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  1. You get a promotion lately?
  2. Hayden Rettig from California was the #3 ranked pro style QB in the nation his Sr. year. Didn't work out here, nor at Rutgers when he went there. Then there is Brennan in this year's class.
  3. 1. That was back in the Studwara era, and there were NO real competitors to JJ, except Lee. Everyone expected JJ to QB his Sr. year, but he got in the trouble. There was never any reason for JJ to leave, he thought he had the job. And after Lee tossed the 2 picks against Bama, he did have the job, just as expected. 2. I had to think about the comment about who kicked the Marine, but it came back to me. I remember you said as you looked at the video of the bar fight, I think you thought a DB had kicked the guy, not JJ. The DB was never arrested, never even mentioned in any official report as I recall. But that ancient history is one I don't spend time thinking about. I think it was a DB, not sure. Edited: if it was a DB, did he end up leaving the program later for fighting? I'm not going to go so far as to call BH a quitter. He's looking at his situation, and he obviously would rather play at a smaller school and try to impress the scouts and get a tryout with a good showing, instead of take his chance against 5 other scholly QB's in a new system, when Etling has the inside track having played a solid season, not flashy, but solid. BH was not solid last year. He's doing what's best for himself in his opinion, and LSU will be fine without him with all the other candidates they have. He's not leaving us high and dry. It happens a lot in college ball, especially at the QB spot.
  4. Agreed. But he can probably find a situation where the 4 other guys are not as talented as the 4 he would be competing with at LSU. I suspect he'll go like Perrilloux or Anthony Jennings, to a smaller school.
  5. Booger McFarland comment on Harris leaving LSU:
  6. I started this to put updates as we see them, interesting notes to the group about recruiting the 2018 class. This morning on Dandy Don:
  7. David Cotton is the #5 ranked recruit in La. this year on Dandy Don's list. On that list (and some question the list as it does not usually jive with Rivals or Scout), LSU has commitments from 4 of the top 8 players in the state. That is excellent for this time of the year, IMO! I don't know if this is considered a strong, average, or down year for La. high school football recruits, does anyone have an answer? My observation is that when LSU has a top 5 team, we have been signing 8 or 9 out of the top 10 and no less than 12 of the top 15, several consecutive years. Let's hope we finish strong. We have gotten commits from a number of 3* players, lets hope they earn another star.
  8. Wow, a country manor! Looks great, and like it will be very peaceful out there!
  9. That's the size that seems to succeed at that position. They must feel a little thin at OLB to go for a JUCO kid, or he must be really good to feel he can make his contribution in 2 years. I don't remember him, will just have to trust the coaches.
  10. Hmmm. I hope this works out well.
  11. Good points Dru. I saw this on Dandy Don this morning, pertinent to this discussion: So, Canada did bring two of his guys, but they can't coach on the field. Burcar's bio says Dave Bucar rejoined the Pitt football staff this year as an offensive graduate assistant. He previously worked with the Panthers from 2009-12. Bucar was the offensive line coach at Tiffin University in 2013 and 2014. Tomsho's bio says Tomsho was a student assistant at NC State and followed Canada to Pitt for one year. So, it doesn't look like these will be on the field coaches, but at least Matt has 2 analysts familiar with his system that he trusts and they know how he thinks.
  12. I was a little surprised that when we had the two openings, Canada didn't get to pick at least one of "his guys" who knows his offense and how to teach it. It seems that would be a huge help to Matt and the success of his very different offensive philosophy. He can TRY to teach it to these coaches, but they may not get it for a another year. That would drastically limit what Canada could do in 2017, without having a few of his own people in there. It's not that I want to see anyone lose their job, but I do want to see Canada put in a position to fully take advantage of the opportunity in front of him. It's somewhat the nature of the role.
  13. I wish him the best, but I don't understand the thought process. Anywhere he goes, he has to learn a new system next year, and there will probably be at least 3 other QB's to compete against for playing time. Depending on what Canada tries to do with the offense, he would seem to have as good a shot at playing time at LSU as anywhere, unless he drops down to a lower tier school, but I don't see that preparing him for the NFL as well as LSU. He could figure that Canada will favor a younger guy and get him learning the new system and have the experience with it in 2018, but I don't see that. If you think this team can contend for the west in 2017, you start the QB that gives us the best chance to win in 2017. I think BH had a good shot at playing time right here. Only other thing could be personally, could he get over being benched for the season, but Miles did that to begin with. So, I still don't get it, but I wish him the best.
  14. Once you have the money thing solved, you can do whatever you want.