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  1. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    not anymore it's not
  2. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    you love this place because alleva lacks balls?
  3. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    1 fluky loss (Memphis). his team has been plagued with injuries this year (including two quarterbacks). Houston does not have the depth to overcome injuries like a top tier power 5 team does. and Navy is waaaaaay better than anyone gives hem credit for being. we played against 5 teams with absolutely atrocious rushing defenses. not mediocre. terrible. in those 5 games, our running backs put up Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson type performances. which is exactly what Miles did last year against the same quality of defenses. O coached against two top 20 level defenses. And the offense struggled mightily, our stud back was held to under 100 yards and we lost. one of them on the final play of the game after driving down field needing a TD to win. which is exactly what Miles did in his two games against top 20 caliber defenses. He hasn't had to build a staff, appropriate funds for said staff, be the final voice on who the staff offers a scholarship, determine what identity the team will take on, etc. you know all the things required of a head coach. he's done pretty much zero of those things since he was at Ole Miss. can he do a better job of that now than he did then? don't know. he hasn't even attempted it since then, let alone done it successfully. so again, completely unproven.
  4. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    yes I would at $5mil. Herman wasn't my first choice, so I'm not sure how muncher higher I would go. But in my opinion Herman at 5 is a better option that O at 3.5 I can make an argument using only statistics and trends (not emotion) to say that Les Miles would have had the exact same win/loss record down the stretch that O did. I did not follow USC closely enough to say the same about them. I do however know that statistically, USC in O's couple loses looked nearly identical to LSU did during his two losses here. he has never been in that position since then, so he hasn't actually proven anything yet. or Alleva is following the same MO he has in nearly every previous hire he's made at multiple schools now.
  5. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    sorry, I just noticed this sentence. we just gave a man a $3mil per year raise and are asking him to do something he has literally never done in his entire life. I think that is pretty much the textbook definition of "overpaying for unproven"
  6. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    at Alabama Stadium is the key word there. Bama doesn't play another home game this year.
  7. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    actually im of the opinion that we have O now because Alleva is an incompetent dipshit that lacks male genitalia (among other things, but i'm being nice today). im just enjoying the conversation with houtiger and playing devil's advocate with him. it's been a good debate that has pivoted several times now. he is a worthy adversary and i look forward to many more debates after this one.
  8. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Auburn is yet another example of a school whose boosters have too much stroke. been on probation more than any other SEC team and narrowly avoided it again with Cam due to a loophole. do booster have influence? sure they're gonna have some and i'm not oppposed to some. but if they're actually picking head coaches for the AD, that's not a good thing.
  9. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Texas is actually the prime example of a school whose boosters are too involved in day to day decisions. it has been said by many in the industry that their problem isn't on the field or in the locker room. and that O article wasn't from when he resigned. it was from when his replacement was revealed to have an alcohol problem. I'm not familiar enough with Sark to comment on if there was res flags before that hire.
  10. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    i sure as hell hope TAF isn't as involved in actual personnel decision as you seem to think they are. when your fundraising arm starts actually naming people for positions, you got much bigger problems than just losing to Bama. the schools where that happens tend to become cesspools or targets for the NCAA. TAF may set help guidelines a budget or even put pressure on the AD saying results aren't good enough for the money they're shelling out. but to actually say who to hire, when to hire them, and how much to pay them is not in their job description and an extremely dangerous slope to take.
  11. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    ok, let me rephrase then. rather than seriously explore the multitude of options (according to all internal reports) between Jimbo/Herman, options that likely would have been more expense and less financially favorable to LSU than O is, our AD elected to hire a guy that had next to zero leverage making an extremely favorable financial agreement much more likely than had we hired almost any other candidate. were championships favored above financial favorability, people with resume's more likely to produce those championships than Ed Orgeron would have been brought in for face to face interviews to properly gauge how they fit in the long term goals of LSU. after said interviews were all completed, it is entirely possible that the person who offers the best opportunity for a championship and the person who is most financially friendly to LSU were the same human being. but we will never know that because these interviews never took place. however, by immediately and expeditiously deciding upon the candidate with the weakest resume (thereby the longest odds of becoming a championship winning coach) and the least amount of leverage (thereby making him the most financially friendly to the University), it gives off the appearance of settling for financial favorability over possibility of championships. and the historical and statistical data backs up the theory that someone with Ed Orgeron's resume ever producing even a division championship (let alone Conference or National Titles) is an extreme long shot at best.
  12. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    what does LSU want? they made it quite clear that financial fovorability was their top priority, not winning titles. thats not what the fans want or demand, but that's the path the AD took.
  13. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    looking dump is overachieving for Alleva.
  14. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    5 years covers an incoming recruit's entire college career. including a redshirt season. and that absolutely matters. no, by definition it is a 5 year contract with an easy way out if necessary. actually, that's exactly how this works. contracts are negotiated to be as mutually beneficial to both parties as possible, agreed upon and signed. O get's a contract worth roughly $3 million more than is justified and is awarded a position for which he is not only unqualified, but not even sought after by any other organization at this level. LSU gets the appearance of stability without hamstringing themselves financially long term. LSU had a lot more leverage (like all of the leverage), so the contract is favorable to LSU.
  15. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    can't believe i'm about to defend Alleva here, but. i think you gotta go 5. 5 tells recruits you're committed to your coach. They're not coming if they think coach is going to be pushed out before their redshirt Sophomore year is up. but due to O having almost no leverage, LSU can put the years with little to no buyout or guaranteed money.