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  1. Remembering the good times

    LSU win over Auburn on Flynn to Byrd last play. My favorite of the Miles era. Dramatic! Arch rival. But, that clock management. If they miss the pass, only 1 second left on the clock. Always poor clock management.
  2. Miles and Cameron Fired

    That's appropriate on Alleva's part, if you give the reigns to Orgeron, don't fire a key guy on the staff in case Orgeron wants him. But, an easy choice for O, if he kept him, he would not get the perm head coach job, and fans may be waiting for him as he exited the stadium Saturday.....
  3. RIP Arnold Palmer

    I saw Gary Player give an interview a month or so ago, he was talking about his amazing daily workouts, like 1,000 crunches a day, plus weight lifting. He said he "always shoots lower than his age", he usually still shoot low 70's. But he said he had called Arnie recently due to Arnie being ill. Jack, Arnie, and Gary are great ambassadors of the game. They'll need another honorary starter at the Masters, I nominate Ray Floyd.
  4. State of the Program - Week 5

    I believe this. The son of a friend was friends with Eaux's son and hung out over there. All the young guys played high school ball. Eaux is like the Pied Piper, those kids loved him, just said he's a GREAT guy! I think the team will respond to him well, and not hold it against him that he is replacing Miles.
  5. State of the Program - Week 5

    The Cholly thing went down very different. They were ready for Cholly to go at least 2 years before he went. His contract ran through '79, and due to his long service, the administration decided to let him complete his contract. Other part, by completing his contract, he would be the longest serving coach and become president of the NCAA Football Coaches Association, an honor he coveted. So, LSU gave that to him. This was all announced at the beginning of his last season. There was no "firing", his contract just expired, but everyone knew he was coaching his last season. His record wasn't that good, but he played a murderous schedule, including #1 Southern Cal in Baton Rouge, the loudest continuous noise in Tiger Stadium according to some. LSU lost 17-12 in the last minute of that one. Those players played hard for Cholly! Cholly was loved, and always welcome in BR. I believe we will see the same with Miles, a loved coach, always welcome in BR!
  6. RIP Arnold Palmer

    Sorry to hear this. I saw a 3 part series on Arnie on the golf channel a few years ago, and they showed how he commercialized golf and brought in the big bucks, for himself at first, but then everyone else got to cash in. Nicklaus said all PGA pro's owe their lifestyle to Arnold Palmer. Arnie brought the "endorsement" game to golf. It worked because of his magnetic personality, the people loved him, Arnie's Army!
  7. Yes or No Question

    Not a mistake. Everyone seem to have figured out how to defend the LSU offense, and despite WANTING to contend for championships, it seems we were slipping farther away, despite have great success recruiting on both sides of the ball. It just was not working, and we needed to try something different to try and get better.
  8. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Eaux is 55 yrs. old. If he made his money at Ole Miss, he's content and well paid at LSU, he's by family, he well could decide at his age, he doesn't need the headaches of head coach and take his 650K bag of shells per year and call it good. I would. Just depends if he wants to take the one shot he has left in his career, if he burns to be a head coach one more time. Up to him. I hope he stays.
  9. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Right. I think Bo is a good coach, a very good DC, but I don't think he is right for the LSU position. If he thought there was politics at Nebraska, we've got it in spades at LSU.
  10. Players react

    The players love the man, and that will not change. We all like Les the man. I do thank him for all he did for the university, I wish him smooth waters in the future.
  11. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Ya Know, Eaux could work out. He can recruit. Hire a great OC and let him bring in his offensive staff as he wants, I think the defensive staff is pretty set, need a DL coach to replace Eaux (not Jenkins, he's one and done, as I am sure he wants it that way). The only one hurt on that could be Aranda, who Eaux would jump. But, Eaux has head coach exp., Aranda does not (that i know of). If they don't geaux with Eaux (), he may leave if he gets a head coach offer, that is a risk.
  12. Miles and Cameron Fired

    For sure! We don't want to go through the litany of lessons learned on hiring head coaches, but let's hope we can do better. Bama had a rough patch picking head coaches for a while, and i think their problem was staying close to the program and picking someone with Bama ties. That did not work out too well for them.
  13. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Cholly Mac had some real bad seasons after the Bert Jones era, like 5-5-1 in '74 (tie with Rice), 5-6 in '75 (with a 3 pt win over Rice), and 6-5 in '79. Five and six loss seasons were getting too frequent. I was in favor of Mac packing. Nice guy, but he did not change with the game, and he lost his recruiting edge, particularly at QB. We could not get the top QB's, And Miles has not been able to get the top QB's.
  14. Miles and Cameron Fired

    I was watching a pro game last year, and Jeremy Hill was running like crazy, and the announcers said, "with Mettenberger, OBJ, Landry and Hill on the same offense, how did LSU ever lose a game?" That's true also.
  15. Toomer's Corner Oak Tree Set on Fire after LSU Game

    What are these folks thinking? Drinking involved? THat's what I'm guessing. I hope he's not that dumb when cold sober.