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  1. Who was his OC when he transferred and resurrected his career? Going on to be a 3rd round draft pick after being left for dead by most fans / analysts. Matt Canada. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/patriots-qb-jacoby-brissett-writes-thank-note-barack-obama-white-house-visit-171629048.html
  2. http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/04/for_the_last_10_years_lsu_has.html#incart_river_home Fact or fiction? LSU has had more defensive backs taken in the last 10 NFL drafts than any other college team. That's a fact. The Tigers have had 15 DBs drafted in that time period, including four first-rounders. Fact or fiction? Along with Ohio State, LSU has had more wide receivers chosen in the last NFL 10 drafts than any other school. That's a fact. The Tigers and Buckeyes have had 10 wide receiver selections each, including three first-rounders for LSU. It's an amazing accomplishment, considering the Tigers' passing game has rarely been viewed as anything resembling dangerous. Fact or fiction? LSU is one of six schools with the second-most quarterbacks picked in the last 10 NFL drafts. A mind-boggling fact. USC leads the way with four, but LSU's three selections (JaMarcus Russell No. 1 overall in 2007, Matt Flynn in round 7 in 2008, Zach Mettenberger in round 6 in 2014) ties Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford and Texas A&M. Ted Miller of ESPN.com, a former co-worker of mine once upon a time at the Mobile (Ala.) Register, did some extensive research examining the last 10 NFL Drafts. His first discovery was no secret - the SEC has had 459 players selected since the 2007 NFL Draft, 119 more than the Atlantic Coast Conference which ranks second. Miller also found that LSU and USC have had the most players in that period with 62 each, followed by Alabama with 58 and Ohio State with 57. But Miller took his research deeper. He broke down position by position which schools had the most players drafted since 2007. Besides having the most defensive backs drafted and tying for first with the most wide receivers and most defensive tackles (6), LSU was second with most running backs (8) and tied for second with most defensive ends (8). Here's the position-by-position leaders in the last 10 drafts: Quarterback: USC 4 Runners-up: LSU, Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas A&M (tied with three each) Running back: Alabama 10 Runner-up: LSU 8 Wide receiver: LSU, Ohio State 10 each Runner-up: USC 9 Tight end: Miami, Stanford 5 each Runners-up: Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, USC (tied with four each) Offensive tackle: Oklahoma 6 Runners-up: Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Iowa, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech (tied with five each) Offensive guard: Arizona State, Iowa 5 each Runners-up: Georgia, Tennessee (tied with four each) Center: USC 4 Runners-up: Alabama, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, Wisconsin (tied with three each) Defensive tackle: LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Penn State 6 each Runners-up: Clemson, Florida State, Michigan, Texas (tied with five each) Defensive end: Florida 9 Runners-up: LSU, Clemson, Missouri (tied with eight each) Linebacker: Ohio State, USC 11 each Runners-up: Georgia, 10; Florida State, Oklahoma, Penn State (tied with nine each) Defensive back: LSU 15 Runner-up: Alabama, 13
  3. Thanks for sharing. You could never deny it from his play on the field that the young man has a passion for the game, a downright dominant, tasmanian devil type of energy. It's exciting to see how much he lives and breathes it everyday, striving to be the best. LSU is lucky to have him and he seems genuinely proud and lucky to have this opportunity.
  4. https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/04/17/lsu-tigers-offense-matt-canada
  5. It's official: http://www.scout.com/college/lsu/story/1771435-lsu-lands-former-5-star-dt-breiden-fehoko
  6. That should solidify Jamal as a top 10 draft pick. DeSean looks like UDFA to me, but if he can get with a good offense and they are patient with him, he could turn out to be a steal.
  7. I don't have any issue with 95% of what he said. Most of it's true. Certainly his responses are gong to be from his perspective. My only gripe with his interview is he never really came out and said, "Well, I had some chances and I didn't get the job done. We can blame the system or the coaches and the water boy, but certainly I was the starting QB for some time and I didn't play as well as I'd have liked to."
