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  1. The failure on cornerback recruiting this year needs to be a big lesson to O. Surtain had been committed to us for 2 years, did not commit in the early signing period, why? Bama was talking to him, you gotta know how attractive that is to some kids. We end up with 2 scholly to give, why not take Goodrich. One in the hand is worth two in the bush. I'm not sure what you tell these top kids that want to hold out till the signing day. To me, it looks like they are not really committed. With Donte leaving pretty much for sure, I thought Tolliver should have come back for his Sr. year, but we'll see where he goes. I read Tolliver did not like school, and I'm sure there are many who feel the same way. The coaches should know better than us fans which way those guys lean as Jr.s. It seems clear to me we should have taken Goodrich, in the early signing period if we could get him there. Now we're looking for a graduate transfer, but will he be as good as a Goodrich, and then he'll just be here for one year. Let's hope the lesson gets learned.
  2. I don't hold out much hope that Fulton wins an appeal against the NCAA. The rule looks clear. I don't agree with the rule, I think it is too severe, loss of one year is plenty of penalty, but the rule is clear. If the NCAA wants people to take drug testing seriously, they will make Fulton an example. DON'T do that, give a fake sample.
  3. That was quick. I understand the Cardinal's move. After two knee injuries, TM was just not the star player he was when he was a rookie. For the Texans, the gamble is that total healing of those injuries takes a couple of years, and he can return to something closer to his original form. Arizona paid TM well for a couple of years, although he was underpaid his first couple of years in the league. I'd say overall, it worked out fairly in AZ. If he took care of his money, even now he could retire and live a nice middle class lifestyle with the income from his nestegg. Maybe not what he hoped for, but still not a bad deal.
  4. today. Even if someone flips you the bird, shooting them is not a good solution. http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2018/03/ronald_gasser_sentenced_to_yea.html
  5. After day 3 of practice, the first in pads, limited contact drills. If you go to the link, there are some brief coaching videos. Lowell Narcisse looked very CONSISTENT throwing the ball, and his arm looks strong to me, except he throws with the wrong hand! http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_88290d96-288e-11e8-9c4b-e31d39d49b9f.html
  6. Here are the latest po-boy recommendations. Okie just moved to the home of the #1 rated, Bear's in Covington. I agree with that ranking for them, when I drive home from Destin, we schedule a stop in Covington for lunch at Bears. Mrs. hou was raised in Mandy, and if Bears is full, we go to Bogue Falaya Park and eat there. http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/louisiana/best-poboys-la/
  7. Eric Reid becomes a free agend after 5 productive years with the 49'ers. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/3/8/17094340/eric-reid-49ers-free-agency-colin-kaepernick
  8. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_670ef47e-2611-11e8-8992-33e322d8633e.html
  9. I don't remember this many analysts, but apparently Sabini has done it over there. It does seem like it could be useful, during the season to let them start breaking down other teams films and charting their tendencies and throw out some gameplan preliminary data. That would let the coaches coach the players more, and not wear them down. The coaching braintrust would have to finish the job up on gameplanning, but a good research report would seem like a great start. Does anybody know if that is what these "analysts" do?
  10. Today was the first day of spring practice. O's comments are on the link. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_4d912ee8-2569-11e8-95ae-5bbb05931b2d.html Interesting that two of the leaders are Jonathan Giles (WR) and Breiden Fehoko (DL), both transferred from Tx. Tech and sat our last year. They must have earned a lot of respect in practice, have not played a down for LSU. Devin White, Rashard Lawrence, Garrett Brumfield, very easy to understand those men, they were leaders last year. Greedy Williams is just a soph., but he has respect. They practice Tue., Thur. and Sat. this week.
  11. Thanks Greg and Okie!
  12. Hacked again?
  13. Did I miss this? I don't recall Les using these analysts very much? It could be an improvement, I know Saban used them extensively.
  14. I think LSU made a critical mistake in recruiting at cornerback this year. It is obvious, because we did not sign a true corner. We put all of our eggs in the Surtain basket, mis-read the situation, and we did not have an adequate backup plan. By the time we got the rejection and went to Goodrich, he had already written LSU off, felt the love from Clemson, committed to Clemson. It's very hard to switch a guy at that point, especially since Clemson has played in two consecutive Nat. Championship games in 2016 and 2017. Surtain is an out of state guy, yes he had a good relationship with Corey Raymond, but he wasn't born in La. and had that love of LSU football. He's the #1 recruit at his position, you know who's coming after him. I think LSU should have used a scholly on Goodrich in the early signing period, pushed on him, we have a scholly for you now, but no guarantee after that. According to Mike Detellier on Dandy Don this AM:
  15. It appears the two signing dates presents some opportunity and risk. I understand leaving scholly's for Joseph, Chase and Surtain. Joseph and Chase are in state guys, and we've been recruiting Surtain for 3 or 4 years. My question is this. If corner was a priority, why not push Goodrich in the early signing period, we'll take your commit right now, but if you don't commit, we can't promise you a scholly later. They could have pushed for another top corner if Goodrich would not come. Maybe we could have gotten one top corner by pressing for one in the early signing period, instead of waiting on both of them and missing both of them in the second. Thoughts?