the wood (old cypress), and just straight demolishing the rest. Meaning lots of work with a hammer. using a mall rather than a claw hammer today i get a bunch of filter assemblies to test. got to string them together and test them all at once. they connect with hammer unions. which means I had to beat 23 of these together with a mall. blew out a few seals. so I have to beat them loose, change the seals, and beat it back together. i hope olé to never see another hammer again.
  5. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    Note to Self: If you ever leave work on a Friday knowing that you will be working in the field on Monday (assembling, testing, disassembling) DO NOT spend the entire weekend swinging a gaddam hammer and lugging debris out of your shed. idiot.
  6. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    two (almost) full days of working in my shed. doing some deconstructing and renovating. haven't swung a hammer that much in forever. shoulder and ankle are both on fire right now. probably wasn't the best decision I ever made.
  7. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    im kinda shocked any of them are coming. Trump will easily win Louisiana and would have with or without this event. so he wasn't here for our votes. Hillary may or may not come. she won't win Louisiana whether she comes or not. and because the national media can give two shits about us or this flood, no one outside of Louisiana will even know why either or them bothered with a state that's already locked up. i don't know Trumps motives. but I don't think there was a huge (or any) political gain by coming here, so I do respect him for showing up with donations and at least appearing to care and trying to help.
  8. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    anyone else see the Facebook post by that dude claiming the government flooded the area? someone at work showed me. dude found a hose looks like 2" suction poking out of a drain somewhere. new rent hoses like that. they max out at like 300 psi and may be able to move a couple hundred gallons per minute. meaning it would take several thousand years to move as much water as what we saw on the ground out there.
  9. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    man DJ, I'm sorry for what has happened to your family and pray for their quick recovery from this. i I was really hoping that no one from here was directly slammed like this.
  10. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    nah, should never come anywhere near me. I'm on the opposite side of the Mississippi from this, plus all of there water drains into Lake Pontchartrain. even if it came this way, the area down here is in much better shape to handle something like this. Houma would be screwed, but all of the Bayou Communities would most likely stay flood-free. our bayous for the most part are deeper and wider than the rivers around Baton Rouge. and they are all damn near straight and short paths directly into the gulf. capable of moving a whole lot more water a lot faster than what Baton Rouge has available to it. Plus all of the bayous are stockpiled with pumps to divert water into the marsh, an option that Baton Rouge currently does not have. our flooding issues come from the other direction. those bayous and marshes that move water out to sea so well also do an amazing job of moving water in from the gulf when a surge comes.
  11. Rio Olympics

    wife just showed me a video of Usain Bolt that makes me respect him even more! was giving an interview track side. apparently there was a medal ceremony was going on an a National Anthem began playing. Bolt politely asked to cut the interview short and turned to face the flags while standing at attention. after the anthem, he returned to the interview. it wasn't even the anthem for his home country (it was ours). really refreshing to see that in someone as big as he his.
  12. YouTube Vlogs & Channels

    Domingo Ayala anyone that loves baseball needs to subscribe to this dude.
  13. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    renamed the topic because "parts of" does not due this Disaster any justice.
  14. Rio Olympics

    I know. and Gatlin ran a freaking 9.85.