  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=augustiner+biergarten+salzburg&espv=2&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjbuJfWyv7SAhUGjVQKHfToDYQQsAQIPw&biw=1920&bih=1070#imgrc=ae14_WfM4M2XEM:
  9. Post-Scrimmage Notes: LSU coach Ed Orgeron addressed the media for the first time since Saturday's scrimmage and touched on a few players who missed Tuesday's practice with injuries. The most notable absence was running back Derrius Guice who Orgeron said sat out with "just regular stuff. Just a little swollen ankle or something like that from the scrimmage. Nothing bad." Defensive lineman Christian LaCouture, who had been practicing in a gold non-contact jersey, missed participating in practice but was observed on the sidelines watching. Outside linebacker Sci Martin missed practice and Orgeron indicated the injury could keep him out some time as they wait to hear. "Sci did get injured on Saturday," Orgeron said. "We haven't gotten the results yet. As soon as I get the results officially I will let you know what happened." Orgeron said cornerback Andraez Williams "should be back in a couple days" and tight end Jamal Pettigrew, who missed a practice last week, has had "ankle problems" and the team is waiting to get a complete diagnosis as well. Here are some other highlights from Orgeron's press conference: On LSU's new basketball coach Will Wade: "First of all, I want to congratulate Will Wade, our new basketball coach. Want to welcome him to the Tiger family on behalf of our coaching staff and our football team. We wish him good luck. This is one of the greatest places to coach in the country. I'm sure he's going to enjoy it." On offensive standouts so far in spring practice: "Some of the guys that are doing well are Lloyd Cushenberry playing at center. He's doing a good job. Maea Teuhema at guard. Garrett Brumfield is having a good spring. Obviously K.J. Malone at left tackle. Austin Deculus is making some improvements. He's going to be a really good player for us. At quarterback, Danny (Etling) continues to look good. Justin (McMillan) made a bunch of big plays today running the football and so did Scott. Lindsey Scott did a good job. Lowell Narcisse continues to make improvements. Some of his snaps underneath the center, he's not accustomed to yet but he will. He's been throwing the ball very well, he has a very strong arm. All four of our quarterbacks are doing well. I think the guy that's having the most improved spring is (Darrel) Williams. He's running the ball very well. He's doing a very good job. His weight is 229. He had a good scrimmage on Saturday and another good one today. You can see the work of Tommie Robinson, an excellent coach. It's coming together very well. On defensive standouts so far in spring practice: I'm really pleased with the progress of Andre Anthony. He's a guy that was with us last year but couldn't practice. He's a guy that can really run. He's exactly what we want at the outside linebacker position. Devin White making a bunch of progress at that middle linebacker. Donnie Alexander is being a leader for us. Donte Jackson is looking good at corner. Kevin Toliver is being really, really consistent this year and having a good spring and so is Saivion Smith. John Battle and Ed Paris continue to be our safeties with Eric Monroe, Cam Lewis and Grant Delpit backing them up and Xavier Lewis, JaCoby Stevens on the other. Both those young guys are going to be very good. Really pleased with the progress of Justin Thomas. What a good athlete. Mid-year graduate for us, we think that he's going to be a good football player. Frank Herron is having a good spring going into his senior year. Corey Thompson, Ray Thornton at F linebacker, those guys are doing well. On special teams progress: We're continuing to make some improvement on special teams. We're breaking it up obviously coach by coach. We're doing a lot better job of teaching the fundamentals of the game. We're breaking it down part by part. Coaching it very well. Having some great meetings. I can see the progress being made by our organization and by each of our coaches. On the coaching staff coming together: "I love my coaching staff. I love coming to work and seeing them every day. I love the meetings. We laugh and joke and we're serious. The best thing I feel good about this coaching staff is we went out and got some of the best coaches to coach the Tigers. When I see them coaching and I see them meeting with our young men, I know that we went out and gave them some of the best mentors and coaches that we possibly can. You feel good about that as a coach." On Ray Thornton working at B linebacker: "He will sometimes play F and sometimes play B. Those positions are interchangeable. One just drops