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  1. It's raining like hell over here in Houston right now!
  2. Nootch, that's a GREAT story, I enjoyed. Your sports writing is pretty good. Casey Gisclair may not be worried, but its pretty good. Call a movie studio?
  3. Sorry to hear this. I hoped he had more years to grace LSU with his presence. But, he had a full rich life, he sounded fulfilled and at peace in his interviews in later years. You can't ask for much more. The sense I got from his interviews that impressed me was how precise and achievement oriented he was, not just in football but in his life. It seemed if he went after something, he went after it to win. He would study what it took to win, and then he set about doing that. I got the sense that yes, he had some natural gifts, but winning a Heisman for him was not just an accident, he'd prepared to excel. When he addressed the LSU football team, I think that is what he tried to impart to them. Very impressive man. I'm so glad that he was able to reconnect with the LSU community the way he did! RIP Billy Cannon!
  4. I went by a Jacksonville board to see what they think about Leonard after a season, and there was an article they were talking about that said Leonard was not that instrumental in Jacksonville's turnaround last year, rather it was the defense that came on. Here are a couple of fan assessments of the article: I've watched the Jacksonville board a bit last year, and the reaction to Fournette has been interesting. He's good, they know he's good. But, he didn't break many really long runs like he did at LSU. Certainly the average defense in the NFL is better than college. But when you consider the defense was keying on Leonard all the time, and he carried the ball a lot, he was their workhorse. They will count of DJ Chark to make a difference in the passing game this year, and hopefully take some pressure off of Leonard, get that eighth guy out of the box by making them respect the passing game. THen there is always the Jacksonville dig, is Blake Bortles at QB good enough to make anyone respect their passing game? Most fans over there think not. I hope he develops into a better QB with experience, some guys have done that like Jim Plunkett after he was revived in Oakland and won a Super Bowl. I hope they don't use him up like Houston did to Earl Campbell, who was highly highly productive for 5 years as the bellcow, then his career suddenly ended, he was used up. I also wonder about Leonard, will he learn anything about running in the NFL with a season under his belt? Can an NFL running back learn about the game after his rookie year, or is a back fully developed by the time he hits the NFL, its all physical and instincts, and he is as good as he's going to get (which is damn good!)?
  5. I have never wanted you to be right any more than this post! I think the turmoil with the rumors of Canada leaving pretty much killed our chances with any elite QB last year. This was probably the best solution we could have hoped for.
  6. I guess they make that decision in August. If he won the backup job, they would not redshirt him. If McMillan is the backup (assuming Burrow does what he is coming here for, to win the starting job), then maybe Brennan could redshirt.
  7. Yea!!! 2 years to play. I wonder how that affects the other 3 QB's? I would hate to see anyone leave, but if 1 did, if the 3 QB's left have more talent than the 3 QB's previously on the team, its still a win. Brennan played so he only has 3 years left. Narcisse redshirted, so he's got 4 years left.
  8. I was rolling through youtube this morning and I ran across this list of top 10 country hits, and I remembered this topic. Looks like we got a lot of them, missed Johnny Cash. Some interesting back stories.
  9. Looks like Syracuse or Ole Miss!
  10. We had some quality kids at corner, if they live up to their high school reputation. But we truly lacked depth. We needed help, and hopefully Many will provide some of it. Even now if we get our depth up, we're going to lack experience, most of those guys have not seen the field as college corners.
  11. From Neatherly's perspective, if he can make it at corner, seems he'd have a better shot at the NFL. There are a LOT of very talented WR that come out of college. Not so much cornerbacks.
  12. I'd like to see LSU with a QB in the second half of my lifetime also!
  13. I knew I recognized him, couldn't remember the name, had to look it up. But yes, it happens.
  14. If Burrow looks at the spring game film, he can probably catch a replay on the SEC Network, he can judge from what he saw what his chance to beat out the other QB's for this year. We should not guarantee him anything, but he has current film to judge his chances by.
  15. I don't see that happening, but that's just me. LSU would showcase the young man much better. Of course, I'm biased.