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  1. Yes or No Question

    fish and i agree a lot on this one. i don't think they handled it right last year, but once that ball was rolling they should have finished the deal then. his last game could have been a win and carried off on the players shoulders. instead it ends like this. a very lackluster effort in all games and a loss to a not great Auburn team in the most typical Les Miles fashion possible. a change needed to be made.
  2. Yes or No Question

    he developed into the exact same guy that Jordan jefferson and Anthony Jennings developed into.
  3. Coordinators named

    yes i did. rough day in sports today
  4. Coordinators named

    wow. just read Arnold died today.
  5. New LSU coaching staff

    yeah, i'm impressed with how quick and seamless this looked. Alleva knew this was coming and was just waiting for a game like last night to pull this trigger.
  6. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    ok, might as well start this now. obviously Herman and Jimbo are the names most are throwing out there. who else is a possibility?
  7. Miles and Cameron Fired

    pinned the topic. all i can say is WOW! I knew he was gone, but honestly did not expect it to happen in September. now this administration needs to go out and get the right guy.
  8. Just a matter of time

    there are some assistants i'd like to see stay. but that's for the new guy to decide. don't force people on him just because the fans like someone.
  9. i don't know if it's impossible, but it's damn close to it. literally everything would have to be done perfectly to pull it off. no, regular clock rules still apply. whistle starts on officials signal. had the previous play been one that permanently stopped the clock (like out of bounds), then the clock would start on the whistle. the officials got the call they made right. they also missed illegal shift on Dural.
  10. they got that lart right. its not a runoff because it was a "live ball" penalty that did not cause the clock to automatically stop. but they totally missed that we wasn't close to set on that last snap.
  11. no. the play still runs and whatever time is left at end of play stays. only reason it wasn't a runoff is because the first down stopped the clock anyway.
  12. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    what the hell, one more.
  13. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    yeah, I'm really digging the sound. Like i said i knew who he was and heard him play back in the mid-90s. Then he left for the military. A few people mentioned him to me. Came home and played, then moved to Nashville (I think) and toured all over the country playing. Heard he's been back in Louisiana couple years now, released a few albums now and always heard it was solid stuff. Found out he's playing this weekend, so I did some digging. And oh yeah, i have got to get over there and see/hear him. probably gonna download his album if he doesn't have any for sale at the show this weekend.
  14. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    here's another one from his latest album (released last year)
  15. RIP JIm Croce

    my dad is a pretty big fan of Croce's work. he wanted to attend that concert in Natchitoches, but was offshore that week. my family is apparently a curse to musicians playing in Louisiana. My dad originally purchased ticket to see Croce, but sold them due to work. Jim died after the show. He also had tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd at the PMAC in '77. Plane crashed day before the show. I had tickets to see Blind Melon in New Orleans my senior year. Shannon Hoon died of a cocaine overdose that morning. that was the 18th anniversary of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash.