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  1. There may not be sufficient evidence to charge them with crimes. However, since they posted their incredulous video to social media, there's no reason not to expose their identities to the World.
  2. He's gone. Not sure if he was ever going to get his academics squared away. http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/07/lsu_football_isaiah_washington.html#incart_river_home
  3. He may not ever come off that thing in the summertime!
  4. Both he and Willie Allen transferring are pretty much shockers to me. They haven't even given it a chance yet to get their turn. There are PLENTY of examples at both OLine and DB to see that if you wait your turn and work your tail off, you're going to the NFL. Could be off the field related. Could be Saivion's homesick. Hopefully we'll get some real reasons, but I doubt it. Bryan Lazare‏ @bldore Follow More CB Savion Smith leaving #LSU. Got passed up by Greedy Williams in race for 3rd cornerback in spring practice.
  5. Word is that he was screwing up in multiple ways, Dad got wind of it and brought him back home to Georgia to straighten him out. Partying, failed drug tests, missing some classes, etc. Don't shoot the messenger, that's just what I've heard. The part about gaining the weight, I can see it. Prior to his enrollment at LSU it was said he was working like a mad man and gained 15 to 20 lbs. before he showed up. So I could see it being true again if he's got some additional structure from his family, if he's focused and his diet has improved. He has an opportunity to be a top 5 selection in the 2018 draft. Hopefully he's going to come back with a disciplined, goal oriented mindset.
  6. Two Tigers and a Saint. Nice.
  7. I haven't studied BYU, but they went 9-4 last season and each game they lost was either a 1 point loss, or a 3 point loss (Utah loss 19-20, UCLA loss 14-17, West Virginia loss 32-35 and Boise State loss 27-28). Three of those losses came in weeks 2,3, and 4 when, as a team with a first year under their new head coach, they were still getting their feet under them and getting the scheme down. BYU also gets a warm-up game against Portland State the week before they play us. You can read more about some of the players they've lost here: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/byu-cougars-2017-spring-football-preview While BYU probably is no pushover and is looking for big things this season, I still say we'll be able to out-talent them in what is essentially a home game for LSU. Then, playing in Starkville with those god forsaken cow bells has been a tough venue for us since Dan Mullen arrived. Outlook for Miss. State: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/mississippi-state-bulldogs-2017-spring-football-preview Overall, I'd agree with you that these first 5 weeks give us quite a bit of opportunity to build as a team and especially on offense. Lot of home games in that early stretch though, which leaves us on the road for FLA, Ole Miss, Bama, and Tenn this year.
  8. My fault. When will the Saints FO come out and admit something similar? They have full access and should have a clear line to signing the preferred undrafted guys. La'El, his situation was so unfair, but the Saints should have been all over that. They should have been more 'in the know' than any other team in the NFL. And he ends up going to the Cowboys. Ugh. I'm not saying the Saints have an aversion to LSU players, but they don't.... well, draw your own conclusion. I live here in Seattle and this GM and HC are lining up to sign Louisiana guys, especially DBs.
  9. Good place to start. Take the practice squad for a year or two if you can. Learn from the best.
  10. Dwayne Thomas reminds me of Jalen Mills last year, underappreciated. Mills got drafted in the 7th round, but played much better than that once he got his shot with the Eagles. Thomas was listed at LSU Pro Day right at 5'11 and 195. That's nearly identical to Tre' White. Thomas did have the season ending injury one season, but he's also proven he's versatile, just like Mills. He also was playing with a lot of swagger once he got back fully healthy and made some big plays early in his career and late last season. A lot of DBs at LSU end up not being corners or safetys, but DBs. DBU. They play corner, nickle, dime, safety. In Aranda's scheme Thomas was used as a jack of all trades some. That versatility is a plus in the eyes of NFL scouts. I'd love for the Saints to take a flier on him in the 7th. Even if he doesn't get drafted though, he'll be in a camp one way or another.
  11. Who was his OC when he transferred and resurrected his career? Going on to be a 3rd round draft pick after being left for dead by most fans / analysts. Matt Canada. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/patriots-qb-jacoby-brissett-writes-thank-note-barack-obama-white-house-visit-171629048.html
  12. http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/04/for_the_last_10_years_lsu_has.html#incart_river_home Fact or fiction? LSU has had more defensive backs taken in the last 10 NFL drafts than any other college team. That's a fact. The Tigers have had 15 DBs drafted in that time period, including four first-rounders. Fact or fiction? Along with Ohio State, LSU has had more wide receivers chosen in the last NFL 10 drafts than any other school. That's a fact. The Tigers and Buckeyes have had 10 wide receiver selections each, including three first-rounders for LSU. It's an amazing accomplishment, considering the Tigers' passing game has rarely been viewed as anything resembling dangerous. Fact or fiction? LSU is one of six schools with the second-most quarterbacks picked in the last 10 NFL drafts. A mind-boggling fact. USC leads the way with four, but LSU's three selections (JaMarcus Russell No. 1 overall in 2007, Matt Flynn in round 7 in 2008, Zach Mettenberger in round 6 in 2014) ties Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford and Texas A&M. Ted Miller of ESPN.com, a former co-worker of mine once upon a time at the Mobile (Ala.) Register, did some extensive research examining the last 10 NFL Drafts. His first discovery was no secret - the SEC has had 459 players selected since the 2007 NFL Draft, 119 more than the Atlantic Coast Conference which ranks second. Miller also found that LSU and USC have had the most players in that period with 62 each, followed by Alabama with 58 and Ohio State with 57. But Miller took his research deeper. He broke down position by position which schools had the most players drafted since 2007. Besides having the most defensive backs drafted and tying for first with the most wide receivers and most defensive tackles (6), LSU was second with most running backs (8) and tied for second with most defensive ends (8). Here's the position-by-position leaders in the last 10 drafts: Quarterback: USC 4 Runners-up: LSU, Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas A&M (tied with three each) Running back: Alabama 10 Runner-up: LSU 8 Wide receiver: LSU, Ohio State 10 each Runner-up: USC 9 Tight end: Miami, Stanford 5 each Runners-up: Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, USC (tied with four each) Offensive tackle: Oklahoma 6 Runners-up: Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Iowa, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech (tied with five each) Offensive guard: Arizona State, Iowa 5 each Runners-up: Georgia, Tennessee (tied with four each) Center: USC 4 Runners-up: Alabama, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, Wisconsin (tied with three each) Defensive tackle: LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Penn State 6 each Runners-up: Clemson, Florida State, Michigan, Texas (tied with five each) Defensive end: Florida 9 Runners-up: LSU, Clemson, Missouri (tied with eight each) Linebacker: Ohio State, USC 11 each Runners-up: Georgia, 10; Florida State, Oklahoma, Penn State (tied with nine each) Defensive back: LSU 15 Runner-up: Alabama, 13
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