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  1. I had dinner with HatcherTiger last night in Lafayette, great time!
  2. Interesting!
  3. Practice schedule this week, Tue., Thur., Sat. I'll be in Lafayette this week not posting much. Might see Hatcher.
  4. Well deserved! Geaux Christian!
  5. He gone! https://www.seccountry.com/florida/clemson-jake-fruhmorgen-transferring-florida
  6. Man, as far as throwing to the backs, my opinion we have a long way to go. QB's don't look that accurate on short passes, and when they hit a RB in the hands, the RB drops it. Guice looks good, so does Etling. These guys have a long way to go to implement a new offense. The RB need to call Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry and ask them how they became great receivers (hint, practice over and over). Other thoughts?
  7. This is not about Sat. practice, I didn't see anything on it. But, it's a great article about 10 new faces expected to contribute this season. http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/03/lsu_freshmen_that_could_make_a.html#incart_river_index
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. This is just a few from the top of the list at the link below: Do we get a commitment this weekend?
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. I am being ravaged. We will all get ravaged. It's ok, its life full cycle. When I look back, I enjoy a life well lived, good family, had a good career, I have some good friends. Through life and experience and some help from my friends I was able to formulate a value system that supported those previous main objectives. Life has been good, and I hope I can write a few more good chapters!
  12. I enjoyed this article a lot, because I was so impressed by Kevin Tolliver his freshman year, then he sort of disappeared his soph season and I did not understand what was going on. Sounds like he is coming back! There is more in the article and if you like Kevin, it is a great read. Kevin's freshman year, I thought he was the most talented physically as a freshman at cornerback since Patrick Peterson (who was a freak, so exceptional). Kevin's length helps him a lot, and he doesn't give up any speed or coordination, which at his height is exceptional. Anyhow, I am stoked to read this, as I would love to see KT do his thing on the field again this season. With Tre White moving on, we need someone to step up. Here's some general info from practice with a few short videos, they show the d-line rotation in this one. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_6fac1804-0a5c-11e7-a88d-b33bf11075b1.html
  13. Yes, it was Tillery I was thinking of. Here is what he said during his recruitment: I guess that was Studrawa. How do you not recruit the top rated o-lineman in the state of La.?
  14. This is from dandydon.com , notes from Tuesday practice: I wondered who the second QB would be, not that the spring ends the way it began. Now we also know what Orgeron is doing at practice, teaching pass rushing technique.
  15. Looks like LSU is hosting another "Junior Day" at practice Saturday. It's good to see LSU staying on these guys. There have been some disturbing reports the last 2 or 3 years about top La. talent that went out of state, and they said the LSU coaches were not calling them and staying on contact. One was an o-lineman from N. La. who ended up at Notre Dame.