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  1. Oh I wasn't saying the problem was for this year. I made that comparison because early playing time likely played a role in each of their decisions to go to Clemson or Fla. State instead of LSU. The numbers they put up this season pretty much prove them correct, unless one came to LSU and took most / all of Darrel's touches of this season. So far as what we've got, I like Clyde. Nick hasn't shown anything. I'm not saying he's terrible, but I have no faith at this point that he's the answer. We've got Chris Curry coming in and a listed Athlete who has played a lot of RB in High School in Tae Provens, 5'11" 187 out of Gurley, AL. Then we're supposedly in a two school race for Harold Joiner, 4*, 6'3" 218, but he's from Birmingham so it's not often we pry one away from Saban. Especially at the RB position.
  2. We better have another serious RB or two in this class other than current commit Chris Curry.
  3. Clemson's Etienne Jr. versus Fla. State's Cam Akers for anyone who's interested. Both guys have got quite a bit of playing time in their debut seasons, on par with what Darrel Williams has done for us. So basically they would have needed to beat out Williams to get similar touches as they have with their current respective teams. Akers has been the #1 back while Etienne has been an equal third in the Clemson RB rotation. Fla. State has made some mistakes, but they are also looking overmatched in this contest. I know, I know, Tiger Bait.
  4. It's in Tuscaloosa. If we played them 10 times in Tuscaloosa, how many would we win? So, I give us about a 10% chance of winning. I'm hoping we create some big time defensive turnovers that give us the momentum for us and we seize the opportunity.
  5. Just made a sweet defensive play and a long throw out to get the runner at 1st. He's up to bat to lead off the bottom of the 7th.
  6. Gotta give him props for getting in that Weekend at Bernie's reference.
  7. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Quite enthusiastic when you can take a dump on CEO and any losses we incur. Maybe, just maybe, we are playing a ton of young players and we're growing. Getting better week by week. Is that possible? Now we make a comeback win for the ages and, instead of giving any, ANY, credit to the coaching staff, you scoff and continue your narrative. C'mon man, own up on this one.
  9. Enjoying credit?
  10. What's that old sayin'? Don't ever let the truth get in the way of a good story. =)
  11. Yikes. If this continues on, our coordinators will be looking to jump ship after season's end. Maybe already putting out feelers. Money talks, and LSU is paying these coordinators very top dollar, but they'll get paid nicely elsewhere if they recognize the [poop] show for what is. These two have enough money to last 'em. They were ascending coordinators who wanted to be part of a Championship program.
  12. I can't say that I scrutinized him from the perspective of partiality so I'll leave that for others to decide. Yet, I have to admit, I think Danielson is THE best College Football analyst in the game. He frequently knows what the teams are going to do, regardless of the team. Did you get to watch some of the early games this season with Romo broadcasting? What did you think? I liked his takes. He was bringing X's and O's to the discussion. Evidently, someone told him to cool off on that which I find strange, but curious of others' opinions.
  13. A win against an SEC foe like Florida speaks for itself. But didn't you think we caught them with a couple of shifts? There was nothing dominant about this performance. I'll take the W, but we were not impressive.
  14. Defensive Rookie of the Year through one quarter of the season: The NFL's pick for Defensive Rookie of the Month was cornerback Tre'Davious White, who has played regularly and effectively. Buffalo's first-round pick has been on the field for 256 snaps, second in the league among defensive rookies behind Jets safety Marcus Maye. Teams have gone after the former LSU standout, but White has held his own; his eight passes defensed are tied for the league lead with Chiefs corner Terrance Mitchell. White also returned a fumble for a crucial touchdown in Sunday's win over the Falcons, although he also committed a pass interference penalty on the Buffalo 1-yard line against Mohamed Sanu. Most of the other candidates are in the secondary. The Jets' safety duo of Maye and sixth overall pick Jamal Adams have exceeded all expectations. Adams' versatility and ability to play multiple roles in a defense lacking playmakers behind the defensive line has been noticeable.