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  1. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    With 3 fluky losses this season, that is highly debatable. The problem using stats and trends is they are not very believable at this point. Miles was doing nothing but getting worse with Cameron calling the plays and Peveto handling special teams. He's been head coach for the majority of two seasons, so from an X's and O's perspective, yes he has been in exactly that position. He's had to juggle his coaching staff and he made things better, both opportunities. He hasn't been through a recruiting cycle as head man for a while, but we had him as recruiting coordinator, so I think he can manage that.
  2. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    would you feel any better paying 5 mil a year to the guy that lost to Navy, SMU and Memphis this year, although clearly he had the talent to beat a couple of top 20 teams. I think that is the definition of overpaying also. I'm not saying I didn't want Herman to come to LSU, but even that said, it was a risk, a very high priced risk. It had its upside, if he became the next Urban Meyer, but that's still a long shot. His performance has some high highs, and some low lows. Dan Hawkins at Boise beat Oklahoma once, next genius, ....................... not. Let's see what happens with Herman at TX. O has taken over floundering teams and immediately made them better. You cannot dispute this, at USC and LSU, with the majority of the season remaining. He proved he has changed from OM. That is what LSU is taking a chance on, because they have seen it work and worked shoulder to shoulder with O for 2 years, in two roles. It's a risk, but anyone you can afford is a risk.
  3. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Clearly that is the model the AD and boosters have decided on. It may work, if we hire a great staff. Miles fumbled when it came to hiring offensive coordinators in particular, and he had the Mallory/Peveto disaster of co-defensive coordinators. If O can identify and and hire a top OC, we will be well on the way. I don't guarantee this will work, but as I look at it, it COULD work. Marcus Spears has said it can work. I really enjoyed watching the A&M game. It was a pleasure to enjoy both the offense and the defense. It was nice to see a passing attack that is functional, using play action to hold the defense for a second. OK, it was A&M and their defense has been shredded by everyone despite Miles Garrett and Daylon Mack, but I still enjoyed it. And that was with tweaks to the Miles scheme. I look forward to a new scheme.
  4. 2017 QB Myles Brennan

    I haven't followed Lane as closely as some on this site, who make negative comments at the sniff of his name. My general impression from his head coaching days was that he was pretty arrogant and a bit of a jerk. I read an article where they thought Lane had not matured as much as O has, since they lost their prior head coach jobs. I would welcome someone else, but as an X and O coach, I have to say, I admired the offense he ran. I thought he has been very smart at Bama (does great personnel make you look smarter? Probably), certainly much better than Cameron. Also, he is single now. Would you rather be single in Tuscaloosa, or BR? I'd take BR, so another reason for him to want to come to LSU.
  5. MVPs

    Offense? - Etling - the offense was not moving as a run only attack. Danny stepped in to make it more balanced, made the passing game go, which only made the run more effective. Defense? - Beckwith - unanimous. D was not the same without him in the middle. Special Teams? - Growdon Coach? - Aranda - The defense was excellent all season. Probably the best since the great 2011 defense. Honorable mention to O for changing the attitude of the team. Most Improved? - Riley
  6. 2017 QB Myles Brennan

    That's a kick in the groin. Lane not relating to QB recruit? Hmmmm.....
  7. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    you can find these stories all over, the influential boosters put up the money, and to some degree they influence the shots that get called: http://www.theledger.com/news/20090902/no-quit-bowdens
  8. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    In a theoretically pure world I am sure you are correct. In the real world, not so much. After TX lost their last 2 games, what were the headlines? Just my experience, but he who controls the purse strings has the power, practically speaking. And they want influence for the big bucks they put up. Here's an interesting take on O from the Los Angeles point of view, after his resignation from USC: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2578533-what-could-have-been-if-ed-orgeron-was-named-usc-hc-instead-of-steve-sarkisian
  9. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Appearances can be deceiving. Folks got to know O for 2 years, as d-line coach and head coach. That is far superior to bringing in a guy for a day. Alleva and the TAF boys were satisfied with what they knew about O that he gave them just as good a chance to win the west as anyone they would have brought in for a day. That doesn't mean they cheaped out. Clearly they know O very well, they saw the improvement in the team with many constraints placed on them by changing in mid season, and if we believe we can be better than that with a top OC and a spring and August to learn and practice the system, if we were 10 pts behind Bama, that could put us on par with Bama, and they are the benchmark. Alleva and TAF may have blown it, and we'll find out. But I don't think they put money ahead of winning. I think they want to win the west, and they thought everything considered, O gave them as good a chance as anyone beside Herman, who they went after first.
  10. LSU Players And The NFL Draft 2017

    I think this is the most intriguing question among the Jr's. My take, he should stay at LSU. He didn't have a great season. If we throw more next year, he'd have a good chance to shine and improve his draft stock. I don't know about his work ethic on his craft, but my sense is he is not as far into it as OBJ and J Landry were (granted they were both exceptional workers).
  11. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    That is simply not true. Nobody says you have to have a $6 mil. a year coach to win a title. Swinney at Clemson made 3.3 mil in 2015, and he won the ACC championship over Fedora at UNC. And they played a good game against Bama in the nat. championship game, for half the price that Bama paid their guy. After that they gave him a raise to 4.4 mil a year. They were willing to go 5 mil a yr. to Herman, but he backed out. I think we want to win a championship, but we don't want to do something crazy and overpay for unproven talent. O is a hire with risks, nobody has said he's sure fire to take us to the promised land. But Herman would have come with risks also after his losses to Navy, SMU and Memphis, he not sure fire to take us or anyone include TX to the promised land either. It will be interesting to watch.
  12. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    I can see this for some programs. Was Penn St. ever going to fire Joe Pa? No. But Iowa does not challenge Ohio St. and Michigan when they are on top of their game, like now, and Iowa is OK with that. They are not a recruiting hotbed. I guess if you are resigned to no better than 3rd place in the big 10, and you have a guy whose integrity you admire, and he's comfortable not winning championships, just being the best he and his club can be, then why not sign him for a long term deal. That's ok for them. What does LSU want? We put more players per-capita into the NFL than any state. We can compete for championships with the right coaching staff, we've shown that. But we climbed out on that limb with Les, thinking we'd get more of 2007 and 2011, and we were dead wrong. After 2011, the program began to slide. Then with the long term deal in place, we had to wait and see if he could get back on track, and that didn't work out well. So, the long term deal gives all the advantages to the coach, and all the risk to the university if the coach does not meet your objectives, and in the case of LSU it is winning championships, at least the SEC West. If you are not winning championships and that's the objective, that long term deal looks like a big mistake and a mill stone around the university's neck. So, if the objectives are different, the plan to go about achieving those objectives should be different.
  13. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    A 5 year contract with an easy out is a sham, it is not a 5 year contract in reality, only in appearance, and any rational human who is interested can see it. Those contracts are public and everyone will know, so we can wait until the contract is published. LSU cannot get the appearance of stability in this sham manner, everyone will immediately know when the contract gets published. My belief is if they say its a 5 year deal, that means its 3.5 mil a year for 5 years. LSU can't make it very favorable to them, then tell everyone they will have 5 years of stability. Heck, Miles was fired with 3 years left on his contract, there is no guarantee of stability.
  14. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    If you EVER let your coaches contract go below 5 years, are you telling everyone he is on thin ice? I don't think so. Do the TAF boys think that appearance to recruits is worth them always being on the hook for 5 X $3.5 million, or $17.5 million to buy the appearance that the coach will be here till you're a Sr. even if you redshirt? I don't think so.