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  1. You know, I always sort of thought this, about LSU players being small back in the day, but I never heard former players talk about it this way. George Bevan was an all american linebacker, I don't remember him in the NFL, same with Ronnie Estay and Warren Capone. Now we had some good long time NFL performers, like Fred Miller with the colts, Jerry Stovall with the Cardinals, and Johnny Robinson with the Chiefs. But at that time, USC and Notre Dame put a lot more players into the NFL. I enjoyed this interview with Casanova, first time I ever ran across it!
  2. 1963 Cotton Bowl I'm going to take ya'll all the way back to the beginning for me, when I became a Tiger fan, Cotton Bowl, 1963, undefeated Texas Longhorns (had a tie with Rice, 9-0-1 record), ranked #4, vs #7 ranked LSU (8-1-1). I was 10 years old when this game was played. We had some neighbors close by, and I was known to get pretty excited when LSU played on TV, and the lady there was sort of like an aunt to me, she had no kids and she always seemed to enjoy seeing me, and she baked and brought stuff to the house. They had just gotten a COLOR TV, the first around us out in the country around Cankton, and that is one of the reasons I remember this game so much, it was the first time I saw color TV. I thought it was a miracle. I remember Texas was undefeated, and to me that meant they must be #1 in the nation (only looking back at this do I see they had a tie and ranked #4, just how some of your recollections from youth are off a bit). I pulled harder for the Tigers to win, since looking at the records it appeared Texas was the better team. We had Jerry Stovall, and he was the magic back after Cannon left. You had to like defensive football in those days. Miss Vivian and I jumped and shouted at the TV the whole game, and bonded as Tiger fans for the rest of her life, we'd talk Tigers whenever I saw her, and I did see her into her 80's when she passed away. She had family in Donaldsonville and Napoleanville. https://www.webcitation.org/6VW4uuYKS?url=http://media.attcottonbowl.com/resource/history/1963/rsrc/1963-Classic-Recap.pdf They have the box score for the game and a few other tidbits at the link above. 1962 was McClendon's first as head coach. His reputation was as a defensive genius, and shutting out the Longhorns only solidified that notion. This is the first game I remember watching start to finish, and I really enjoyed it. I've been hooked ever since.
  3. I'll put this here and if you have something to say about it, you can put it here. I'm not much of a basketball fan, but it seems to me there is something good going on with Will Wade as the new head coach. Just what I read in the papers, but it sounds like a totally different team from last year. I hear they are young, but they play with a lot of energy. It sounds like they had a good competitive win over a solid U of Houston team on Wed. I may have to watch one of their games soon on TV. Any basketball fans want to chime in?
  4. I don't know how he could sell them, given the state of the Tenn. program. At LSU, they have a platform to challenge for a championship in the west if we get some development at QB. We do have a meat grinder with Bama, Aggies get an upgrade at HC, Auburn. But Tenn has to fight Ga. and Fla. I'd go to LSU, but we know I'm prejudiced that way!
  5. That's the only way it could have happened so quickly, refilling the position. It's a compliment to O that his staff accorded him that much respect, to help LSU work that out so there was no hit to recruiting. Grimes must have gotten along with O, and didn't want to burn a bridge. Professional courtesy, good to see that in the program.
  6. I hate to see him go also. He seemed to put some ooommmpppphhhh in our recruiting, helping turn top linebacker Jacob Phillips from Oklahoma to LSU last year.
  7. I'm sorry to see him go. He took a young and changing group of young men this season and helped them get better week by week. But its a clear promotion, if he has that aspiration, he has to go for it and see if he can do it.
  8. Convicted of voluntary manslaughter, and sentenced:
  9. I can see where this presents a distraction during bowl preparation, but I also see where it delivers some certainty going into national signing day. I would think after they go through it, they may all start to like it. You won't have to worry about protecting your verbals and having one of the flip on the big signing day, like Janzen Jackson did a few years ago. I read that if a verbal does not sign in the early period, we could potentially see if we could get a higher rated kid to take his spot if he's not really committed to LSU. I think all the 3* will sign to ensure they have a spot somewhere. I think it will give both the university and the players that sign early, greater certainty, and that's generally a good thing.
  10. A very good answer Dad, thanks! Yes, we have to remember these kids are only 18 when they arrive on campus. That's not a lot of life experience, and if certain transgressions were overlooked in high school because you were a jock, you may still feel that "privilege". Plus you're out from under mom and dad's roof for the first time, I think I made a few mistakes, out with the boys, drinking too much at the Keg and the Library in Lafayette. We wish everyone was like Jamal Adams on the field and off, but its just not that way.
  11. Cardinals not getting what they paid for with Tyrann after his injuries.
  12. This is a cool video on both OBJ and Jarvis. If you are an LSU fan, you need to see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U98T8Knf-Rg
  13. http://forums.azcardinals.com/showthread.php?73171-Patrick-Peterson-Cardinal-s-Man-of-the-Year-links Top 10 Highlights For all of Us Football Fans You Tube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kslh7bPEWhI
  14. Dad, how much do college coaches give credit to "character" when recruiting kids? If one is 90% as talented as another but is outstanding on character, would they go for the high character kid or the higher talented one? The NFL has been dropping guys down a few rounds in the draft for character issues, witness Honey Badger not being taken to the 3rd round.
  15. Saivion Smith being recruited by Bama now: https://www.seccountry.com/alabama/alabama-crimson-tide-recruiting-saivion-smith-lsu-tigers-transfer Hmmm... Wonder what went on here?