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  1. so, I think i know how my dad felt back in my youth. Lil Nootch is locked in the bathroom with his music blaring dude is rocking some really hardcore [poop] right now. i don't even know what the hell it is. it's definitely harder and harsher than my type of rock. but it got me thinking.... i was pretty much the exact age he is now during the absolute peak of the Grunge movement. I had hair longer than was allowed at the catholic school i attended, and kept the stubble look on my face (also against rules, but football players got away with it ). And I'm pretty sure when my dad heard me with Nirvana, Alice in Chains, STP, or Soundgarden cranked back, he was probably wondering what the hell i was listening to as well. but i still got this lil dude beat. not only was my music better, but so was my system. this kid has some lil portable bluetooth speaker. i had a full on stereo. 2 - 16" pioneers 2 - Bose 401 series II and a bad ass Bose soundbar (wasn't called soundbars back then) for the center channel I could rattle windows at my neighbors house.
  2. lol. didn’t mean to make it an option all the time. that i don’t remember busting your balls anytime recently, so felt like i was overdue.
  3. yesterday marked the 4th time Auburn has brought a top 10 (AP poll) team into Baton Rouge. their record in those games? 0-4 lets take a look back at those games. 1972: #9 Auburn @ #8 LSU. Bert Jones and company roast the other Tigers 35-7. Auburn's only loss on the season. Game was before my time, so can't really comment on it. But it is interesting that this was the same season as the famous "Punt Bama Punt" game for Auburn, and the "Clock" game between LSU and Ole Piss. 1988: #4 Auburn vs N/R LSU. Ahhh, the Earthquake game. The first of many "named" games between these two teams. Auburn came into the Valley undefeated with aspirations of a National title. LSU was struggling a bit having lost their previous two games. the 7-6 LSU win was a pre-curser of what this rivalry would become once we would finally start playing each other every year. Hodson to Fuller. Every Tiger fan knows exactly what you're talking about if you utter those 3 words. I was at this game. And while i knew it was an awesome moment, I was way too young to realize the significance of it until years later. 1995: #5 Auburn vs. N/R LSU. BRING BACK THE MAGIC! another undefeated Auburn team comes to Baton Rouge. another Auburn team leaves no longer undefeated. If Troy Twillie ever has to pay for his own meals or drinks in Baton Rouge, we have failed as a fan base. I was also at this game. And after the way the previous 6 seasons played out, especially the 1994 Auburn game, that Troy Twillie pick is one of my Favorite Moments ever as a Tiger Fan 2017: well, we have a game topic here to take you through that one. And once again, I was there to watch it happen. something I just noticed looking at these highlights. '88 and '95 games. two of the biggest moments in this Stadium's glorious history. both against top 5 Auburn. both going into North End Zone. both snaps took place at the 11 yard line.
  4. correct, and that’s what i do. just pointing out that i think it would be interesting to see how people would vote during the course of ge game. it would be sorta like reading through the emotions of the game threads as the game ebbs and flows different directions.
  5. another thing of note. our DBs proved (yet again) that they can be left on an island. even against a solid QB like stidham. so bring he damn pressure from here on out. its where we succeed most.
  6. also, would be interesting to see these surveys if we could vote by half. for example 3rd down defense. 1st half was abysmal. 2nd half was phenomenal. so i voted sorta in the middle for that one overall. but again, 2nd half was outstanding!
  7. can i make a suggestion? on some can you add N/A as an option. mainly for like kickoff returns and stuff. because i think we only had one returnable kickoff kicked tonus all game. cant call it excellent, but also can’t call it terrible. same for turnovers. game only had one turnover total. not really “too much” on the offense, but not fair to grade it the other way either.
  8. preferably the royal gorge bridge in colorado
  9. i ain’t giving Alleva credit for [poop]
  10. fish, you need to teach your boy how to catch.
  11. beat you by a few days brother. i knew what i was doing in my annual Auburn post this year.
  12. oh, and THANK YOU for not playing a [censored] prevent D after the FG. not gonna lie, with the way strange [poop] happens in this rivalry, i got nervous as hell when Donté dropped the pick 6. i just knew we was about to see AU complete a miracle bomb.
  13. where the hell has this heart and fire been?!!? can we keep this for a few more weeks please! also, props to (not full) Death Valley. wasnt your A+ game, but you showed up when the boys needed it. Florida was a building block. THIS was a growing moment. gotta sustain it now. we still control our own destiny in conference.
  14. Jedi Code: There is no passion, there is serenity. also, the Sith lost, so nobody gives a sith about your quirky lil cult.
  15. and?
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