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  1. I wonder if Aranda has been not showing all the defense in spring practice, so Canada would not know how they were going to come at him in the spring game??? Whachathink? I seem to recall Aranda saying after the bowl game that there would be more to the defense rolled out this season. This should be fun to watch.
  2. I was more impressed with the defense. Our reputation as DBU seems set to continue, we have a lot of physicality back there. Delpit looks ready. I also saw Devinity make an impressive stop from middle LB spot. As physical as Guice is, saw Devinity meet him in the hole, and Devinity won that decisively. Stopped Guice dead in his tracks and dropped him. As reported, Thornton at LB looks mobile and aggressive. I think we will be good at LB, with the freshmen giving us good depth. D-line I did not get a good read on. Anybody have a report on the d-line? On offense, QB does not look to be improved over last year, yet. There are still months to go. Only thing in their defense, they are going against a very good secondary. But I am really going to miss Jamal Adams, that guy is real quality, has a bright future in the NFL.
  3. Sally Barker finished as runner-up in 2014, The Voice UK. She backed up Robert Plant and Bob Dylan when she was young, married and had kids, her husband died when she was 42. She had a regular job and raised her kids for 20 years, then showed up to see if she can start singing again. I like her, and her voice.
  4. Regarding Tues. practice: http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_159783f6-247b-11e7-9f60-ab7095201ac4.html Here is the second part on positions coming out of the spring, projected depth chart for d-line: http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_d4485f76-23a6-11e7-a02b-fbc3be6b19f1.html
  5. Why the transfer? I also read a piece that indicated that given how poor the Tech defense ranked, he was concerned he was not getting the right coaching to progress to the NFL. He thought he would get that in the SEC. After talking to Orgeron and Pete Jenkins, he decided to come to LSU. That seems an imminently reasonable thing to do.
  6. First, let me compliment LSUDad and everyone else that did a great job discussing this spring training. I think we all did a great job! Here is a nice interview with Derrius Guice, bout 5 min., but well worth it. He is articulate, and likable. I hope he has a great season. This will almost assuredly be his last in BR. http://www.secsports.com/video/19178361/savages-here Here's a bit from the Advocate, the QB ranking right now is in seniority order: http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_29124b3c-238b-11e7-9a49-1b41cfe2d44b.html#tncms-source=article-nav-next
  7. I slow barbqued some country ribs, on the pit slow fire for 2 hours. My dobing sauce came from my Dad, 2 sticks butter, 1/2 onion, 1 large or 2 small lemons, saute, then add some white vinegar. Green salad, pork n beans, glass of Meritage wine, followed later by Marie Calendar blueberry / raspberry pie and coffee.
  8. The NFL on Thursday released a list of 22 players who will be in Philadelphia for the NFL draft on April 27. The New Orleans Saints have the 11th and 32nd picks in the first round. The players who will be in Philadelphia: S Jamal Adams, LSU DL Jonathan Allen, Alabama DB Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee OT Garett Bolles, Utah CB Gareon Conley, Ohio State WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan RB Leonard Fournette, LSU CB Adoree' Jackson, USC CB Kevin King, Washington QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State DL Malik McDowell, Michigan State DE Takkarist McKinley, UCLA OT Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin LB Haason Reddick, Temple OT Cam Robinson, Alabama WR John Ross, Washington DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina QB Deshaun Watson, Clemson CB Tre'Davious White, LSU
  9. Congratulations Miss Gnat! Thanks for the coverage Eq4bits! I don't normally watch college gymnastics, but Eq4 has me interested, since LSU is doing so well. If this is their year, I don't want to miss it!
  10. Dad, there are two sides to every story. But I'm sorry, this is just monumentally stupid customer service. The airlines have LONG been the worst. They use FAA regulations like a club against the passengers. The old days, when they kept passengers out of the tarmac in the heat with no AC for 8 hours, no food, and the bathrooms stinking up the whole plane, because they could. Then the gov. saw the stupidity of said action, and now you can't do that at all anymore. I flew corporate a lot in my working days, and try waiting 3 or 4 hours in line after a thunderstorm cancelled 20 or 30 flights, with 4 agents to handle a couple thousand complex itinerary changes. They should have had 20 agents, and the flights weren't flying; where were they? Since deregulation, fares have come down, but so has service. And some of the service issues are not about spending money to fix it, its just about caring about your customer and innovating ways to change "the way we've always done it", to make it better. Somehow that doesn't seem to happen in the airline industry.
  11. I saw a US Senator, and he said we can't let this happen again. If the airline issues you a boarding pass and you are seated on the plane, it's your seat. You may voluntarily surrender your seat for what you consider adequate compensation for your trouble (i.e. the airline offers bigger and bigger incentives until someone surrenders their seat). Or, you get it straight at the gate BEFORE everyone gets on the plane. FAA will be talking to the heads of airlines. Maybe new regulation protecting passengers, like happened a few years back, you can no longer keep a plane full of people on a plane on the tarmac for more than 3 or 4 hours, then you have to go back to the gate. I heard tonight the plane was not overbooked, United just decided they wanted to fly 4 employees on that flight. Seems they could have figured that out in the gate area and never let this happen.
  12. My feelings exactly! He believed his own press clippings, thought too much of himself. He's had a highly successful career, lot's of top 10's, made lot's of money, but his failure to win a major humbled him. He was supposed to have the competition with Tiger, but it turned out to be Mickelson who was Tiger's closest competitor. I think Sergio may have eventually figured out he was acting like a spoiled brat, and he matured. I think he paid his dues, and I'm glad to see him get his first major, at 36!
  13. An exciting finish to the Masters. Sergio should have won in regulation if he made his birdie putt from 12 ft. on 18, but he missed and had a playoff with his friend Justin Rose from England. Rose hit a bad drive into the trees on the first playoff hole, and Sergio won his first major, been trying since 1999. I think everyone was happy to see Sergio win a major, I certainly was. He's had many top 10's in majors, and finished second a few times. Justin said after the tournament that nobody likes to lose, but if he had to lose to anyone, he's glad it was Sergio because he deserved to win a major.
  14. I was thinking today while watching the Masters, that another thing that makes it special is that you have to be a winner (mostly) to quality to play in it. For most PGA tournaments, if you have your tour card (gotten at Q school, or finish in the top 125 money winners the previous year), then you can show up, pay your entry fee, and play the tournament. Not so at the Masters, you have to prove your skill as a winner, or a top money winner, or win the US amateur (and runner up), and some other ways. Another is the focus on the international players, there are specific ways for them to get in. The other cool thing is the Master's link to the past, all previous Masters champions are qualified for life to play the tournament. They respect all previous champions, and they expect the previous champions to respect the Masters and decide for themselves when they are playing their last Masters. This has been a big deal for former greats like Jack Nicklaus, Arnie, Tom Watson played his last just a few years ago, Ben Crenshaw was memorable in his final. This is a big deal as many of those played in 30+ Masters tournaments. Such tradition! The Augusta National club is made of really rich folk, but it takes more than money to get in to the club. To get in, you must visit the club and play a round with 3 members, including lunch after. They will decide if you would get along with the other members. Bill Gates was denied membership for years, but finally got in. Blacks and women were denied membership for many years, but both are represented; Condeleza Rice is a member now. Their tournament committee dictates the terms to the TV channels showing the tournament, and it has been CBS for as long as I can remember. Not too many commercials, and no long commercials. You don't like our terms, we'll open it up. If nobody likes our terms, fine, we're rich, we don't need the money, and we'll just have our tournament without TV. This adds to the experience of watching the Master's on TV, its enjoyable because the hosts demand a quality experience, and they will tell you what quality is. Qualifications for Masters Invitation View image on Twitter Masters Tournament Champions (Lifetime) US Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years) British Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years) PGA Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years) Winners of The Players Championship (Three years) Current Olympic Gold Medalist (One year) Current US Amateur Champion (Honorary, non-competing after 1 year) and the runner-up to the current US Amateur Champion Current British Amateur Champion (Honorary, non-competing after 1 year) Current Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion Current Latin America Amateur Champion Current US Mid-Amateur Champion The first 12 players, including ties, in the previous year's Masters Tournament The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year's US Open Championship The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year's British Open Championship The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year's PGA Championship Winners of PGA Tour events that award a full-point allocation for the season-ending Tour Championship, from previous Masters to current Masters Those qualifying for the previous year's season-ending Tour Championship The 50 leaders on the Final Official World Golf Ranking for the previous calendar year The 50 leaders on the Official World Golf Ranking published during the week prior to the current Masters Tournament Source: Augusta National Golf Club
  15. For those who do not play golf, this is pretty common. If you are going to watch one golf tournament a year, this is it. If you ask the players to pick one golf tournament that they would most like to win, the vast majority would say the Masters. The course is beautiful, and outside of walking it during the tournament, most folks will never get on to play the course. They play it in the spring, when the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming, and that adds to the mystique. And, THOSE GREENS!!! Undulation, and speed, mean danger on every hole. There is danger that if you hit them, but not on the correct spot, than you just roll off. They make the first cut around the green pretty close and if you roll off the green, the ball can still roll a long way away from the green. What would be a simple up and down on a normal course is an adventure at Augusta! Ask Speith about the 9 he took Thur. on #15 (his highest single hole score in his pro career). It's a special place, and the players all want it so bad, it's a special tournament. The top 10 players on the back nine at Augusta on Sunday, it's "must see TV"! I'll record the final round on Sunday and watch it Sunday night.