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  1. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

      dachs, I've been knowing fish a loong time now.  hung out with him at a few games, discussed football in depth with him in person more than once.  he and I agree with each other way more often than either of us want to admit.  and once again, I agree with him on this.  Miles is not the same guy he once was. he fire is gone for some reason. and in its place is a stubbornness that has caused the team to go backwards each year.  i like Les and have defended him for years. I would love nothing more than for him to coach another 3 years, break Mac's record then call it a career and stay in Baton Rouge the rest of his life.  But in order for him to that, HE has to change. not change staff members. change HIS ways of doing things, because his way is no longer working.  it hasn't worked in 4 years now. and it won't work next year.     
  2. LaRon Landry

    I'd rather the lick he put on Sarah Jessica Parker the following season. 
  3. HONESTY here, please

    it's 2 things. and be typically gets you crucified, so i'll get that one out of the way first.  Moffit! he's overrated. there I said it and I mean it. Late in every season, we look dead. beat down, exhausted, weak, and soft.  To me that's a direct reflection of the S&C coach. I don't know what he's doing wrong, but we are finished physically come November.    2nd. Attitude. we don't have THAT guy on this defense. And yes I think at LSU it has to be a defensive guy. Mathieu was the last real torch bearer. And we've had a few over the years. A guy everyone in the stadium responds to. A guy that somehow always manages to wake up the ghosts of former Tigers to give us that boost we need. Lavalais was that guy. Laron was that guy. Mr Dorsey was that guy. Mathieu was the definition of that guy.  A guy who not only made a play when you needed them, but they always seemed to do it in a way that brought the entire stadium to life when they did it.  they have a certain energy about them that is contagious. its an aura you either have or you don't. it can't be taught and it can't be faked. and the entire team feeds off that aura. we don't have that guy anymore. haven't since 2011. closest thing we've had was Beckham, but he was on offense and it just doesn't work as well with offensive guys for some reason. 
  4.   no, I really think y'all should hire Peveto. 
  5. Alleva

    Hannagriff is ripping him on post game show right now.    Alleva needs to to swing from the gallows (figuratively) for his actions this month.    He either tried to back door him, or he intentionally let Miles twist in the wind while the school and department was raked across the coals in the media.     
  6.   may I suggest Cam Cameron.  and since your special teams looked a little not so good, you may want to look into Bradley Dale Peveto and ST Coach. 
  7. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    what NFL rule was changed this year? the one a few years ago about the rookie salary cap that everyone thought would reduce ee actually had the opposite effect.    the # 1 guy will no longer make a bazillion dollars, but the diff between 3rd and 6th Rd became so small, that Late rounders felt it wasn't worth the risk to return to school. 
  8. It Appears the End is Here

      Is it really hard to fathom that after Miles spoke no one was really sure what he said?   sorry, couldn't pass it up. 
  9. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    eventually, maybe.  Paul still produces in the SEC and SEC Tourney.  that will keep him around.  Plus, he didn't follow a "legend" and doesn't have to go up against his predecessor every year.  He replaced Smoke. I have nothing good to say about Smoke and will just leave it at that. 
  10. settings

    ok then I take back it messing with my skull. 
  11. Thanks Les!

    yeah, that dude did a better job of it than I did.  might be why he's got an actual blog and I got like 4 people (counting me) that reads the crap I post. 
  12. The Coaching Carousel Is Going to Start Turning

      of the schools looking, we have easily the best situation to just walk into and win big.  and we have the deepest pockets (but not by much) 
  13. LaRon Landry

    I met Laron after the Sugar Bowl vs ND.  dude was big then, but now doesn't even look human. I'm not shocked that he didn't come by it naturally. 
  14. Jimbo. Where There's Smoke.....

    gonna be a near complete change in staff.  O and Frank may be the only holdovers. 
  15. Jimbo. Where There's Smoke.....

    as of now, it looks like Jimbo or "oh shyt! now what?"