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  1. R.I.P Mike VI

    Greg, that was, as Tony the Tiger would say, "G R E A T ! ! !", I really enjoyed it. I also got a lot of respect for Dr. David Baker, Mike's vet. He obviously cares about Mike a lot, and has great insight to a big cat's psychology, which has to be pretty rare. Dr. Baker should write a book about caring for a tiger, the world probably needs one, or another one.
  2. MANCRUSH Malachai Dupre

    Dad, thanks for sharing your insight through this topic, I really enjoy it!!! I hoped we might see Harris the last couple of games with big leads. Now we're in the serious part of the schedule, and there wont' be time for experimenting, you'll have to pick the guy you think can win the game for you and ride him to the end. I have really enjoyed the last two games, with an offense that gives you hope, that explores its possibilities, instead of beating its head against a rock.... When was the forward pass invented??? All the tight ends have caught a ball, but DeSean Smith looks the most athletic out in space, he looks more "receiver-ish". I loved the last pass he caught, a tight end making an athletic move, who would have thought. We've talked about getting the tight end involved in the passing game for 4 years, and it never happened, until Ensminger. Thank you Steve! When you watch the pros, the tight end is a good option on 3rd and 5, something we had trouble with the last few years. Some things, I will never understand.
  3. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    For Texas, unfortunately there are also a lot of D1 universities in TX and they all recruit Houston, along with LSU, Arky and Oklahoma, and lately Bama. Remember, the old Southwest Conf. was all in Texas, except for R Kansas. That said, when they are on their game, UT had their pick of the top kids in TX. Rumor in the late Mack Brown era was that he got lazy and listened to the recruiting services instead of going out and evaluating the kids. Brown signed his kids, but there were more and more that didn't work out.
  4. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    They probably want to be able to continue to recruit Houston, and use against UH that they are not in a major conference. Just guessing. Houston metro area has 4 million people, more than the state of Oklahoma. La. has 4.6 million. There is a lot of D1 talent in Houston.
  5. From here on out...

    from Dandy Don site today, from Coach O's weekly press luncheon: I guess there is still an issue with Valentine, but Eaux is addressing it.
  6. Play Action

    In addition to using play action better, they have a new passing scheme and a new QB. They've changed a lot. I don't think it is all due to play action, as Ensminger and Etling are changes also.
  7. From here on out...

    In general, you're probably right. But, when we see Valentine sitting now, had he earned his playing time the first few games, which was significant, or did Miles "just think he was better"? Kevin Tolliver being suspended could be a new standard of accountability, it seems last year he just went in and played the whole game. I thought he was outstanding for a freshman, but could he have been better if he were held more accountable? How do you correct errors in communication and coverage? Bama is outplaying everyone else right now, and at least LSU has comparable talent, but we've lost 5 in a row to them. The offense explains some, but does it explain all of it? Seems to me Eaux is sending a new message to the team on accountability, and it probably is a good change. You have to be careful, if you misjudge, you can lose a team, or at least a player. But, so far, so good.
  8. Zach Mettenberger - Pro Career Post LSU

    In the Steeler forum, they were saying their o-line has injuries and is not up to its usual self. Is that why big ben is hurt at QB? I hope the Steeler o-line, even if made over, is still better than the Titan o-line Mett played behind. But who knows, he may not even get a shot. Mett is not mobile, but neither is Rothlisberger. I've seen some interesting film on him, and while not nimble, he has a good knack for making one step to the side and a tackler flying at him does not lay a finger on him. He may stand in the pocket better than anybody out there now, and his "one step or two", he may buy more time than anyone. I wish he could tell Mett how he does it, but I suspect its just a sense he has, probably can't tell anyone how he does it.
  9. From here on out...

    I was watching SEC Now, Greg McElroy and Marcus Spears. They talked about LSU prospects going forward. McElroy picked LSU 2-3, said they had not beaten anyone yet, said the offense is just evolving, but it is evolving in the way it needs to. He said the old Miles offense, fist fight in a telephone booth works against teams of lesser talent, but did not work against teams with equal or better talent. Said now adays, you have to spread the team out horizontally and let you playmakers make a guy miss in space. Marcus picked LSU 3-2, possibly 4-1. I guess we're gonna lose to Bama. He pretty much echoed what McElroy said, said he only judges a team when they play a quality opponent. He said they are doing better on offense, but still need to improve. Interesting comments about Bama. They asked why Bama is so good. Marcus said you have a lot of 5*, playing all out. He said at Bama, you perform or you sit. Nobody's job is safe, you have to earn your spot every week, and there are 5* players behind you working hard to get playing time. Everything is EARNED.
  10. Zach Mettenberger - Pro Career Post LSU

    Mett has bounced around since the previous post. Titans cut him, Chargers picked him up and cut him before the season. Pittsburgh picked him up as their 3rd QB behind Rothlisberger and Landry Jones (college at Oklahoma). Rothlisberger tore his miniscus (whatever that is, in the knee) and he's out at least 3 weeks. Jones will be the starter, but Mett is in sight of playing time. I hope Jones stays healthy, but if he's ineffective, based on what the coaches have seen in practice, Mett may get a shot. From one Steeler fan forum (and we know how bright those folks are!): http://steelerfury.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7397&hilit=mettenberger Sounds like it is not a cinch that Jones is that much better than Mett. Mett lacked an o-line at Tennessee, maybe he could look better, Pittsburgh usually has a solid team across the board.
  11. From here on out...

    One game at a time. Overall, we have better talent than OM, look at our recruiting the last few years. OM has the edge at QB, which is an important edge. We're going to have to get pressure on Kelly, so I wonder if Aranda will play this different than previous games, more blitzes. One betting establishment has the game going 37 - 34 for LSU. I'd say that's close, I hope OM does not score that much.
  12. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    Eaux said that players will earn their playing time during practice. Valentine did not play. Kevin Tolliver missed the first half. It sounds like this is a change from the Miles regime, where is they liked you, maybe they overlooked certain things and you played anyway. Sounds like "accountability" to me. I have wondered for a few years about Saban's professional approach vs Miles family approach. Do you think Eaux is moving away from the Miles approach, in this area? There is not much to base this on, but that is what it sounds like to me. In recruiting, Saban has been very effective with his professional approach, because if a kid really has the NFL as an objective, a more mature person will pick the program that can help him get there, and an objective environment can be viewed as helping you, even if it is not the most pleasant one.
  13. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    Danny was 11 out of 18, pretty good considering he went deep as much as he did. Wonder what happened to the short passing game?
  14. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    One thing with Etling this week, on his long throws, he had time and he set his feet well and stepped into his throws well. Better defenses are coming, and I hope he has time and can get properly set up. When he was off last game on the long balls, I didn't think he was set up well. I like Eaux's strategy to throw long to loosen up the defense. We only threw 18 passes this week, too few IMO. DeSean Smith caught a nice ball, he had to be athletic to catch it, it was not an easy catch.
  15. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    I read that Rashard Lawrence has come on in practice, and conditioning is a factor for Valentine. With the big lead late in the game, I thought we might see Brandon Harris and Brossette, missed them.
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