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  1. I'm curious about this one. Living in Houston and watching this extensively covered every night for a months on end on the local news, there is no doubt that a massive fraud occurred. The stock was selling at $100 a share, and 6 months later it was worth $1 a share, and the govt. had not gotten involved. It collapsed all on its own, and the primary witness was Sharron Watkins, an internal Enron finance executive who went to Ken Lay, then chairman, and described what she thought was the fraud. Andrew Fastow was the CFO, and he pled guilty to securities fraud and agreed to testify against Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, both convicted. Many lives were ruined here in Houston, the Enron pension fund held mostly Enron stock and peoples pensions were wiped out. Skilling is still in jail, although his sentence was reduced from 24 years to 14 years and he will get out in 2019. There was a securities fraud, and a bunch of executives were convicted and served time. That seems like justice to me. I have not heard of one person who pled guilty, or was convicted, that was not in fact guilty of securities fraud and/or insider trading. All that is not to say that the justice dept. doesn't go after people sometimes. Notably in the Vietnam war era, certain people in the anti Vietnam War movement found themselves with charges filed against them that they thought were political persecution for opposing the government. Heck, Daniel Ellsberg who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press had his case dropped because the Nixon dirty tricks team broke into his psychiatrists office to see his medical records. Those same guys burglarized the Watergate and led to Nixon's downfall.
  2. Just a little more, my grandmother always used Mello Joy coffee, which is being made again in Lafayette. http://mellojoy.com/
  3. I still have one of those. I keep it for when the elec. goes out, or if my elec. pot breaks. When I use it, I'm amazed how good the coffee comes out. But, it's a slow process. My grandmother always made coffee in a pot like that. She would drip it through, pour the coffee out, then drip it through the same grounds again! She always had good strong coffee, served in "little cups", and always with real cream. Off topic, but, in the winter just before going to bed, grand mother made a "hot toddie", a half class of milk that had been warmed, a jigger of peach brandy (or other brandy), and a teaspoon of sugar, stir well. She claimed she slept very well!
  4. From Aranda's comments on anger, seems there's a difference of opinion on how to correct players mistakes between he and Saban! Aranda is unusual, I don't think I've ever heard a defensive coach like him, but I like it. A lot of players would like to play for Dave Aranda, I think.
  5. Excellent interview with Aranda, some look back to last season, more look forward to this season. I like this guy.
  6. On Tyler, you know as much (probably more) than I do. I found this from the spring: https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/lsu/2018/04/08/prize-2017-lsu-signee-tyler-shelvin-starting-throw-his-weight-around-good-way/497570002/ Not the starter, but should play. On the spring game, I can't say that McMillan did not play well. But he did not "shine" either. I would have put him a little behind Etling, and hope he could live up to Danny's play by the time the season rolled around. But we must be more productive at QB to have a chance against Bama and Ga., or Miss St. or Auburn. The verbal reports on Burrow indicate he may be a momentum changer, and I sure hope he is. In his spring game film, he looked better than all of our QB's, that's all I have to go on. (but he didn't have the Bama front 7 going after him)
  7. LSU reports Friday Aug. 3 for fall camp, 4 weeks to go! There is cause for some optimism. I think we'll have better quality depth on the o-line and d-line. I wish Tyler Shelvin had been available last year, but sitting out a year could have some benefits also, especially in terms of his conditioning. But it sounded like he didn't lose any weight last year while he was sitting out, seems like lately they were talking about him being down to 350, and they want him at 330. Then we pick up transfer Fehoko from Tx Tech. Our linebackers should have better depth and we don't have to send in true frosh for backups, those guys are sophs now. We have new depth on the o-line, hopefully it is quality depth. I agree that Burrow could be a game changer. With two 4* soph QB's, and McMillan playing well in the spring game, we have the best depth at QB in at least a decade. Switching to a spread offense, we don't have a Fournette or Guice, but Clyde EH could be just what the doctor ordered for this year's offense, a quick smaller elusive back that can catch a pass out of the backfield. Provens is fast also. I think we'll find 4 receivers that will contribute. If Burrow shows well in Ensminger's offense, it will help LSU QB recruiting for a few years to come. It's a little unfortunate that we have to break in a new offense and QB with Miami and Auburn in the first 3 weeks, that won't be easy. But it would have been a lot harder without Burrow. I think the defense will be very good, we just can't have injuries at the thin CB spot. We have some quality, just not enough of it. We certainly have top flight competition. Let's see how we do. I'm excited. I can't predict a regular season record, too many unknowns to me. Thinking last year was 7-5. Hopefully we'll do better, step it up to 9-3 or 10-2. https://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2018/05/lsu_rated_as_the_secs_no_1_tou.html?__vfz=rtw_top_pages%3D3942800015080
  8. Donte Starks is the 4th of Dandy Don's top 10 in the state to commit to LSU. The remaining 6 are uncommitted so far. Sopsher (DL), Devonta Lee (WR), Trey Palmer (WR), John Emery (RB), Ray Parker (OT), and Chester Kimbrough (CB) are the other in the top 10. In spots 11-15, so far LSU has 2 commitments. Historically, for LSU to contend in the top 5 programs, we need to get 12 out of the top 15 players in the state as our base, then add top players from our traditional recruiting grounds. With 19 commits in the class of 2019, we don't have room for all these La. kids. Only 6 more spots for 9 uncommitted in the top 15. Unusual year with La. having such a strong class. I'm sure we'd take all 6 who are uncommitted in the top 10, and that would close the class out.
  9. Looks like a good one!
  10. Incredible story of Ed Orgeron's wife Kelly. I had no idea. I'm impressed. Says something good about Ed that such a strong woman chose to marry him, and stay married to him. Geaux Kelly! https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/07/02/kelly-orgeron-lsu-tigers
  11. Heck, someone is noticing.
  12. It used to be Bagwell and Biggio, the killer B's. Now add Bregman to the list! I was watching part of the Astro's game over the weekend, and they said CLEARLY Bregman was the Astro of the month for June. The only question was who was second, Altuve or Correa. I hope they make a good run at repeating as WSC. I heard they signed another good pitcher in the off-season.
  13. Just watched David Toms win the US Senior Open by one stroke, he had two putts from 12 feet to win it, second putt looked like 2.5 ft and it didn't drop in clean, but it dropped. His first win on the Senior Tour (eligible at 50 and Tom is 51), and his first win in 7 years.
  14. Emcee, you have been missed, but from what you say, that's UNDERSTANDABLE! Some scary times, but now are the good times! Your daughter is beautiful! Hopefully we'll hear more from you in the fall! Last fall wife and I spent a week in Dillsboro at a Best Western right on a river. We drove to some hiking spots, but they made it hard, big parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway were closed due to flooding damage. Good BarBQue spot in Dillsboro, good as TX barbque. Spent one day in Ashville, had dinner with a former co-worker at a restaurant next to a butcher shop, very good!
  15. Powerful comments by Aranda: