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  1. If we finish the season with at least a 3 - 1 record, I say keep Coach O. He's a hell of a recruiter and one of the things I like about him is he lets his assistants have more control and influence over their players. That and he's opened up our offense which is largely responsible for the 3 W's. Let's see how we finish the season and go from there.
  2. And the number of flags are why games are lasting so much longer. I was watching a game this weekend and there were flags thrown on 5 consecutive plays. A long time ago, someone said you could call holding on every play. Today's zebras are doing their best to make that a reality.
  3. Virginia Tech – Pittsburgh Thursday Game Kentucky vs Missouri West Virginia – Oklahoma St Georgia – Florida Baylor – Texas Miami (Fl) – Notre Dame SMU – Tulane Nebraska – Wisconsin Auburn – Ole Miss Clemson – Florida St Note the Thursday night game. Would a Mod please sticky?
  4. Standings: COTiger 54 dachsie 53 TigerEmcee 50 ValleyTiger 49 GoodlifeTiger 48 OkieTiger 47 Boundzy 45 PaducahMichael 45 Herb 42 Deceks7 41 NorthshoreMom 39 LSUDad 38
  5. Week #8 Results: COTiger 8 TigerEmcee 8 OkieTiger 8 GoodlifeTiger 7 PaducahMichael 7 Deceks7 7 dachsie 6 Boundzy 6 Herb 6 LSUDad 5 NorthshoreMom 3
  6. If you think it's bad now, wait. And yes, I speak from experience.
  7. Houston is down 21 to zip to SMU. His star has lost a lot of its luster. No thanks.
  8. Slightly off topic, hell of a W by the Middies today. The Zoomies lost in OT to Hawaii.
  9. Thanks. Would you be interested in a position on the staff?
  10. I also don't think McElwain would leave UF for UT. I also think you would see me wearing a headset in Austin before you saw Les.
  11. Coming up on the 57th anniversary. I listed to it live.
  12. The Miami game won't count.
  13. The Miami - Virginia Tech game has started.
  14. Just a few hours left to get the picks in for tonight's games.