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  1. I was glad to see McMillan get a play to run from the QB spot against Auburn. Eaux said he wanted to run it a few more times but they didn't. I'd like to see it a few times against OM, run every time, then let him throw one against Bama. Surprise! I wonder if Canada is going to use that to try and create more indecision for teams going forward? We'll see.
  2. My son (34) put a $1K to hold his queue position for a Tesla 3. He comes up some time in 2018. He bought a Jetta to keep for 2 years to span him over to the Tesla. He's an electrical engineer, so he wants an electric car.
  3. Gage played well last year for a newcomer. Outplayed Malachai until the bowl game, when Malachai had a great game. I'm glad to see Gage continue to get better.
  4. Interesting.
  5. If you want to drop a bundle on dinner and enjoy interesting decor, there is "The Broker Restaurant" in an old bank. May get into the vault on a week night, but it may take a big party to reserve in there. Not sure. I ate in the vault on someone else's corp. tab, many moons ago. http://www.thebrokerrestaurant.com/
  6. One call went our way. On Devin White's sack, he could have been called for targeting, helmet to helmet. It was not a malicious hit, he was coming in so fast on instinct, but it happened. Not every call goes against us.
  7. It's going to be interesting to see the results on this one, a memorable game to be sure in the history of the LSU - Auburn series. Dandy Don site has named it "The Comeback Game" to go with the Earthquake Game.
  8. I had breakfast at the Boulderado Hotel and it was almost the best I have ever had, second only to Brennan's in NO (really, its hard to beat oyster soup and white wine at 10 AM). Their hash browned potatoes are the best, and the omelets are top flight.
  9. I'm not a city person, I like the national parks. Estes Park is about 2 hour drive away north then west, at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, quite beautiful. Lot of day hikes there, but its up at altitude and us flatlanders struggle a bit. Bear Lake and on higher is Nymph Lake if I recall, rewarding medium distance day hikes (out and back). I played the muni course in Estes Park and I heard my young son who was walking the course with me, say something about an eagle, I said son I haven't made better than a bogey all day. He said no, and pointed up at the sky, and there was a brown eagle soaring around us there, just riding the wind currents. Great views from the course. South at Colorado Springs is Garden of the Gods, a great place to take a walk and shoot a lot of pictures. http://www.gardenofgods.com/ Pikes Peak is cool also down there. There is also the indian dwellings http://www.cliffdwellingsmuseum.com/
  10. hope this works, 2007 nat. champ team introductions at halftime, and Coach Miles
  11. The best thing about freshmen is that they don't STAY freshmen. Our freshmen now have half a season's experience, and it looks like they are learning and getting better. I like the Devin White interview. I was impressed with him last year, and more this year. We heard he is smart, asks a lot of questions, studies a lot of film. In his interview, he comes across as a mature, down to earth, hard working, humble, smart and wants to learn and get better. I am VERY IMPRESSED with Mr. White. He's fast for his size, and appears agile also.
  12. Excellent recap of the game by Gary Danielson is you have a couple of minutes. I like Danielson, ex QB, he's smart, smarter than most announcers.
  13. It's a good week to take the survey, so fill 'em out!
  14. Jackson said they threw five passes at his man, more than most teams throw at him, and Auburn had no completions on his man, playing man coverage. He was very proud of that, a hint of cocky, but I don't blame him. He had a great game!
  15. I saw Devin White on youtube, good interview. He said at the half, Aranda pulled the D together at a board, and said on the wildcat plays, a safety had to come into the box and fill a gap. That was not happening. Devin White was asked it it was youth since Battle and Paris are out, and he said no, it was his fault for not making sure the safety moved into the box, lack of communication. White said he told Aranda he would be sure the safety moved down on the wildcat plays. Probably a combination of coaching, White, and youth. But they got that fixed. White said they worked on tackling all week and when the game started, they were excited an forgot what they worked on. Then they settled down, remembered what they worked on, and it started working.
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