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  1. Semi-Annual Site Expenses

  2. Good Louisiana Restaurants

    Bear's started in a little trailer out in front of the True Value hardware store in Mandeville. Been in business at least 40 years, no change to the menu.
  3. Good Louisiana Restaurants

    I agree about Bear's Restaurant in Covington for the best po-boys. I love the shrimp, and they also make a killer roast beef. On the RB, the brown gravy and mayo mix and run down your forearms if you are not careful, and you'll be tempted to lick it off its so good, instead of waiting to get back home and take a shower! We just came back from Navare Beach, and we ususally plan our return trip to houston to include lunch at Bears. We got a shrimp po-boy coming and going this time!!! We spent one night in Mandeville and had a good oyster po-boy at Acme Oyster House in Covington, good place.
  4. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    You know, when we get to July 1, I officially get excited about football season. Cause the players will report the first week of August, and July 1 is a month out! Are we there yet?
  5. Good Louisiana Restaurants

    We all know about Cafe Gentilly, but it may be helpful to let our fellow posters or tourists to La. know about some of the lesser known good places to eat in La. http://klfy.com/2016/06/11/10-hole-in-the-wall-restaurants-in-louisiana-that-will-blow-your-taste-buds-away/ Please contribute your other lesser known favorite eating places. If you live in La., where would you recommend we go if we are riding around the state. If you are from out of state nowadays, what are your "must have" stops when you go back to La.? Would a mod please make this a sticky.
  6. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    I looked up Terrence Cody from Bama / Baltimore Ravens, and he had a short (5 year) and not too successful NFL career. He was drafted at near 360, they wanted him down to 340 so he would have the stamina to be an every down player, and improve his quickness. They found that Bama had rested him a lot. Then I looked up Vince Wilfork, Patriots NT and now with the Texans. He is listed at 325, has been an every down player and had a great career. I thought Wilfork weighed more than 325, he must be a little short (not really, he's 6' 2"). Glen Dorsey played the NT spot for the 49'ers at 6' 1" and 300 lbs., and they liked him a lot at NT. So, I have equated success at NT with a behemoth run stopper, and that works in college, but in the NFL where overall team speed is superior, they need more speed even at NT and go with a slightly smaller player, 300 - 325.
  7. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    Yahoooooooo! (not counting chickens before they hatch, but that looks pretty good!)
  8. Louisiana's Vanishing Coast

    FH, I wanted to commend you on your LONG post prior to this one. I don't do coastal erosion, but the amount of detail, history, personal observation, and effort that went into that post is IMPRESSIVE!!! I read the whole thing and enjoyed it (except for the reality occurring now).
  9. LSU football's Mount Rushmore

    After consideration, I put PP7 on the list, replacing Bert Jones. Jones had a great Sr. season, but PP contributed, starting for 3 solid years. I hate to do that to Bert, but performance is performance. PP and Dorsey need their numbers up on Tiger Stadium IMO.
  10. LSU football's Mount Rushmore

    I agree it should be based on LSU accomplishments. Billy Cannon (2× AFL All-Star (1961, 1969), 2× Second-team All-AFL (1960, 1968), 2× First-team All-AFL (1961, 1967), 3× AFL champion (1960, 1961, 1967), AFL rushing leader (1961), Heisman Trophy (1959), Walter Camp Memorial Trophy (1959), 2× TSN Player of the Year (1958, 1959), 2× UPI Player of the Year (1958, 1959), 2× Chic Harley Award (1958, 1959), 2× Unanimous All-American (1958, 1959), 2× SEC Player of the Year (1958, 1959), 2× First-team All-SEC (1958, 1959), National champion (1958), Second-team All-SEC (1957), LSU Tigers No. 20 retired). Interesting note about Cannon, his AFL all star awards in 61 and 62 were at running back with the Houston Oilers, and in 68 and 69 were at tight end for the Oakland Raiders. Patrick Peterson (5× Pro Bowl (2011–2015), 3× First-team All-Pro (2011, 2013, 2015), Jim Thorpe Award (2010), Chuck Bednarik Award (2010), First Team All-SEC (2010), SEC Special Teams Player of the Year (2010), 2× First-team All-American (2009, 2010), USA Today High School Defensive Player of the Year (2007), USA Today High School All-American (2007), NFL record 4 punt return touchdowns, season (tied)) Tommy Casanova (First-team All-Pro (1976), 3× Pro Bowl (1973, 1975, 1976), 3× First-team All-American (1969, 1970, 1971), LSU Tigers No. 37 retired) Glen Dorsey (BCS national champion (2008), SEC champion (2007), 2× First-team All-American (2006, 2007), 2× First-team All-SEC (2006, 2007), SEC Defensive Player of the Year (2007), Lombardi Award (2007), Outland Trophy (2007), Bronko Nagurski Trophy (2007), Lott Trophy (2007)). Dorsey returned for his Sr. year to try and lead the Tigers to a national championship, and he did it! How special is THAT!!! Plus he has a big smile, he had to be great to have in the locker room. He was mature and articulate, even in college. Bert Jones Honorable Mention: (finished 4th in Heisman voting his Sr. year, good career with the Colts shortened by injury), (Second-team All-Pro (1977), NFL MVP (1976; AP), Pro Bowl (1976), First-team All-Pro (1976), TSN College Football Player of the Year (1972), Consensus All-American (1972), First-team All-SEC (1972)) McClendon platooned Jones with Paul Lyons his Jr. season, which left a bad taste in Jones mouth, and hampered McClendon's ability to recruit an outstanding QB to BR, in my personal opinion. Depending on how this season goes, I might revise this list and add Leonard. Leonard has a chance to have a special year, as a cap to a special career.
  11. I enjoyed this article. Pretty much what I think most of us think. http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2016/05/lsu_is_loaded_with_talent_and.html I've been on the road a bit, in Navarre for a few days. Back to normal on Thur.
  12. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    I must agree with the bolded part. Unpleasant memories for sure. And I agree, it started up front on the d-line. Plenty of good enough to stop most teams, except the type of big physical ground gamers we face in the SEC West.
  13. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    You would hope that switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 we would not be so dependent on a kid that is not even enrolled at LSU. I'd love to see him at LSU if he got his stuff together and matured. But if he doesn't make it, seems we have a lot of options. I'm sure we don't want to be counting on true freshmen, they haven't physically matured yet, unless they are truly exceptional. Rashard Lawrence has the press clippings, so I at least expect him to see playing time on the d-line. It will be interesting to see how Aranda lines them up, and how he plays them. Edit: Okie, I stay in football mode. I get interested in basketball and baseball if we make the NCAA tournament, or the CWS.
  14. Booger

  15. No more Uncle Verne

    Peyton Manning stepped out on top, Verne stayed about 5 years too long. But, he banked his check.