and one just rushes. They are very interchangeable so he needs to learn both. That was the first day he played with me at B." On Christian LaCouture wearing No. 18: "You know, Christian was going out (for the Draft). Myself, Pete Jenkins and Dave Aranda went to his home and recruited him. I think it was the day before we went there, he was gone. He was gone off to the NFL. But one of the things we discussed in the home was we wanted him to wear 18. That was huge for him and his family. It wasn't only a recruiting tol but we gave it to him anyway. We had other guys who deserved it, some guys on the other side the ball. We thought about sharing it but we don't give two different numbers here at LSU. We won't do that. We don't plan on doing it so that's why we gave it to Christian." On shovel passes in practice: "I think Matt Canada ran 16 shovel passes versus Clemson in that game. It's no secret that he runs it. It's a very tough play. It's one of the plays that he discussed with me on his interview. It is a play that we will run." On players adapting to Canada's offense: "He told me in five years this is the best his offense has looked. That's a tribute to our coaching staff No. 1. He has a brand new coaching staff too and our players. One thing about our players, they have done everything we asked of them. We ask them to do something, they get it done." http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/03/ed_orgeron_address_injuries_an.html#incart_river_home
  10. I can't say I've followed the guy, but this appears to be a great hire. from dandydon.com Whoa! It’s official, LSU has hired Will Wade as its next men’s basketball coach. Though he is only 34, Wade appears to be an excellent student of the game and a slam dunk hire. As mentioned yesterday, Wade has already compiled a 91-45 record (.669) in just four seasons with a 55-15 conference record (.786) and has made the NCAA tournament the last two seasons with VCU. Considering LSU has made the tournament just twice in the past 11 seasons, Wade’s recent success is highly encouraging news to many Tiger fans, myself included. Add the fact that media sources have stated Wade is a tireless worker who considers LSU a “dream job,” and that he’s shown the ability to recruit in the South, which includes signing Louisiana product Malik Crowfield to VCU, the signs of building a long-term successful program at LSU are very strong. Wade’s hiring is huge news and I’m absolutely pumped! I remember well when I was a youngster in the late 70s/early 80s heading out to a packed “Deaf Dome” on many Saturday nights to watch the Tigers compete at a high level. Here’s hoping, and expecting, to see LSU return to such heights under Coach Wade. For the first time in far too long, the future of LSU men’s basketball looks awfully bright. More on this topic in tomorrow’s report.
  11. Linemen coming out of College these days are less and less prepared for the NFL game. You can blame the spread offense for a great deal of that phenomenon. Players today have so much more knowledge at their hands, year long training regimens, and nutritional aid than even 15 years ago. It makes it so that, a player who doesn't have a long history of injuries and is very dedicated to taking care of his body, can play more years than traditional thinking. You look at a guy, Luke Joeckel, 25 years old, played LT at Texas A&M, was the 2nd overall pick a few years ago. Has an entire family history of football. He just got picked up by the Seahawks on a deal that, I believe, has very little guaranteed. The Seahawks are desperate for OLine help, as are many teams across the league. In these scenarios, you're better off with Whitworth for two years and try to groom someone behind him. Barring a sudden injury that can happen to anyone, you know what you're going to get. The days of OLinemen being the 'safe bet' when it comes to the draft, those days are gone.
  12. The humor is ho hum, but I don't see how anyone can read that and feel sorry for the guy. I've dealt with A LOT worse and so have most of us. This idea that, poor, pitiful, kid who comes back with a BOAT LOAD of food and rations from his family, is in need of sympathy is a joke. He can go out and get a real job like anyone else tomorrow. Until then, keep on chasing the dream brother.
  13. Condolences and best wishes for your family.
  14. Impressive indeed. One at each level of the defense.
  15. I've been to the Po Boy Fest on Oak Street in NOLA a few years back when it was just gaining steam. Po Boys don't lend themselves to getting to try a bunch of different things, so you may only get to sample 2, 3, 4, whatever. But it's still a worthwhile, fun thing to do. I wish I could have tried 10 different ones if I could eat that much.