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  1. Interesting. He's not real big for a tight end, so they don't plan to use him as another run blocking tackle. An H back. Canada is recruiting for HIS offense. I hope he's fast and can catch, and block a little on certain running plays. Found this, watch the video, he lines up outside and is a receiver.
  2. Provens is listed as an "athlete". LSU continues to recruit for RB, just offered AJ Carter from Many, La., who is already committed to UCLA. He is rated as 3* right now. https://www.seccountry.com/lsu/lsu-offers-top-louisiana-rb-aj-carter
  3. Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about this. We only had 6 spots left, taking a 3*. Article mentions he could play in the slot and run jet sweeps that Canada likes. Our class is highly ranked for 2018, now. I suspect other schools don't have as many commitments, and as their number of commits rises, they may pass us up.
  4. Thanks slotback, for coming around and being a good sport! I'm not much of a baseball fan, and I'm enjoying this CWS. After getting waxed by Oregon State early in the week, it took some nerves of steel to come back and win two in a row from them!
  5. I missed the game, but I have this fantastic rundown to read through! I sounds like another exciting game! No matter how this season ends, I think we can all respect this team, that has fought through adversity to become a fine team. Geaux Tigers!!!
  6. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_8e100bf4-57ad-11e7-9e04-d78942e1bc57.html
  7. I watched the last 3 innings of the game last night, good exciting game! Hess was impressive in his brief appearance. I'm not sure who will pitch Friday against Oregon St., but hoping we win, would Poche be able to pitch on Saturday? If LSU won Fri. and Sat., the championship series starts on Monday. Friday, June 23 Game 11 Oregon State vs. LSU (eastern time) 3 p.m. ESPN Game 12 Florida vs. Winner of Game 10 8 p.m. ESPN Saturday, June 24 Game 13 Winner of Game 11 vs. Loser of Game 11*
  8. Thanks! We went to our daughter's in-laws yesterday for a fish fry, and younger son is visiting today.
  9. I am not a baseball fan, but even I can tell the second half of the season and in particular the last 10 games have been pretty awesome, including last nights comeback win over FSU. I am happy for my Tigalaya brethren who root so hard for Tiger baseball ! Okie, Nootch and Eq4 get special mention.
  10. Thanks GT! I'm happy to see LSU turn this La. kid back to LSU. It looks like Eaux can recruit, and I am sure someone, or several someone's on the staff also can recruit. I think Aranda earned respect around the SEC last season, and Eaux works with the DL along with Pete Jenkins. He's a big kid!
  11. I watched a bit of this. I'm not a baseball fan, but this group's chatter got me interested. I'll watch some more now that we're in the CWS! I'll have to learn some of the players. I know the names from here, but don't have a face with the names. I play golf with a guy whose daughter graduated from LSU (he's a yankee originally). He's made good money, went to a football game in BR, now he makes one or two each year, loves the atmosphere on gameday. He is going to Omaha for the first time, since LSU made it. I told him the fans on this board say its a great experience in the heartland, and the Omaha businesses are glad to see the LSU fans show up. He's stoked now.
  12. I caught the last inning with Eq's pbp, it was exciting just reading it. Great win!
  13. I waited for it to come on when I was a kid, I'd have been around 14, prime watching age for that show.
  14. This guy is NOT a guard. Tall, lanky, rangy guy. He has better characteristics for dealing with the outside LB in the new 3-4 defenses, guys like our own Arden Key. We kept hearing that Miles signed a lot of guards and made a few play tackle with his emphasis on the run, and it worked well, until we got against Bama and had to throw to win, but our "tackle" had a hard time handling their pass rush. Is this part of the Canada plan for a more wide open attack, a little lighter longer more athletic tackle that can move and do more things? I suspect so. At 18, I expect this guy to gain some weight, and probably play at 290, but at 6-6, he will still probably look somewhat lean. I like what I think I see.