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  1. The former Tigers signal caller, now 26 years old, spent three seasons as a professional football player from 2012-14. He spent time with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers in addition to stints in arena football and Canadian football. Jefferson played on LSU’s 2011 SEC Championship team that lost the BCS national championship to Alabama. He started 32 games at quarterback for the Tigers from 2008-11. https://www.seccountry.com/lsu/report-former-lsu-qb-jordan-jefferson-graduate-assistant-houston
  2. That's a reasonable theory. That is why I don't think you should skip a year in taking a QB, and the ideal is 4 scholly QB's, each one year apart. If Lowell thinks he has a good shot to start somewhere, and his path is blocked at LSU by someone who has beaten him out, he's probably gone next year. Unless Canada says he'll play 2 QB's, which I doubt.
  3. We've now probably got the correct number of scholly QB's, 4. Etling will graduate, McMillan is a jr. and may be too late to transfer, and the 2 true frosh who should stay. It's probably the correct move, by the correct QB, who can still have a good college career. He had to see where he was in the pecking order and make his decision. No hard feelings, wish him the best!
  4. Impressive to switch positions and make it in the NFL. He's not the only one, but it is rare. He seems humble and mature, and I hope he keeps hanging around.
  5. Good general discussion of Canada's offense.
  6. notes from second pre season game. Williams put up good numbers at RB. Weight loss seems to suit him. There's more in the article, covers the defense. Etling's stats don't look good, and 2 ints. Brennan breathing down his neck?
  7. Now that Odell has a "body of work", here's his 10 best catches. He's amazing! You know what #1 is....
  8. I haven't seen any film at LSU on Edwards Helaire, but I see a bit on Darrel Williams. In the spring, he seemed a step slow and Tommy Robinson was on him during the drills, both Williams and Brossette. Williams looks better in fall camp, he looks a lot quicker. He lost a little weight, maybe 10 lbs, and I would not think 10 lbs would make that much difference. Here's to a great Sr. season for Williams.
  9. That's amazing! Not that it was a one handed catch. There have been a lot of one handed catches and there are many kinds of one handed catches. If your palm is facing "up" or "toward your body" you can close the gap between your body and the ball and catch it. It's not easy, but its not that hard. But this catch, watch it, his palm is turned outward and a little down!!! That's insane, no "body" to help out, and he just picks it out of the air!!! He's got to have a big hand and long fingers, and we know he has practiced catching those type balls. I love to watch those catches by OBJ, he amazes me!!! I still like that super bowl commercial where Jerry Rice is talking with a kid about 6 years old. Jerry says "some people say I'm the greatest receiver of all time", and the kid says "are you Odell Beckham Jr.?", and Jerry looks at him with a confused look on his face! I laughted.
  10. 2017: Blue getting some press time after the Texans first pre-season game of 2017. Alfred looked good. In this, in the top video, they show Alfred's determined TD run, and there is a 2 min. interview with him in the video at point #6:
  11. I was pretty impressed with Kevin Tolliver his freshman year. I thought the only corner who compared to him as a freshman was Patrick Peterson, and that is going some. Then as noted, he fell off the map his soph season. Supposedly he has committed himself and worked his way back to his freshman level of play, and that would be very good for him and LSU. Geaux Kevin, and compliments to his Dad!
  12. I'm skeptical of the "early" out of state commits. Many will stay with LSU, but some change their mind every year. It's one of the good things about in-state commitments, they tend to stick with LSU through the process. I think some just want to reserve a seat with a big time program, then continue looking. He could always recommit.
  13. The thing that jumps out at you about Chaisson is his quickness, and he has a good feel for his position. I saw him walk back a larger OT, but the tackle stood up to try and react to Chaisson, Chaisson hit him and once the tackle started stepping back Chaisson kept him moving into the backfield and made a tackle. Mostly a mistake by the tackle, but Chaisson took advantage of it, he's "heady". If he plays some opposite of Key, we should have a heck of a pass rush.
  14. Those are all names that should be in the stadium. Stovall finished 2nd in the Heisman voting his sr. year, and Jones was 4th or 5th his sr. year.