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  1. So got a game under his belt at 3B. Did well. Not a ton of action came his way, put did get a putout at 3rd. Walked in his only 2 plate appearances, so still sitting at 3 for 6 on the season. Was called out trying to score on a passed ball due to sliding into home head first (against league rules to go head first into home). But did swipe home the next time he got on. He said his entire way between 3 and home he was saying to himself "feet first, feet first, feet first" Said playing 3rd was ok. Ready for next game hoping he gets more hit his way.
  2. yeah, that kid is driven. he got a fire burning inside him that can't be extinguished.
  3. so apparently at practice tonight, coach discussed with the team the lack of a third baseman on this squad. theyve tried several kids and none of them are really 3B material. and Short Kid volunteered to give it a shot. hasn't played there in a couple years, but at least it won't be his first Rodeo there. so we'll see how this goes for him.
  4. midget's team lost 8-4 last night. but i got to BE THERE!!!! short kid went 1 for 1 (3 for 6 on the season) single and a walk. swiped 2 bags, scored a run, and was gunned down trying to take 3rd. brought him in late on the mound and he was able to get the only batter he faced (weak fly ball) to finally stop the bleeding in an inning that had got away from them. in a few weeks i'll be home again for 2 games. not sure what happened to this kid this season, but he has really taken on a vocal leadership role on this team. he's played with an edge and a chip on his shoulder, but never voiced it. always just had that scowl and let his play speak for itself. but now, he's out there talking it up at 2B, making sure everyone knows where the play is, talking to his pitcher, barking direction to OF, etc. it's rather impressive actually. except when he goes to the mound. then it's all business. during his warmup pitches, i told him something (don't remember what), and he just shot a glare my way that made it quite clear to shut my mouth and he was in charge now. during that batter, he missed on a few changeups. he looked at me and i just gave him our signal for his two-seamer. he nodded, but never let that grimace leave his face. blew one by him, then the next one was popped up for the out.
  5. jesus christ, i forgot how great my bed felt. had to pull a little over 26 hours before i got to it, but it was freaking worth it. waiting on kids to wake up to figure out what today holds. 6 days left before i have to head back.
  6. after 43 days, i'm going home after work sunday night/monday morning
  7. 0 for 2 today (2 for 5 on the season). ground out to third and a pop up caught by 1B in foul territory. cant wait to talk to him to critique this game. a really SLOW pitcher ate him up. was waaaay out front with his weight and off balance as hell. got next to nothing on both pitches. we had talked before the game and he even told me this guy threw softer than a "girl in first grade". told him he had to sit back and wait on it and let the ball travel before stroking it. but nope. jumped out of his shoes swinging and accomplished zilch.
  8. game two was night before last. they were trailing 3-2 when game was called early due to umpire's ignorance. short kid played 2B entire game and went 1-1 (single), stole 2nd, then scored on a single to left. 2 for 3 on the season (i'm going to try to keep up with his BA in this thread because i don't have a paper copy of his schedule like i would at home).
  9. win the opener 8-2. short kid played 2B and batted lead off. 1 for 2 at the plate: single, stolen base, and a run scored. pitched the last inning to close it out. 2k, 1 hit, 0 bb, and gave up one run.
  10. yep. really sucks. Mrs Nootch has very strict orders to facetime me during at least his first at bat. and if he gets any time on the mound
  11. short kid's first game of the season starts in about 6-1/2 hours. for the first time in his life i won't be there on opening day. i gotta figure out a way to be awake for his game yet still get enough sleep to be able to work the night shift. looking at his schedule, i might (MIGHT) be able to make one game all year.
  12. IT'S GONE!!!! or to quote my sister: " IT'S FUCKING GONE!!" technicaly a small speck remains, but that speck is actually too small to measure! Even her nurses are crying because they've never seen one disappear like this. My mom is convinced that my grandmother that passed away last month took it with her when she went.
  13. on this job site, we got a really gangsta rabbit running around. bunch of rabbits, few coyotes, and 2 stray dogs. but one rabbit in particular is plain fearless and appears to run the local gestapo. like we roll up in this big ass 4 door dually. and he casually walks to the side (if he walks to the side) and eyeballs us with a serious attitude. sometimes hel get back in the road staring us down as we drive away. prettys sure he's got a hit called in on us already.
  14. night crew will be paying tribute to Chuck tonight. nothing but Berry's music during breaks tonight.
  15. GODDAMMIT!!!