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  1. i’m 20 miles offshore. about 5 this morning all hell broke lose 50 mph winds and rain. 37° feels like negative 286° when it’s raining and winds like that are howling.
  2. so for those of you keeping score at home: Florida, A&M, State, and now Arky have all made better hires than we did. at least two of those should NEVER be listed as making better anything than LSU. thanks Joe.
  3. Arky hires Chad Morris from SMU. good hire for them. not necessarily sexy, because they still Arkansas, but a solid one i think.
  4. somebody just [censored] shoot me. preferably in the skull. right behind the ear.
  5. um, back to back losing seasons. losing seasons in 7 of the previous 10 years. ‘00 was absolutely a rebuilding year. as compared to this year: haven’t had a losing season in 17 years. haven’t won fewer than 8 games in 17 years. was a rainout shy of 10 wins just two years ago. Senior laden offense. we played a total of 5 teams that finished above .500. we went 2-3. you don’t get a ‘B’ for that. well maybe some small Group of 5 school gets a ‘B’, but we’re [censored] LSU. we expect better than this season. in fact, we DEMAND better. we demand it so much, we fired a guy who had the same record, averaged more yards per game, more points per game, losing to a pair of top 10 teams, and played a MUCH tougher overall schedule than we did this year. and the guy we fired had skins on the wall already. Fired. Given a lot of money to disappear. so now that we gain fewer yards, score fewer points, lose to teams we have no business losing to, play the easiest schedule we had in at least 15 years, needed the AD to remind everyone how the staff is supposed to operate, had the HC toss the OC under the buss, have no clue who was starting a game, have people lookin into your buyout less than a month into the season you want to give a ‘B’. damn i wish you was grading my papers back in school. i woulda graduated with 4.0 no he doesn’t get extra credit for “righting the ship” either. because he’s the one who wrecked the damn thing in the first place.
  6. Guice, Key, Donte, are all potential early picks. playing in their DRAFT ELIGIBLE year. not sophomores still developing like the guys you listed above. Devin White is also a stud on this team that will get a call early on draft day. you know what the 2015 team had more of against Bama? points scored. that’s a rather important statistic. usually has more to do with who wins than any other stat. And scoring points is yet another category that we have gone backwards in. i don’t give two shits how anyone else plays Bama. playing them closer than Tennessee did is the exact definition of a moral victory. LSU doesn’t do moral victories. Moral victories is what small schools do when playing the big boys. LSU either wins or loses. we lost. again. by two TDs. again. and seriously, everyone really needs to drop the whole “Saban lost to UAB year one” crap too. Nick Saban inherited a 3-8 team that set the school record for consecutive losses (including blowouts by football juggernauts Kentucky & Houston) the year before he took over. THAT is what a rebuilding project looks like. That is not anywhere even remotely close to the situation O stepped into. O took a team with top 10-15 talent and recorded two historically bad losses with it. as in losses the level of which have never happened in the 120+ year history of our program. Not even Curley Hallman ever manages to lose by 30 to Mississippi State. In fact if you add up all of the losses to State by Archer, Hallman, DiNardo, and Miles, it still doesn’t equal 30 points. COMBINED. this roster may not have been NC ready, but you will never convince me that it was bad enough to even attempt to justify either of those two September losses. and if this season was a ‘B’, then 2015 was at worst an ‘A’. same record, better losses against a MUCH tougher schedule. 2015 we played one SEC game against an opponent that finished with fewer than 7 wins. in 2017 we played 4 of them. 2015 played the #8 toughest schedule in the country that season. 2017 played the #62 toughest schedule. this season would have had this fan base screaming from the rooftops to replace everybody if it had happened to the previous regime. but for some reason people are praising this staff for it.
  7. don’t forget we also swap BYU for Miami next year
  8. 16 NoleInDallas, Today at 2:52 PM fans saying something negative about a guy that just dumped them for someone else? how unusual.
  9. I think 2015 would (should) have happened, if not for the horrendously inept leadership we have. i don't think it ever got far enough along in 2016 for him to play Alleva. Joe got a preliminary number from Jimbo's camp and moved on without even trying. regardless of what happens from here on out, Joe needs to be shown the door. since 2015, 4 conference foes (so far) on our schedule next year showed how you go about hiring someone to fill the most important position in the athletic department. at least 3 of them did so in ways that are almost complete contrast to what Joe [censored] Alleva did. 2015 Georgia - waited until after the season ended, then quietly told Richt it was time for both parties to move on. The deal with Kirby was done so quickly it was more than likely in the works well before anyone in the media caught wind of Richt even being replaced. Everything happened behind closed doors and at least publicly seemed to be very amicable for all involved parties. Landed their guy. Alleva - everyone on the planet knew that Miles was getting canned. Jimbo being the only target was about as hush hush as what color is the sky. Miles was left to twist in the wind with no real answers. Joe caved to political pressure (something that wouldn't have existed if handled properly). Brought back a lame duck coach. 2017 Florida - fires coach mid season. Has 2 obvious front runners for the gig (Kelly & Frost). Did not get either of their top 2 choices. But did the intelligent thing and continued the national search and made a solid hire. Alleva - fires coach during the season. has 2 obvious front runners (Jimbo & Herman). Didn't make a solid attempt at one, quit as soon as we saw competition on the other, immediately settled for a career position coach without even sniffing anyone else. A&M - Fired coach after season. Identified their target, and made an offer the he simply could not say "no" to. Landed their guy. Alleva - Fired coach. Identified target. Decided not to spend the money on one and never even entered negotiating stage. Backed out of a bidding war with the other before anyone other than us even made an offer. Immediately ran to a podium to brag that we hired O before Texas could announce they hired Herman. Mississippi St. - had their coach stolen from them. Did their homework, found a guy that fits in a mold very similar to what Mullen was when he was hired. Wasn't a big name splash, because they're still just Mississippi State. But they were able to locate a guy on his way up through the ranks by researching and interviewing. LSU - coach was fired. LSU did not even interview a single candidate not named Herman or Orgeron. not a single one, so they have absolutely no clue if any other person on the entire globe that is currently (or has ever been) employed as a football coach at any level anywhere was worthy of hiring. Handed the keys over to a guy whose resume in no way says he was worthy of the gig without doing so.
  10. gross incompetence by this administration, and half our fan base thinking that knowing how to make a roux is more important than winning championships. we could have had him for fewer years but similar per year numbers.
  11. Joe needs to be immediately removed from power. even if it means by use of physical force.
  12. in that case let me rephrase. on the field itself is directly a result of our currrent head coach, Ed Orgeron. and this discussion is specifically about on-field results. That’s why i said it’s all on O. THAT our current head coach is Ed freaking Orgeron is 100% Alleva. Alleva should have never been hired here to begin with. And his list of fireable decisions since coming on board is really sickening. Florida just upgraded their coach. Miss St is technically a question mark, but i like what i’ve seen from Moorhead, and i think he can at least maintain. Jimbo is an absolute upgrade from Sumlin. our schedule just got tougher.
  13. might be the only coach i can think that’s just crazy enough to put up with those people
  14. i truly think jimbo wants out of Tallahassee. if we had even remotely competent leadership in this Athletic department, he’d be wearing Purple and Gold again.
  15. but like i said the official terms need to come out before we can determine the level of insanity. mid they can get out of for a reasonable amount in 5 years, then it’s not all that crazy.