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College Football Week 2 thoughts

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ok, so another week in the books.

the polls won't reflect it, but the top 3 teams flip flopped roles from a week ago.

  • Bama efficiently beat a severely out manned team (Western Kentucky), but it wasn't flashy, and not as pretty as expected.
  • USC took 3 1/2 quarters to pull away from a not great Syracuse team.
  • LSU completely and thoroughly dominated a decent (ranked around 30-ish) Pac-12 team.

    the upsets have already begun for the 2012 season. ranked teams that fell to unranked teams this week:

    • #8 Arky loses to UL-M
    • #13 Wisconsin loses to Oregon St.
    • #16 Nebraska loses to UCLA
    • #18 Okie St got routed by Arizona

    new SEC teams provide some spark.

    Mizzou had possible the ugliest uniforms in the history of the conference, but gave Gawja a game until mid-way through the 4th.

    They do not appear to be a pushover, but will strruggle until they can build up enough depth to last deeper into these games.

    A&M also looked pretty good until the 2nd half started. Same problem they had last year. Can they get over the mental block they apparently have?

    Injury bug is already biting Arky pretty good.

    Wilson is injured (no word on how bad), plus they lost a couple guys on their defense.

    Congrats to Landmass St. for finally winning a division game against someone other than Ole Piss.

    yeah it was against what looks to be a BAD Auburn team, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

    Shaping up to be an entertaining season so far.

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I think the SEC is getting top heavy. Or I should say the SEC West.

No, the SEC, because there isn't a team in the East that can play with LSU or Bama.

Yet UGA is probably better than anyone in the West besides LSU or Bama.

The SEC-E is probably the better overall conference, top to bottom. A lot of parity. But I don't see a team worth mentioning in the national title conversation. The west is not very good once you get past LSU and Bama.

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I have wondered for the past season and so far into this one if the SEC might not be 'overrated' with the exception of a few teams. A few years ago, there was strength everywhere in the conference. Now it seems to be LSU and the Gumps and 'everyone else' in the conference.

Florida is a shadow of its former self. So is Auburn. Tennessee may be on the road to recovery but they're not completely back. Georgia and South Carolina are pretty much perennial also-rans. Ole Miss is a real joke. Miss State getting better, but still nothing much to brag about. All the changes at Arky have them so screwed up they don't know which end is up - and now they have injury problems to add to their other woes.

Is the SEC in a 'down' period other than the 2 gorillas? I dunno. Feels that way, though.

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I'm not sure where the SEC stands this year. It's too early to completely write off the teams below LSU/Alabama, but it doesn't feel like there is the same depth as in years past.

I think the Big 12 and/or Pac 12 may end up being the deepest conferences. Either way, it's the SEC, B12, and P12 at the top with clear separation over the ACC, B1G, and Big East in that order.

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