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  1. IT'S GONE!!!! or to quote my sister: " IT'S FUCKING GONE!!" technicaly a small speck remains, but that speck is actually too small to measure! Even her nurses are crying because they've never seen one disappear like this. My mom is convinced that my grandmother that passed away last month took it with her when she went.
  2. on this job site, we got a really gangsta rabbit running around. bunch of rabbits, few coyotes, and 2 stray dogs. but one rabbit in particular is plain fearless and appears to run the local gestapo. like we roll up in this big ass 4 door dually. and he casually walks to the side (if he walks to the side) and eyeballs us with a serious attitude. sometimes hel get back in the road staring us down as we drive away. prettys sure he's got a hit called in on us already.
  3. night crew will be paying tribute to Chuck tonight. nothing but Berry's music during breaks tonight.
  5. been a while since i even sniffed the scotch. been here a couple weeks now. working from 6pm (but we have to be on site at 5:30) to 4:30am and i must admit, i get a lot more sleep like this than i did working days.
  6. my lunch hour is 11:30pm to 12:30am now.
  7. Back issue out 4-6 weeks. Havent found a link yet
  8. i hate having my testicles coated in honey and then covered with fire ants less than i hate auburn.
  9. so whose leg do i have to hump to get a glass of whiskey in this place?
  10. i may have finally adjusted to a night shift schedule. been a brutal few days/nights in the meantime. may work for 4:30 pm, knock off at 4:30am. Typically get back to hotel around 5, shower, walk down stairs for continental breakfast at 6, in bed around 7am might be asleep for 8 was just naturally waking up around 10. slept til 2:30pm today! 6 hours of sleep vs 2. this should be much better.
  11. Time to shake off a rough weekend. 6:30 tonight at The Box SECN+ for vdeo , LSUsports app for audio pitchers:LSU – Fr. RHP Zack Hess (1-0, 2.53 ERA, 10.2 IP, 4 BB, 12 SO)USD – So. RHP Paul Richan (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 8.0 IP, 6 BB, 8 SO)
  12. Exactly
  13. You don't mess with a streak.
  14. And you just ruined any shot he had. Thanks.