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  1. Yes sorry for misprint I was thinking that my fingers was somewhere else at the time! I will be more attentive in the future of who we do have as Coach!
  2. Thanks very much to all of you for allowing me with full mugs to be a part of your Board. Hopefully we will have some great discussions about everything LSU and across the SEC. I Say Geaux Tigers!
  3. I picked JJ/Mettenberger and Ware RB/Hilliard FB with Ford and Ware close behind, this absolutly will be the best overall Backfield in the Country and it will be fun watching them play and grow as a team also with R. Randle at WR it is going to be fun! Les will want to start JJ because of the confidence he has in him. After the first set of downs it will be Mett coming in on passing downs and JJ on running downs. If there ever was a time to use the 2 QB system this coming year will be that time. This is JJ's last year and there is no way anyone else gets the start over JJ unless, he does something stupid in the Spring or Fall camps that warrents Mett starting. Now I believe it will be Ware at RB and Hilliard as FB with Ford relieving on running downs and Blue in on Passing downs. Ford and Blue will get their chances but because Blue is better catching the ball down field out of the backfield he will be in on the passing downs. We are set up this year to make a run for it all if the Defense comes around and can hold the Points Per Game to 17 or below and hold the running game to 100yds or less and do not allow to many big passing plays on the young DB's until they get playing time under their belts LSU will be a top 5 team all year long. I look for LSU to have a 35+ points a game on Offense or more and 12.5 points a game on Defense. I Say Geaux LSU, I Say Geaux Tigers!